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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. As a child, I was told that prayers can change things and are answered in mysterious ways. so, on my way to school, I used to think about how can my prayers get my teacher absent if she has already left for school. I used to check my pockets to see that God might have given me some magical button to change things.
  2. Thank you brother. I think i have to rely on that. I was just concerned about the frauds.
  3. Salamun alaikum brothers and sisters! I have a question regarding the legitimacy of the site of Ayatullah Khamenei which is leader. ir. I send my questions to which they reply in about a week or two but this time I have sent a request to verify my receipt of khums which I have sent via one of the pilgrims and have not been responded to yet. Its been a month since I have requested the verification. Can anyone help with the issue? Thank you all Wassalam
  4. Salamun alaikum Iam eligible to pay khums now and i am under taqleed of ayatullah khamenei. Please tell me who is ayatullah Khamenei's representative in india. Also if there is any online platform through which i can send khums directly to the marja? Wassalam
  5. Just ignore him ,pray more and more and leave it to Allah swt. Probably this is to make u realize that in case of opposite gender u have to put a full stop in the first place. Also that, make sure u don't go out alone. And if at all he goes any further, threaten him of the consequences that u will have nothing to loose if he tries anything. May Allah helps you.
  6. All you need to do is close your eyes amd think about Allah Of course with 5 regular prayers. Last time it took me 6 months to come out. This time it is 6th year. One more thing i wd like to add. I asked local maulana that what is the difference between a test and punishment (from Allah)? His answer was that a test would bring you closer to Allah and a punishment would take you away from HIM. it will be over soon inshallah.
  7. What if the patient is left with no conscience and is least concerned about Islam? And his/her faith decreases because of his illness?
  8. Please provide links to download Mohammad, the messenger of god and princess of rome, the irani movies on prophet Mohammad(pbuhahp) and Nargis Khatoon(pbuh).
  9. The one who is sure of getting water feels no thirst!!!

  10. There is an indian hospital very close to haram at a walking distance I dont remember its name(south indians)! Stand facing both the harams wd imam hussain a.s on left and maula abbas a.s on right on the main road keep walking straight and den take a second right. The first building is d hospital.probably in collaboration wd south indians. I dont know if thats d right way to tell. But do try there. M sure u will be helped there. There was dis lady wd me who lied to her collegues that she is fine and can travel conveniently but was having a heart prob. She got bed bed ridden on d day we reached karbala and recovered only wen we had to leave.
  11. i wish to marry her and try talk to her! but as soon as i initiate the conversation about marriage she ask me to talk something else and dat m too young to suggest anything! if u guys don't have any practical solution then please pray and pray from d heart wd all ur spirituality that i could make it possible wdout further talking and discussion! please pray for me!
  12. salaam everyone! the earning girl or lady is 10 years elder to me! i would have already married to her and never been here! they were my neighbors previously, so she treats me like her bro or friend and she doesn't talk anything about that to me! its frustrating me and i am not able to move on keeping aside their prob! and m not poor thank god i have everything but nt spiritually elevated enuf to convince my parents to marry 10 years older dan me! m their only son) and every now n den my relatives comes wd a match! life has always been easy for me but will be a real waste if i cdnt do anything about it! and yes her sisters are excellent in household works and are very talented in their limits! wassalam
  13. we are indians! and nobody is marrying dem! i mean who wd mary dem,dats a common worldly logic
  14. guys! i hope u people understood whati told about the family! the problem is the girl will only marry if there would be someone who wd take care of her two sisters as well! so is there anything we can do about that? like some rich guy aged 40 approx wd marry her and take care of d family too! m not rich infact still unemployed! bt cant move on ignoring dem!
  15. salaam everyone! theres a girl near my place who is 34 or 35 years old and isnt marrying because she is the sole breadwinner of the house. her father is unemployed there are two younger sisters too who are both deaf and dumb and will not be having anyone to support them if she get married! she is waiting since 25 that maybe something wil change in life after so much of praying but nothing changed and and now the breaking point is arriving! so guys m not getting anything what to writewhat to ask! but dis has really affected my life nd m not able to understandwhat to do? any ssuggestions? wassalam
  16. salaam please provide the link to the hadees which says there will be two type of people; one who will underestimate ali a.s and second who will overestimate him(a.s)!
  17. 5 sons? i think they were 4 only. may god bless them.
  18. I think its the matter of love. when u r in love with something or somebody then u r earnest about that thing or that person. and u'll b filled with longing for that. now in the case of Allah(swt) u have to acquire knowledge every moment so that u become aware of his love for us. that's the reason alims say that read quran as much as u can. also that imam Ali(as) said "acquire knowledge from the cradle to the grave".
  19. may Allah grant her health and relieve u all.
  20. mr. asad's place is just behind the rauza. so its not prone to bombardment, yet one of the bombs which was blown distance away from d shrine caused heavy damage to the rauza. we have a thread too.
  21. yes they do and in the same order u mentioned. but the shias' order is just opposite.
  22. how is there a ruling that its mustahab when the leaders themselves have forbidden to state anything as mustahab or makrooh without any hadeeth? also that how do they give the rulings for anything which isn't there in hadeeth?
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