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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    worshiper reacted to abuhaydar in What do think about demonstrations in Iran   
    There is a small minority that is unhappy with the financial situation in Iran, I have heard this before. That they dislike Hezbullah because, that money is "theirs".
    I am sure some have a right to be angry.
    This is a classic enemy tactic.To use money against us. They use this excuse in Lebanon against hizbullah. They say "Lebanon has a bad economy because of hizbullah, if you get rid of them the economy will improve.",  "Saudi will not invest in Lebanon as long as hizbullah is in power". These are the same tactics they used in Kufa. And they worked. 

    Instead sheep should turn to the real people keeping them poor, USA and Co. Iran is the most sanctioned/cut off country on earth besides Nkorea. It has been this way for alomst 40 years now. How do you expect an economy to survive for so long let alone strive?

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    worshiper reacted to certainclarity in Palestinians asked what they think of Shias.   
    I can't see the video, but I can say Shias are those who are like Imam Hassan , Hussain, Salman and Abu Dhar.
    If any one is like them they are shias, the rest of us are wannabes.
    So probably it was better to ask them, what they think about the personality of Imam Hassan, Hussein, Salman and Abudhar.
    99% of us dont reflect the characteristics of the above mentioned so we cannot be considered Shias...
    The title Shia has been used very casually by us... most probably we are shias of our own opinions, and very unlikely we are the Shias of ahlul bayt, as this title is very exclusive.
    So neither the so called sunnis are following the sunnah of the prophet nor the so called shias following the ahlul bayt.
    Most of us are following the sunnat of our own opinions.
    I feel bad for all those who say and claim to be Shia  and sunni, as both are claiming a high position without the necessary deeds to reflect it...
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    worshiper reacted to Muslim2010 in Reference Of Hadees.   
    With regard to me, two categories of people will be ruined, namely he who loves me too much and the love takes him away from rightfulness, and he who hates me too much and the hatred takes him away from rightfulness..
    Sermon 127, Nehjul balagha
    It is reported that Imam 'Ali ('a) said, "The Messenger of Allah called me and said, 'O 'Ali! Verily, there is a similarity between you and Jesus the son of Mary ('a).
    The Christians love him so much that they put him in a position that was not for him; and the Jews hate him so much that they even slandered his mother.' And 'Ali ('a) said, 'Two [groups of] men will be ruined because of me, he who goes to extremes in love of me for what I do not have and he who hates me with a hatred that makes him slander me."' (Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 35, pp. 318-319, no. 14)
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    worshiper reacted to alirex in How to believe in Allah   
    Your problem looks like normal. It happen with all the young age muslims. This is really required to build a firm foundation to believe in Allah. Without doubting something you cant clear your doubts. Right ?
    Now the problem is you want to see Allah like you. And that is impossible. This is the problem between Islamic Philosophy and Western Philosophy. Like With Western Philosophy you can't define Soul , but with Islamic Philosophy there is soul in every living being.
    For Example : If there is no life in a rock , how is this possible all the particles are getting bound and giving it a shape which makes it rock ? But can you proof this from western Philosophy that rock is having life ?
    Western Philosophy is bound with  : if we can touch , feel , sense , smell , taste then the content is available and have an existence. While Islamic Philosophy is having one more thing I am not able to describe in english what it is called so i am using word " Aql " which gives it cross the western Philosophy.
    For example : Take a lesson from Behlol Dana a Scholar passed in 7th Imam's life. One of the student ( i don't want to put his name here ) when shows not satisfied with Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) teaching and raise doubt on it.
    If Allah existed why we can't see him ?
    How Allah will punish Iblees which is made of Fire , And Allah made Hell also of Fire ?
    One more question was there if i got it i will write else someone else will write.
    Behlol Dana took a Mud stone and Hit that student. Student got hurted and he started Quarrel , this Quarrel goes to Qazi Shuare ( Judge of the City ) , Qazi asked Behlol Dana .. Do you hurt This Student. Behlol Said " yes " but ask him why i hit him.
    Judge Asked Why , he hit him. Tell . The student told everything. So Behlol Said .. His complains are wrong as per his believes.
    He is made of Mud and the Stone is also of Mud , How is this possible a Mud hurts Mud ?
    Second If He is getting pain and pain exist , Show me his pain.
