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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. what responses ? just talk ? it is clear that kulayni is against the Taqlid of a mujtahid.
  2. (salam) Shaheed Mohsin Naqvi pai Allah (swt) parr hore rehmat ho. A very nice dua.. Mohsin sahib bhee Mujtahid ki Taqleed kai sakht khilaaf thay aur Ali Yan Wali Allah Tashahud mai Wajib ki neeyat sai parthay thay.
  3. (salam) Kya Mujtahid ki taqleed Wajib hai...aap khud he parr lai Shaykh Yaqoob Kulaini ki Zabani : Page 1: Page 2 : Page 3 : Page 4 : Page 5 : aap khud faislah karay ? agar Shaykh Yaqoob kulayni mujtahid ki taqleed kai khilaaf hai to kya un sai barah aalim koi hai ? (salam)
  4. (salam) She's back and now its i the urdu section... why are you distorting the information baqir nisar has written ? r u aware it is a sin ... anyway here are the question you did not answer in the general discussion and did a quick runner, which is a habit or you. we want answers for them .... Would you say ------- YES or NO Secondly you said and i said so would you take you words back or want to shy away from the claim that you have made. Thirdly : do you have any other similarities between Baqir Sahab and Akhbaris except Taqleed ? if taqleed is the only thing Akhbari'ism is based on : than you will have to call all the sufis and saints an Akhbari as this list includes names like Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, Baba Bullay Shah, Ghulam Farid shah and the list goes on and on - and the list would also include names like Shaikh Yaqoob Al Qulainy, Allama Majlisi etc etc. would you call all of them AKHBARI ? Fourthly you said " don't see who is saying, but see what has been said - it is regarding a matter in which one has already brought "Authentic Proofs" (i.e. Authentic Ahadith) in order to proof his claim. " May i ask you how have you reached this conclusion ? there is no such thing mentioned in the tradition for sure : Well My dear sister - you have made some sweeping claims now you have to defend what you said in a proper way without shying away from questions. if you you continue to ignore the questions you would be doing a dis service to yourself and all your effort of writing so many pages would go waste. I have just asked four simple things without even reading the whole " BOOK " that you have written and you cannot even answer these - if i go through the whole thing i dont know hoew many more discripancies i would find in your " BOOK " I would start reading it after you satisfy me with your answers. baagh kar kaha jao ghee.... :!!!:
  5. (salam) molvi shabi-ul-hasan is definitelty against Azadari, their is no doubt about it, he openly has created so many problems in the mosque... he has no tameez at all, you should hear his majalis, first of all no-one can understand what he is saying in the first place, he has openly spoken against Maatemi's and called them Kafir, Mushrak, etc .. he does not speak infront of Dr Shabih-ul-Hasan Rizvi as he knows that he is the enemy of all mokassers and has read many majalis on them for instance he spoke openly against jan ali kazmi, infront of his face. brother abbas does not know anything about him, its better to keep quiet.
  6. it is vital that we stick to Imam Ali's (as) explanation then any others.
  7. (salam) Imam Ali (as) said "We are Alims and our Shia's our students". How is it possible to look at a person be ibadat where one says one thing is halaal the other says its haraam ? Ibadat is pure and has no deficiencies. think about it.
  8. that site is a joke and zainabiyah's arguments have been flawed, on this forum.
  9. a fantastic chapter on maatem of zanjeer in english... even the so called shia's should read it who r against it.
  10. a fantastic article on Azadari has been launched by the AA team .. all malangs should read it carefully and tell others... it covers maatem, zanjeer, Alam Paak etc ect Azadari
  11. what funny replies im getting .. brother djibril, a long reply but no answer to my question ... who is right from Agha sistani or Agha Khoi ? is a peacock halaal or haraam ? according to you they have read well, and no almost everything in shariyah. forget talking about space yet, these people are having difficulty on a Peacock ?
  12. sorry did not understand the last reply. :squeez:
  13. i would appreciate people's views on this :rolleyes:
  14. (salam) brother you have not understood anything yet i am afraid, you give only views but what about evidence to back it up. did the 4 wakils ever ask people to do their taqleed ? did they publish their tawzee ? did they call themselves wali-al-amar ? the real followers of the Imam's (as) followed the narration of the Imam's (as) not people's own opinions. their is a great difference. you need to understand the difference between a Narrator and a mujtahid .... the Imam's (as) selected certain personalities to narrate their hadees, not for people to start passing their own judgements on things. again giving ayat without tafseer of it ? justice is only upholded with our Imam (as) . bro instead of presenting theories, please present proof from Quran and hadees. Allah (SWT) has never allowed any non-masoom to change or to give their opinions. this is the very argument we present forward against sunnies, that we only obey those who Allah chooses, the same applies to shia's aswell. You tell me who to follow ? who is right ? Agha Sistani has made Halaal something that Prophet Muhammed (SAW) made Haraam. Who shall we believe ? A mujtahid or Imam's (as) ....
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