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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. "I am constantly recieving death threats from outlawed militant outfits. My family, friends and some academic friends/colleagues are offering me full support for US or Canada migration. But why would I go? My whole life is spent in service of Imam Hussain(as) who got martyrdom for saving Islam. If I am to die for the same cause, why would I leave this country? I preach martyrdom, I enlighten about martyrdom, I write in praise of martyrs... than why should I run away from it? For a Shiite Muslim, martyrdom is the ultimate success."
  2. Hermes - Terre De Hermes Hermes - Ambre Narguile Mont Blanc - Starwalker Serge Lutens - Santal Majuscule
  3. Israel Admits ‘Shameful’ Birth Control Drug Injected in Unaware Ethiopian Jews The Israeli government has tacitly acknowledged injecting Ethiopian women immigrating to Israel with a long-acting contraceptive without their knowledge, telling them they couldn’t come into the country if they didn’t take the shot, which the women thought was a vaccination. Many have called the practice appallingly racist. The shots are being blamed for a 50 percent drop in the birth rate in Israel’s Ethiopian community over the past decade. There are about 120,000 Jews of Ethiopian origin living in Israel, about a third of them born in Israel. There have long been conspiracy theories circulating about forced sterilization. But after a documentary aired last month on Israel’s Educational Network, Health Ministry Director General Ron Gamzu has banned Israel’s health maintenance organizations from injecting Ethiopian women with the contraceptive Depo-Provera. Gamzu sent out a letter to HMOs telling them “not to renew prescriptions for Depo-Provera for women of Ethiopian origin if for any reason there is concern that they might not understand the ramifications of the treatment,” the news site Haaretz reported Sunday. According to Haaretz, the documentary chronicled 35 Ethiopian women who immigrated to Israel eight years ago and said they were told they would not be allowed to move to Israel unless they agreed to the Depo-Provera shots. “We said we won’t have the shot,” recounted one of the women, according to Haaretz. “They told us, if you don’t you won’t go to Israel. And also you won’t be allowed into (an assistance program), you won’t get aid or medical care. We were afraid … We didn’t have a choice. Without them and their aid we couldn’t leave (Ethiopia). So we accepted the injection. It was only with their permission that we were allowed to leave.” According to the Times of Israel, some of the women didn’t know the shots contained contraceptives; they thought the shots were vaccinations. Others said they kept receiving them after they came to Israel and complained of side effects such as headaches and abdominal pain. Last month, a report by a local investigative journalist, Gal Gabbay, showed that women in a transit camp in Ethiopia awaiting emigration were told they would have to get the shots in order to come to Israel. According to the Los Angeles Times, the possible side effects of the drug include a decrease in bone density that puts women at increased risk for osteoporosis and fracture. In addition, returning to fertility can be a lengthy process and withdrawal symptoms can be acute. “Depo-Provera has a shameful history,” Efrat Yardai wrote in an op-ed for Haaretz, explaining that the drug was used between 1967 and 1978 as part of an experiment that took place in the U.S. state of Georgia on 13,000 impoverished women, half of whom were black. Many of them were unaware that the injections were part of an experiment. Some of the women became sick and a few died during the experiment. Ethiopian Jews have faced widespread discrimination and isolation since being moved to Israel in the 1980s. Some were forced to live in transit camps or absorption centers to “adjust to society.” They face widespread discrimination in the job market and the educational system. Hevda Eyal, author of the report “By Women to Women,” told the National that the birth control shots were about “reducing the number of births in a community that is black and mostly poor.” The Times of Israel details the case of a nurse — captured by a hidden camera in a health clinic — telling an Ethiopian woman that the shot is given to Ethiopian immigrants because “they forget, they don’t understand, and it’s hard to explain to them, so it’s best that they receive a shot once every three months … basically they don’t understand anything.” Source: http://atlantablackstar.com/2013/01/29/israel-acknowledges-shameful-contraceptive-shots-given-to-ethiopian-jews/
  4. That was a poor attack, and using Shaykh Imran Hossein as your foundation. He would class you as a heretic rather than a sufi, as you practice none of the basics of Islam as someone already mentioned. Try again.
  5. Im not a sister, but Im surprised no one replied. Salam
  6. Actually this is false. They do believe he is a Prophet, the just dont believe he brought a new religion, or sharia. He proclaimed himself to be the reincarnation of Mohammed PBUH, and also claimed to be the Mahdi after conveniently claiming that he had received communication from Allah swt that Jesus PBUH had died up in the heavens.
  7. Seems like a good idea, but it would probably be good if people here who run businesses, more so internet related businesses give advice. Maybe if shiachat admins/mods etc gave advice since they seem to have a wider network.
  8. Seems as if your parents dont treat you as married, otherwise they wouldnt ask you to divorce.
  9. Forget her move on. Its a temporary feeling. If someone cannot stick by their promises having given you their "sincere" word then no point chasing them. On the flip side if they werent sincere in the first place then youve avoided a mistake. itll feel horrible like you say for a while but then youll be all good.
  10. Are YOU kidding me? Thats all i have to say to OP
  11. Thanks. Shared. Translate more stuff from Ayatollah Haydari =D
  12. Did you not say that you didnt want copy and paste earlier in the thread, and you wanted a reply using common sense?
  13. The mentality seems similar to Ahmadis but at least they have their books published on the net and their teachings available.
  14. Look around the areas of Norwood, Norbury, Tooting, Mitcham, or Morden. My brothers moved recently and they work in central London also, so those are the areas we found best for their travel and budget. They eventually got a brand new refurbished 2 bedroom flat in Morden for under a 1k a month. Plus they have the main high street and amenities 5 min walk from their flat. Also Idara Jafria is 8 mins in car and 20 mins tube from there.
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