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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Sorry, no matter how many sermons of Imam Ali [a] will anyone show me, i will still put them to dustbin if they all go against the character and conduct of Imam Ali [a] since they look nothing but fabrications to me. Someone thinking that Imam Ali [a] was quiet against first 3 Caliphs as they somehow managed to 'oppress' the Sheer e Khuda is blind and has never understood the character of Ali al Murtaza [a] but we do not see this in the case of Muywiah. This is totally, utterly and pathetically illogical for me - not even a single Alim has been able to clear this out, instead they have all agreed that Ali [a] accepted the caliph of Abu Bakar [ra] and rest others - with the will of Allah as stated in video above. Why would Allah ask Ali to accept Abu Bakar [ra] as caliph when he was an oppressor? Why Imam Hussain [a] did not do same thing with Yazeed [la] like his father did. I am just trying to find the reasons why sectarians and people belonging to various sects stick to their illogical beliefs. It is nothing but money making business.
  2. As expected, not even a single person here is able to grasp the question asked in the above video. The shia alim is dumbfolded and agree'd that Allah wanted Imam Ali [a] to give bayat and it was not Imam Ali's [a] personal choice, because had it been a personal choice, Imam Ali [a[ would have made a grave error by giving bayat to a non believer [as per shias]. Strange that everyone brags about useless things and not talk about what Shia Alim has said - Period. I only intend to point out an illogical argument which never made sense to me? Even if i was to believe that Imam Ali [a] was forced, my heart and mind would not accept it. Makes me think that Sheer e Khuda was converted into a Sheep and it was so easy to squeeze anything out from him? Utterly disgusting. If that was the case, Muwyiah would have no problem in forcing him later on. Haq Ali [a].
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmzwsDuq7CY&feature=player_embedded Watch.
  4. The Role of Zoroastrianism in the Development of Shiaism Al-Ihqaqi said, �The catastrophes that befell both the Iranian and Roman Empires were because of the Muslim invasion and the Arab treatment. The newly converts who were not accustomed much with the spirit of Islam, had implanted in their hearts hate to the Arabs and to their customs. This was because the conquerors were uncivilized Bedouins who ravaged and destroyed their beautiful cities and cultivated lands, in the east and the west. The thirsty worshippers of carnal desires raided the chastity and honour of these two empires...... (Risalatul Emaan,p.323, Mirza Hasan al Haieeri al-Ihqaqi, As Sadiq library, Kuwait) According to this Shiite al-Ihqaqi, the noble companions who conquered Persia ,the superpower of the time, with zeal and faith were early Bedouins, who worshipped their carnal desires and they spread havoc and destruction. And this is the main reason why many Shiite Iranians have hatred towards Umar ibn al-Khattab because the later overrun the mighty and arrogant Persian Empire. In the Iranian city of Keyshan, there is a street by the name of Firouzi. By the side of this road lies the ground of Firouzi which holds the tomb of Abu Lu�lu al-Majusi the killer of Umar. The Shiite Iranians call him �Baba Shujahudeen� or the �brave of religion� and they present their respect and condolences to him on the day he died. By giving the attribute of �Baba Shujahudeen� to Abu lu�lu leaves two impressions: Firstly it makes it clear the Abu Lu�Lu is the spiritual father of the Shiites. Secondly the attribution of �Shujahudeen� shows that the Zoroastrian religion is the real religion for them. Thus the religion of the Rawafid is a mere Magian sect. The same is the reason behind the exaltation of the descendents of Imam Hussein(ra) solely, and not of the progeny of Imam Hassan(ra). This is because the descendents of Hussein are their own Persian brethren as Imam Hussein(ra) was married to ShahrBano the daughter of Yazgard who was the last Persian Empire. [shiite source: Bihaarul Anwar 45:329] One is amazed to see that the Shiites weep over the martyrdom of Imam Hussein(ra) whereas they never weep over the martyrdom of his brother Abu Bakr ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib and over the martyrdom of his son Abu Bakr. Those who bear those names are from the Ahlul Bayt also. Why negligence? Is it because they have names which are disliked by the Rafadhis and by announcing it to their Shiite listeners would expose the love of the Ahlul Bayt to the companions especially to Abu Bakr and Umar? Shiite muhaditeen like Abu Faraj al-Isfahani in his Muqatil at-Talibeen-p.88,142,188; Al-Arbali in his Kashful Ghumamah vol.2,p.64; and Majlisi in Jila el-ou�ioun 582 stated that amongst those who were martyred with Hussein in Karbala were Abu Bakr ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib and Abu Bakr ibn Hussein ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib. Why doesn�t the ceremonies held during Ashoora not mention the names of the following who were martyred with Hussein: Umar ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib Abu Bakr ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib Uthman ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib Abu Bakr ibn Hassan ibn Ali Umar ibn Hassan ibn Ali Abu Bakr ibn Hussein ibn Ali Umar ibn Hussein ibn Ali Uthman ibn Hussein ibn Ali. Is it because that the likes of Abu Bakr and Umar wiped out the Sassanid arrogance and for this reason mentioning their names are unbearable? Muhammad Ali Mu�zi, an Iranian Shiite researcher in France has stated with pride: �The basic fundamentals of the Zoroastrian religion has entered into Shiaism even in some minute issues. The marriage of Imam Hussein with the daughter of the last Sassanid Empire is a symbol of ancient Iran as Shahrbano became the first mother or lady for the Iranian nation. And this relationship marked the brotherhood between Shiaism and the ancient Magian Iran.� For this reason they exalt Salman al-Farsi regardless of the other companions in so much that they claimed about him that he used to receive revelations because he was a �Persian�. (Shiite source: Rijaal Kashshi) For this reason we see in their works that Ali ibn Abi Talib said with respect to Kisraa: �God has saved him from the punishment of hell fire, and hell is made forbidden for him.� [shiite source: Bihaarul Anwar 41:14]
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  10. I wonder what kind of scholars give such inhumane wordings and decieve the illiterate public.
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