    I hope you can find easy to get your research on Allah after reading this. Allah is there but we need Baseerat to know him. There are books by Allama Sayyid Ali Akhtar on Logical Islam , also by Ayatollah Nasir Makarem Shirazi on Logical Islam. You can get benefits from those books. I am sure your doubts will get cleared and your research on Allah will get more ways to think and Insha Allah he will help. Allah said already in Quran .. Do Tadabbur ... Ponder on things.
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    worshiper reacted to Engineer73 in Are you really responsible for your success?   
    It depends, my believe is all good (khair) we earn are from Allah, I don't feel myself responsible for that.
    All evil (shar) we earn, are because of us. So I feel myself responsible for every bad deed which may be any so called success.

    وَمَنْ أَرَادَ الآخِرَةَ وَسَعَى لَهَا سَعْيَهَا وَهُوَ مُؤْمِنٌ فَأُولَئِكَ كَانَ سَعْيُهُم مَّشْكُورًا (17:19)
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    worshiper reacted to Hameedeh in Help needed   
    @everyone Please pray for Sister @ZainabAli. 
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    worshiper reacted to Dr Xick Marshall in Please help me   
    As Salam alaikum wa rehmatullah 
    brother 1st of all don't jump into arguments when you don't have knowledge
    now for you to get the answer
    go and open book of hadith "usul kafi" and other authentic books in our literature (either online or from liberary) and search for the answer by your ownself,
    cos if I answered you now then you won't get the urge to seek knowledge which is right now ignited inside you because of that argument 
    so go and search and Allah will help you InshaALLAH 
    may Allah guide us all amen
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    worshiper reacted to Smiles786 in western desi   
    What does this mean? I don't understand. (I know what lingo means. I just don't understand the inquiry)
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    worshiper got a reaction from kashif.h in Sick Of Doubts   
    try to learn the exact reason for the rulings of islamic laws. inshallah u'll not be having any prob following them, as well u'll get rid of the doubts.
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    worshiper reacted to Hidaren in Tafsir mizan needed   
    I need to let you know something that I learned from a university professor with PHD in religious field, I asked him which tafsir is the best, he answered me:" You question is wrong, no tafsir is better than others, each tafsir is suitable for a group of people." Then he made a division and I will share it here:
    Al-mizan: this tafsir is suitable for, Tollabs(students of religion in hawza), religious professors and scholars, judges and ...
    Nemoone: Teachers and university students
    Noor: Students and ordinary people.
    Tasnim: Aref people( People such as AyatoAllah Bahjat(ra))
    I found another book which I already knew but I didn't knew it is a tafsir and I add it here
    Sahife Imam: It is the collection of sayings of Imam Khomeini(ra), and if you read it and compare it with Quran you see it is a tafsir of Quran, in fact it is the practical tafsir of Quran.
    I think it helps you to choose the best tafsir for yourself. 
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    worshiper reacted to Salati AbdulQadir in Show me the money   
    There is a popular saying which says: "Two wrongs can never make a right". One cannot boycott an obligation such as Khums etc simply because its collector mismanages it rather one gives it to another qualified personnel instead. Likewise, our duty as a Muslim is to give out our portion of the Khums to a qualified Marja and I believe it is never our religious obligation to know where it is being spent.
    Besides, there are several projects such as those mentioned above on which the Khums is spent.
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    worshiper reacted to DigitalUmmah in Show me the money   
    multiple (free) hospitals per marja, built from scratch. not even renovating existing premises.
    improvements/ maintenance/ management of holy sites
    multiple orphanages
    you are right, the list is incredible. a lot of people in the west are whining why khums is not spent on their local communities, when the average westerner earns more in a month than people in impoverished countries earn in a year/ many years.
    and besides, khums IS available for social projects in the west. all you have to do is literally walk into a mrjas offices.
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    worshiper reacted to ShiaMan14 in Show me the money   
    Have you actually gone to a marja and asked him what they do with the money?
    Hawza in Iran including stipend & accommodation for students - free
    Hawza in Iraq including stipend & accommodation for students- free 
    Support for all the refugees in Iraq - free
    There is a long list of things that are done with the money.
    These things will happen without your money so feel free to hold back. I bet no marja will lose sleep over it.
