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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. People. This is a message for all of you muslims. LEARN TO LOVE Allah. It may sound oh so simple..You see, life is an exam. Your brought to school, and your given many subjects(religions) You excel at one, and refuse the others. You study, work hard, do homework. THEN, comes the exams. You are tested, are you really a Muslim? Your given tricks, diversions(shahawat) and other things. Excel at it, congrats! But not everyone can do it as simple as that. Yeah, people know your a muslim. But you know your not really that guy who prays all the time..you know your not the guy who listens to your mom or dad and do what they want.. Life, has some suprising turns. You have been keeping a good record of your islamic life yeah? But then, lets say your friend shows you this website *wink wink* and you go all, OH DUDE THATS HARAM! Your friend leaves..ok. 12:00 AM, you log on the computer.. "Hmm, whats this? Aha...history...THERE IT IS!! Okay okay... lets see this stuff omg its so cooool! BAM. God takes away your life. Worst thing ever. Dying while watching "that" stuff. Worst death ever. God may punish you and you go like "HEY GOD I HATE YOU!!!" Remember, god punished you because you did something. Allah loves you, and you love him. Dont do things he doesnt like! He can do something really bad to you. Your life is a mess, yeah we get that.. But dont kill yourself! Its not worth it. This happened to me, really. I was super sad after my parents told me i cant go to my friends house, oh so furious. went to my room and locked the door. I started bashing my head at the concrete wall, eating sand, hitting myself. *KNOCK KNOCK* Opens door. "Salman, im going to take you to the park!" *facepalm* NEVER KNOW WHAT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU! LOVE YOUR LIFE, AND LOVE Allah. PEACE!!
  2. Basim! Dude, its like Allah didnt want me to bring the knife to Umraah. It broke! Im really happy. Its finally March! 31/3/2010! Im gonna wear a thob on the day after umrah (or the day on umraah, its gonna be a 16 hour trip on the bus and damn its long!) Sadly, all the people who were coming, now there are only 3 left! (three including me) however, other classes are coming, so its ok.
  3. Hey Basim. Now I get it. Theres one little thing though. Do you know what a butterfly knife is? If you dont, google picture it. I have one of those. Yes, im one of those people who is like, use weapons for self defense and what not (im no mohammed ali thats for sure) So im afraid theyll search us, find the knife, and go like wtf are you doing with a knife omg big random salfa. Dood, basim, how old are you? Just a random question :) Salam -Salman P.S: Ive had to use the knife a few times. No im not a serial killer, ive been attempted kidnapped like 2 times and I had to stab one of the [Edited Out]s. Lol no i wasnt kidnapped, attemted but failed. Yay for knives!
  4. Aaaah. Muharram has finished. Going to kaaba in 2 months.

  5. Thanks for the info Basim :) So its ok to bring a turbah eh? Wahhabi alert LOL. Damn, your funny. I would be glad to make dua for all of you guys and girls. Much thanks. Salam. Oh and Basim, were leaving 30/3/2010. What do you mean by "writing" on the Kaaba? Like, with a pencil or something? Cuz liek, im afraid ill like do something haram or get caught by the "religous police". Im too young to be caught :P but still. Nether less, thanks. Duaa for all of you. -Salman
  6. Fanned. LOL at the 25 bucks thing. Hehe, good for you SC. -Salman
  7. I would change the fact that im a FAT[Edited out]. After three weeks of harcore dieting, excersising and what not, i still havent dropped a gram. Maybe somethings wrong with me. As for now, I gave up everything and started being negative. Thats what I would REALLY like to change in my life. -Salman
  8. I am like, REALLY happy about it. It will be my first time, and I would be glad to participate in such a religous "program" if I may. However, I am having some second thoughts. You see, the fact of being bare naked *i know you have to wear the ihraam thing tightenened with a belt and what not* but I still dont feel, relaxed about it. Plus, tell me all Shia information about it. My school has like only five shia *im one of them* and if I ask they might give some different answers. But still, Im looking forward to making salat, going around kaaba and other things. Thanks. -Salman P.S: Its a school trip.
  9. Oh wait, here's an even weirder dream... I was in a REALLY BIG MANSION. Our swimming pool was as big as Bahrain. Yeah LOL. I had a Playstation 6, LOL. Anyway, someone rang the bell. I answered. It was a guy who said "Do you have an RPG?" I was stumped. I told him no and he went away. He came back again, asking the same question. I leaned outside and I saw Ayatollah Fadhl Allah waving to me and then getting into a limo and driving away. Please explain? Thanks!
  10. The Website URL is different, but i dont know how to change it *sigh*

  11. Im planning to buy MGS4 as my next PS3 game. Should I go for it? HECK YEAH its ultra epic
  12. Right now I am... Playing UFC Undisputed Rubbing my stomach Playing with my baby chicks ignoring my phone eating mehyawa
  13. Yes. Sleep drunk. When you stay up like 4:00 am on the computer or just zapping through your dreambox, when your really sleepy. Symptoms: Misspelled typing Falling asleep Hearing trucks going reverse in your ears (beep beep beep pshhhh) Randomly saying things Dropping things Did anyone get sleep drunk? Is it just me. Example of randomly saying things "IMA FIRIN MAH NINJAZZOORRZZZ" Usually you would randomly say obscure internet memes. :D :squeez:
  14. I dont really know alot of french but... Com on sava? Com on tuttapelle? *i dont know how to spell :P
  15. I had the weirdest dream ever, I want someone to explain it to me: I was walking with all of my class from school, and we hijacked an empty truck. One of the classmates saw another truck approaching, and he got out of the truck we stole. He said "Let the truck hit me, its just a dream." Therefore, the truck hit him, and a Team Rocket defeat scene appears.(flies into the space with a sparkle). Eventually, they all disapeared, and we started killing bird people. They had beaks and wings, and we killed them with swords. When I woke up, I was like... :squeez: :squeez: :squeez: :squeez: :squeez:
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