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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Smiley gave a good answer. You do not eat the pepperoni or meat stuff from them. I will look up the fatwa but from what I know, if you have no knowledge of them using haraam ingredients or whatever, you have no reason to doubt. My husband and I eat at Rocky Rococo and also sometimes at Sams, its pre-cut so we can't do anything, and I think its not haraam..except when we eat at pizza at Subway, we ask them not to cut it..
  2. Salaams, I am scheduled for a dentist's visit next week and need to do a composite/resin filling on one of my tooth. I read horror stories on the internet and especially on yahoo answers- 7+ pages of venting. People complained of having their teeth sensitive to everything after the filling procedure and some said it lasts for like 6 months.. Is that true? Has anyone had any experience with compisite fillings? :unsure: I have had one amalgam filling (about 2 years ago) and have no regrets about it. My husband insists that since it has mercury, it is bad for my health. But on the other hand, a
  3. We do use other forms of protection, but just wanted to be extra careful. :) I agree with you, I am also 100% against BCPs after what its done to me... Thanks for sharing your experiece sis, I will still look for methods that don't include pills :) When I got married, I was on a different brand but only for a few months, when I came here, I looked for it in the pharmacy and my doc said it isn't available here in the States.. I was on Aviane 28 and man I even hate its name! :wacko: Anyway, thank you :)
  4. I think its lack of knowledge on their part. My aunt has been divorced for over a decade and her kids have never faced any such stigma, in fact, they are given love and attention in a way that dosen't remind them of their father- It's time people understand that marriage is not a bed of roses- some work, and unfortunately some don't. Singling out kids like that is wrong since it wasn't their doing and neither thier fault. Other factors constant. :)
  5. Yes, I hope and pray no one has to go thru' that. Ever. I hope you can keep me in your prayers... :)
  6. Salaams, I have a question and would really appreciate if anyone can help me ASAP. I used to be on BCP's for a little over a year and suffered severe consequences like depression, although I have stopped the pills for over 6 months now, the depression still strikes sometimes and it hangs over me for a good 3-4 days. It makes me angry which is not normally who I am, actually, it feels like my body and emotions are being controlled by someone else, not me. Obviously not very fruitful for marriage. So here's my dilemma: My husband and I are going on a vacation in less than a month Inshallah ( I a
  7. Are you trying to offset your false understanding with Allah's divine hikmah? If Allah made available the books that you are talkign about, what's the use of an Imam? Any Tom Richard and harry could claim to be "the mahdi" then! And where did you get this t***h that Imam Mahdi is a child? Get your facts straight! And those who say Imam is in a cave, surely don't know enough about him. He is in occultation and no one except Allah knows where that is. Moreover, if you wish to remain ignorant not wanting to keep your heart open for receiving guidance. "Unto you your religion, and unto me my reli
  8. Calm Down...If the OP is not shia, he has a right to ask and we have an obligation to reply. It will increase his quest for knowledge and perhaps inshallah also make him a Shia. To the OP: The Imam is in Ghaybah or hiding. He is doing so because the Imams and Prophets that Allah sent before him were subject to tyrants and their oppressions who eventually ended up martyring the Imams either with swords, or poison. Hnece, now Allah has kept him in ghaybah so that we pine for him and his reappearance, and Allah knows best when he will reappear. But rest assured, he is not unaware of us or our pli
  9. If you are asking about mine, no it isn't. :)
  10. I can understand sis, but all I am saying is if you try and adapt yourself to them, slowly, very slowly they will understand you. Like I said earlier, marriage is difficult, its no bed of roses and it will take a lot of time and effort. Imam Khomeini didn't revolutionize Iran just like that. He won peoples' hearts and thats when the whole nation was stading up for him. (I use his example coz i simply adore him to death and my late grandfather looked so much like him :wub: :cry:) And that's what I am saying: Win Their Hearts! So, first you take the step forward, then they'll take the step tow
  11. Nice stuff! How about someone come up with the rights of the wife for a change, we've heard enough about what the wife should do for her husband, let the tables turn for a change! Let us not be mistaken, it does not mean if the rights of the wife are not being brought up as often, means they don't have any! :) Oh and can you please provide a reference to these sayings?
  12. This depression thing happened to me too. I am still suffering from it, its only best if you try an get out of it from early on, otherwise it will make you miserable. Part of the problem is you keep thinking what and how your family is and was like. I know it's hard, but you will have to adapt to your new family setting because after marriage, that becomes your new family. His mum = your mum and same goes for all other relations. Of course you don't marry to change yourself, but when you love someone, alot of the times you do change for them--I don't say change the whole of you, but things tha
  13. Salaams Sis, From what I can tell from your post, you are loosing hope, which won't work. You need to be strong and tell your self come any storm, I will stand it and shield myself. I know easier said than done, but, its life and it will never be in perfect co-ordination with what we want it to be. You mentioned in one of your prior posts that your husband does ask you to go out with him, but you refuse because you want to spend time with him. Going out together is also a way spending time. Go to a mall, the beach for a stroll or some place that interests you both and try to see what things y
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