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    worshiper reacted to DigitalUmmah in How to believe in Allah   
    Salam OP
    if I drop my pen from my desk, the probably of it hitting the ground is pretty close 100%
    if I throw a handful of matches up into the air, the probability of them reforming on the floor as a perfect depiction of the mona lisa is pretty close to 0%
    scale this down to a molecular level, and then up to a universal level, the probability of all this structure and order happening via random chaos just is not feasable in any sense. 
    so you can either believe that the universe and everything in it only exists by random chaos, or by design. if you believe it was by design, then was it by one designer, or multiple?
    to answer this question, we refer to authority. who are the mist reliable sources to answer this question? we muslims believe that it was the 124,000 prophets sent by god. they were the greatest men to ever walk the earth, and they all taught a message of one god. I believe in the holy prophet, I believe he was reliable, and I believe he was the truth when he said there is a creator, and he is one. 
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    worshiper reacted to Soldiers and Saffron in How to believe in Allah   
    Salam aleykum dear sister,
    InshaAllah you will find nice helpful advise and suggestions form your brothers and sisters here.
    Sometimes Allah(SWT) puts us in such a position where we are more inclined to turn to Him for help, in situations where you turn to Him in sincerity and desperation, I believe He does this because He truly loves us, or He might have let us go on with our lives like lost sheep until death claims us, as ignorant and ungrateful creatures.
    Your in my duas sister!
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    worshiper reacted to celestial in If mawla=leader/caliph then Ali is not your mawla   
    According to this logic, prophets before Muhammad a.s. are not our prophets.
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    worshiper got a reaction from Gregtalife in Unity Amongst Shias - Most Important   
    nice thread. and an important one too.
    not much to say but wd like to mention that we should be more with the unity thing than the conclusion of every or any issue in which we disagree.
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    worshiper got a reaction from Mariam_ in Feeling Lost   
    All you need to do is close your eyes amd think about Allah
    Of course with 5 regular prayers.
    Last time it took me 6 months to come out.
    This time it is 6th year.
    One more thing i wd like to add.
    I asked local maulana that what is the difference between a  test and punishment (from Allah)?
    His answer was that a test would bring you closer to Allah and a punishment would take you away from HIM.
    it will be over soon inshallah.
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    worshiper reacted to Mariam_ in Feeling Lost   
    I honestly wouldn't mind getting psychiatric help and u don't think my parents mind. At this point I think my dad somewhat understand that what he did was wrong and that its obvs affected me but the problem is first of all we don't have the finances for it second of all i don't think white people (no offence to fellow English/ American etc people it's just the difference in culture, upbringing etc) would understand my situation they would say you should have just said no. And I wouldn't really feel comfortable either talking about my situation to someone who I feel like will probably judge and won't actually understand. 
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    worshiper got a reaction from Purged in Feeling Lost   
    All you need to do is close your eyes amd think about Allah
    Of course with 5 regular prayers.
    Last time it took me 6 months to come out.
    This time it is 6th year.
    One more thing i wd like to add.
    I asked local maulana that what is the difference between a  test and punishment (from Allah)?
    His answer was that a test would bring you closer to Allah and a punishment would take you away from HIM.
    it will be over soon inshallah.
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    worshiper reacted to sakura1994 in Listening songs a Sin ?   
    ( ومن الناس من يشتري لهو الحديث ليضل عن سبيل الله بغير علم ) 
    سوره لقمان ايه 6 
    their is many different translation/interpretation for this verse of the quran , some say that لهو الحديث is music and singing , some say that it's not .
    also some people say singing with out music instrument is halal , while some allow only drums with no instrument music in background .
    in conclusion the clear thing here , anything that take you away from the worship of Allah then it's haram whether it be music or normal speech or anything else .
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    worshiper reacted to ServantOfTheOne in I cant believe this happened...   
    I had a dream about a 5 days ago that the Imam (atf) has arrived and people were being asked to join him by entering a large circular beam of light which will teleport them to him.
    I entered the noor and then I woke up. But I can say that I know I am not ready. I have my own personal reasons for feeling unworthy. Other than increased dua and tawba, is there anything else I should do?
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    worshiper reacted to Revelation313 in Muhammad: Messenger of God (2015) Movie   
    Salam Brothers and Sisters, 
    I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find it. I really want to see the movie. It's about the Prophet Muhammad's childhood and early life. 
    Thank you. 
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    worshiper reacted to Hameedeh in Any private doctors clinic in karbala?   
    Alhamdulillah, you received treatment and recovered. Allah bless all those who helped you. Elahi shukr. 
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