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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I have never seen so much hate towards Muslims like im seeing in USA this year. Its like Nazi Germany Before the Holocaust My Advise to Muslims is go to Europe while you can..
  2. He didn't say anything but i saw a close up view of his face he was very white with bright eyes and neat trim thin beard no mustache and a calm beautiful confifident smile, It seemed like he was here and ready for his mission.His uniform was kind of Yemeni Arab but i could be wrong.
  3. Just wanted to comment that i finally Saw Imam Mahdi as in my dream about 2 weeks ago and i never made any dua and wasn't even thinking about him. It was a life changing experience.
  4. Your not the only one 99% of my dreams are bad and mostly come true. Im sick of them. I wish i would get the good ones more.
  5. Turkey been set up by the Zios. Watch is get bogged down then both the Kurds and Isis will rip in it at home and abroad.Rest in Peace Turkey.
  6. I suffered from dry skin hands I tried everything supplements wise and nothing worked except when i gave up bread and grains the dryness dissappeared. Now i don't have bread in my diet and my hands and skin are perfect and moist. I never use creams anymore. I recommend anyone with dry skin try giving up bread grains starchy stuff etc for a few days it may be the problem for others too.
  7. Its true they want a nuclear Iran far from their borders but Iran is countering this by shutting their nuclear weapons program down in USA talks. When this happens then Iran will be back in the region .However Saudis will auction themselves more by offering a complete peace with the Zionist state for influence in the region. What will Iran do then they will have to destroy its missile program and other strategic weapons this may impress Israel even more. As you can can see this whole Isis thing was made to bring all Israels foes to take their clothes off and sell themselves to the highest bidd
  8. When Europe was under the Catholic church Vatican rule it was their dark ages only when they separated church from state did Europe rise to the top of the world. America the same Japan the same. Today the Muslim world is the garbage tip of humanity and i have a feeling they will only rise again when they Separate religion from state. Ironically the only muslim group that separates church from state are the Sufis. While the Shiites and the Sunnis are fighting for power and burning every nation to dust maybe they have both lost something from Islam that the Sufis have preserved.
  9. The war in Syria still has many years left. There will be twists and turns that will resemble a Stephen King novel to come.
  10. If the Pakistanis were wise they would not accept money and sign treaties with Arab states only to betray them later. If it wasnt for Saudi help they would have no economy no nukes and no air force which was all funded by them. They should have let Karachi go down and reemerge with India.
  11. Another humiliating defeat for the Saudis . Lessons to be learned is you cant buy allies with your money. Funding Egypt and Pakistan these traitors only wanted the money and when it came time to help their so called friends they went hiding. The GCC states need to cut all money to these nations and spend the money on unemployed Arabs and pan Arab politics.
  12. Politics is more complicated than this and that. By arming enemies of govts from within it weakens them. Even if their are costs the benefits outweigh the costs. By the way one reason why 2 consecutive Yemeni regimes have fallen is AQ in southern Yemen and the Houthis in the north have been fighting the Yemeni Govts simultaneously from both ends. Guess who has been arming both??
  13. He converted to twelver Imami . But was born a Zaidi. Most of the Houthi fighters are Imamis not Zaidis.
  14. Saudi doesn't stand a chance against any force in the region their whole military establishment is only designed to protect the royals. Iran has too many options one of them is to arm the Sunni militants in Saudi and destabilize the kingdom while allowing the Houthies to take over Yemen. Iran can do the same in Egypt arm the Muslim brotherhood to attack Sisis army. ITs all Iran at the moment they are creating an empire and the Arabs can no longer do much about it.
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