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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. You got banned for sending inappropriate messages to sisters. What the Hell is wrong with you???

  2. In reply to the above: I have not been reading here, I am new. But it is a fact that in war afflicted countries there are more women than men. Service is been done when one man marries more than one woman then. Of course Allah knows the intention (Inshallah Allah does) And to the post just before this last one: You are (maybe) talking about that women have neglected their rights. Not that they don't exist. We can blame the parents. Parents can blame the education system. The education system can blame the government, having that said with more details, then etc. Peace
  3. Bismillah With all love and respect i can afford: You should not ask me questions and then answer them for me as if I have said what you ascribe me. I always humble myself before those who are elder than me independent of what their level is. Becaues they have lived longer than me. You can teach me things and I ... only wish. My opening is really not clear and that reflects the unertainity i experience. It reflects other things, and amongst these other things that I do not want to ... Hemmhhh (deep breath). OK ... Are we not supposed to serve humanity? It sounds wrong that we should serve an ideology. And the ideology of Islam is not accepted by me unless it walks along with (what I think is called) aql (and I mean intelligence). I would like to think that Allah is beyond any ideology and that he actually exists. And that he is somewhere and the faith that we talk about? It is not what we have made of it recently. It is actually having faith in Allah. And i am guilty in weakness. And I don't mean to say that Buddhists are superiour or otherwise, and to be spesific, I did not say that Buddhists are superiours as a definite conclution. Disappoint me. ... Thank you and I want to say that I really love to hear everyones opinion and this is not just a question answer thread Peace ^_^
  4. Peace And to say more: There are things to learn from this.
  5. I know that some western songs can be identified through Iphone and such. I don't know if this is applicable for Eastern songs or Shia. Maybe someone have tried BTW, so you could ... Good luck (I don't have this service)
  6. Right. I want to backup with my story but it is not needed. My sisters words are right.
  7. I imagine that Buddhists says: "Go out and spread love" ... While the Muslims seem to remain stationary expecting the sufferers to come to them. I wonder at the possibilites of a combination, but Allah accepts not sharing his throne.
  8. Zeinab94. With all love and respect. I want to warn you about the satanic trap of patience on the wrong way (or not losing hope on for example mercy). Our patience (not losing hope on mercy) is good of course. We all know that. But sometimes when we are ignorant, we get patient on things that are not good to be patient on. You have probably heard that Allah can't be defined according to us. Right? So you will make up some thought about Allah and how to serve him. You will and you are doing. These thoughts are not describing him. Cool? You can lose hope on these things, you can really. But Allah, the one and only. Him (and you have not understood him yet). Him you can not lose hope on. Always keep looking for Allah. Especially right now. You are young and you have lots of enrgy. Very good luck :)
  9. Inalotofpain You are like ... hopeless. This i have been told when I showed our last discussion to my teacher. He said that your faith is weak and said furthermore that he wished to add no more. You sound rooted in that you have found something, but what the hell is it? If what you have found something better than Islam. Then I aks you for your own good to leave us. And I don't wish that you leave us. But If you don't want to listen to us, then we do not accept you (we Muslims). You can't chose and pick as you like what truth you want. There is one truth and one only. Although the ways are many to it. There is one truth. It you have to accept. You appear as weak. If you can't find your way. The follow the Islamic way. And there are other ways out there. HOWEVER. All of them and without exception requires from you that you lower you wings of humility. All of them. You could aswel commit to the Islamic way since it is it which you are familiar with from the beginning. There are other ways that could be nice to know about, and it adds and does not subtract in some cases to learn about others. But .. you might want to know yourself first. Good [Edited Out]
  10. Bismillah This is Violently Happies signtare, and I have heard it from many sources. Two three sources. The exact word but they were like just spoken to me like parrorts speaks (as if without understanding what they - I heard they do understand what they say). Work For Your Life As If You Were To Live Forever; And Work For Your Afterlife As If You Were To Die Tomorrow It is about time that this quote gets explained to me. I can forsee a shocking experience in relation but it won't affect me since only the Quran is 100% Islam for me. I also forsee a fear in relation to sharing your opinions with me about this, and this is why I am writing this (also). ... You make Islam sound as harsh with remaining silent about these truths. And I don't know why people don't frictate with me, is it because I am Junub/impure? I DON'T look for sympathy or anything whatsoever near to this. I honestly would want your honest opinion if you care to share it after reading this but also of course your fearless honesty. Becaues I don't see what really prevents honesty. There is not something to fear from being honest? Are you ... probably fearing that you get treated as Junub/impure if you commit to honesty? I'd like to partake in your world and I will not bow if you demand that on beforehand. For you are not more pure than I am. We might not belong with eachother ... in any way because we are of different qualities. Again. This is not some sort of complaint. And to sound polite i say it is an invitation. I am honestly sick (rolling my eyes) from loving this world and not being loved back. The problem is guys, and sisters with all respect. I want to love this world! Just why does it insist to not love me? Is this the point where you turn against satan with the intention in mind of "Kill!"? Buddhists teach that you should love satan (mara) even if he wishes your suffering and will never even back up. Even him you have to love. ... So you see. I have been trying to get in to the warmth of Muslims all the time, but in their ignorance and dispurity they did not let me in. Do you even know how easy it is to leave your house and enter the Buddhists house? But mara shall be loved. ... I guess if everyone loved the evil ones like I love you (actually more like tolerating you), then the world would become beautiful. If we allow silence upon expected truth, and lie upon a spoken truth then why the hell are we better than the Buddhists? ... For you certainly do not think that Buddhists are better than us, now, do you. Your ranks are disunited and only with love they can be. What prevents me alone from breaking your house? A ninja can confuse a whole army and induce death directly and indirectly. Buddhists take the honor of Ninjas. Ninjutsu sprung out from Buddhism (and Taoism).
  11. This is a good thread. Probably because I identify myself with it. There are sure other good threads, but I have not participated in them. I position myself in a place where I can judge what is good because i have participated here. When people say what is good based on appearances, then they are not qualified to judge good or bad, these people are ignorant (and this is discussable). Good is what I make, what the subject makes. When I go to someplace it is then not it that defines how good I will be, but I who define how good that place is. Intelligence is inside you (and your culture) not something found as a negative quality in others.
  12. If i were the sronger warrior in the world. I would not have won over my enemies by killing them. I would have because I am better than them. More good than them. More well than them. More of the better and less of the ... I would have used sheer courage. Have you seen the game Zelda Ocarina of time? It was the best game every IMO. There you learn that the world is ruled by the triforce: 1 Wisdom 2 Power 3 Courage The evil one in the game gets hold of wisdom and power. And the hero Link hold of courage. And with sheer courage he wins over power AND wisdom. A soft heart can melt the ice. Water can break stone. Kindness can do wonders. Edit: In truth
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