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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yeah i am waiting for a proper answer on this one too.... but so far nothing. Guys please can some more learned people shed some light.
  2. Interesting.... just for point 3 if you don't mind please find the hadith and post it here, it has to exist in sahih muslim or bukhari minimum please.
  3. Along the lines of comments above, it is a SUNNI fatawa that ONE can not go against the caliph of time even if he is unjust, wrong etc. etc. So after giving this fatawa how ? I mean how ? they can still support Muawiya and others? It just doesn't make sense (like many things they say and do)
  4. I am happy to hang this negativity on me for your sake, and our attitude towards you was not like this a week ago, it is because you talk useless, you give baseless arguments, you try to irritate people and you just keep writing BS.
  5. Last time when we checked Sajaad was some arabic dude, but now he has started to understand urdu as well. :-) how amazing? Last time we checked sajaad was a sufi sunni, but now he is not even "sunni really", how amazing? But one thing has not changed: Last time we checked he was a baseless and brainless argument seeker and he still is.
  6. wao another change, we might even find out sometime later he is not really :) ....... what a loser this "person" is
  7. There used to be times, when people who would create trouble in rooms e.g. MIRC mods normally use to block their ip's hence a good riddens from them forever. However I dont' have a clue why mods have not taken any action in the case of sajaad, this little piece of ..... is really irritating. I have put him on ignore list and not going to respond to any of his comments and I urge other members to do the same, in the end he will just be shouting to himself only.
  8. Man have some dignity I asked you not to participate, you still show your color, just leave it you are too young and mentally incapable of having any discussions, this is just a request, if you don't take heed upto you however you are on my ignore list from this moment on, and i am sure many other people are of the same opinion about you.
  9. HI Guys Just a quick question, is there such a concept? e.g. There was a verse sent down as part of wahi, then later on, it was discarded and hence no longer part of Quran? Has that happened over the period of 23 years? of revelation of Quran? Kindly comment but please stick to topic and no useless commenting is required, and sajaad I request you to stay out you will just ruin it.
  10. What is the color of the cover of Kaaba? Please use your head man.
  11. I am sure their fatwa counts. However you have every right to disagree, there is no point in believing anything blindly, argue till you either get it or find it otherwise. As far as animosity is concerned that comes with ignorance and false propaganda, and since you guys are so used to stories it is easy for you to fall for propaganda.
  12. I am really sorry but when you guys present any theories do you ever burden your brain? Can you please explain first part of your comments above with reference PLEASE. I urge you to! Next time when they argue the dead, hence done and dusted, concept. Please ask them about the bargain deal about 5 prayers. :)
  13. Very simple answer: if we are taking shia perspective Hate: Not at all hence this condition doesn't apply Love: Yes, but according to his position end of story
  14. AA Good job brother .. you have done well and i guess question like these are just very stupid. They reminded me of something i was listening a short while back, a badu asked Imam Ali (as) when he was caliph Badu: Imam can you tell me how many stars are there in the sky? Imam Ali: would you be able to count them, even if i tell you?
  15. Sister please present your proof from bukhari and muslim please .... so please can read. thank you.
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