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  1. he'l be right, nothing will happen to him,...Very hard to prove something if the defendant is actually innocent and the allegation itself is politically motivated.
  2. Sudan and Oman are both worried they will being canabalised by their supposed brotherly arab neighbours if they don't toe the line in favourable support. Alhamdulah the houthis keep going from strength to strength, their ability to fight and hold territory has surprised many of the zionist wahabi alliance, hopefully they will be able to govern themselves very soon or force the central government to give them the rightful representation in the government that their popularity suggests they deserve. That would also serve a massive blow to the wahabis in the north
  3. This is a ritualistic, polytheist act, that is enacted to satisfy the blood thirst of their vengful umayad ancestors..these animals will never forgive the ahlulbayt or their shias for the opposition and disent that lead to the overthrow of their dynasty that preserved islam as we see it today.
  4. What would please me more is if Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and perhaps Algeria if it likes, would withdraw altogether from the AL, and perhaps form their own organisation, that would surely put a dagger in the heart of that ridiculous phoney organisation, that is only used to prop up the monarchs and western-zionist interests in the mid east
  5. The capitulation of the rebels in yabrud is attributed to nothing other than a specialist commando mission by hezbollah deep behind enemy line that annihilated the top hierarchy of the terrorists leaders, leaving the remainder in disarray and panic. Now that the dust has settled, the holy warriors of the zionist arab monarchs are trying to deflect the real reason why they lost yabrud.
  6. Hezbollah would of taken Yabrud no matter what, these guys are still deluded if they believe otherwise.. even if, which i doubt the extent of the rift to begin with, Qatar, Saudi Arabia's proxies were unified. Soory takfirirs but your terrorist song had nothing over this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDFo49Sk4XU
  7. This was heard almost like a cliche during the mubarak era whenever the western media referred to the MB..."the outlawed MB brotherhood of Egypt who are supported by iran" ....then comes the Egyptian revolution, they are then are elected to power, what do they do?...they declare shia's as heretics and insight a mass lynching of harmless local minority shias and also declare jihad against Syria and hezbollah...Once these morons are overthrown by the military they are then put on trial and Mursi their leader is then charged with a string of crimes and one of them, for giving up "sensitive Egyptian intelligence" to, of all countries, Iran... :lol: I really couldn't care less about any of them backstabbing morons, they forgot who their real enemy was, and once they grabbed a little bit of power,they showed off their true evil takfiri roots, and of coarse their lack of political intellect, having burned all their bridges with any political allies. Im now convinced that their is no antidote to cure the MB of its evil natue, from Syria, hama in 1982 to Algeria in the 90's to once again in Syria and Egypt 2010's, the MB has an obsession with mob lynching, decapitation and torture as a means to sort out its problems.
  8. I watched the news report to this, very sad and touching story, the man paid the ultimate sacrifice while performing his duties, his poor family are very sad and distressed but also furious with the takfiris...Allah yer7amor
  9. I see no need to defend the title if i see nothing offensive with it in the first place, another way to put it is, Do you believe the sunnis of tariq aj jdiedeh, trabolous and sayda were justified to block off roads in response to hezbollah's actions around arsal.. was hezbollah's actions to block off entrances to and from Arsal a justified measure to curb takfiri attacks against shia neighbourhoods after the fall of Yabrud...how or why a shia or a sunni would get offended from someone wanting to discuss this is besides me,..the OP stated that the events involved people of differing sects...however, the OP never stated all sunnis support these actions, even if he did, it is only some random guy on shiachat, how is it a trigger for promoting fitna....I'm of the view that no words written on any internet forum should be taken by anyone to the affect that they will lead them to cause strife. Firstly they are not accusations of terrorism they are well documented facts, and they are published all over youtube...The Lebanese resistance organisation, which you refer to as terrorist is well within their rights to fight for their right to exist...and it has everything to do with democracy, especially since that was the catalyst to start the overthrow of an anti zionist regime that contradicted the motives of the sunni monarchs all over the middle east, however, when the Syrian government called their bluff, and began implementing democracy, all the sudden the whole thing was turned into an "islamic sharia revolution"
  10. really does it matter... Syrian opposition terrorists range from "moderates" like FSA, who throw government postal workers off the top of buildings, to extremist isil, who execute minors for blasphemy, Jabhat Al islamiya is the same as jabhat al nusra and all of those other inhumane and cruel rebel groups that seek nothing close to democracy for Syria.
  11. LOL, wow and hilarious...I didn't know Jabhat al Nusra had a "mother Teresa" wing I'd like to know in which other way would you of put the article that brother hanibal has posted up for discussion
  12. No of coarse I'm convinced..... I'm just asking the question since i know sunnis make this claim...they also say the same thing about al miqdad, that they fought in the conquest wars of Umar? I'd like to know what is the shia stance on this allegation? I have no proof, i just want to know the shia madhabs view on what Amar was doing during that time.
  13. I don't believe your first question is a correct or relevant indicator on who the true partisans of Ali were, was Amar bin Yassar even present in medina at that time, Zubayr and talha both didn't give bayaa to Abu Baqr to begin with, I think both of them had their own interests in mind. I have a question: If Amar bin Yassar believed in Imam Ali (as) sole right as imamah then why did Amar bin Yasser fight and spread islam by the sword during Umar and othmans conquests, era's of illegitimate rule, at a time when Imam Ali didn't participate.
  14. ^ He was going fine in the first innings before he was abruptly bowled, I was quite enjoying his stroke play....Looks like South Africa will need a to survive for a day a half to get a draw, plenty of time for Amla to redeem himself
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