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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. thanks bro, i hope things are good

  2. the way i look at it is that i waded through all the bs spiritual arguments there are in the world until i finally accepted Islam, an argument for Truth. now that i am here, i am supposed to accept an argument based on half-truths and distortions? not going to happen. just beware that the little science there is on the subject is biased in both directions.

  3. Your latest avatar (sir syed ahmad khan) looks like santa claus.

  4. Thanks for the kind words brother. I am not old enough for wisdom. My point of view stems more from an application of logic than anything else. The understanding is open to us all.

  5. salam alaikum and welcome. with a name like that you will never be able to free yourself from the shadow of your brother. may god have mercy on you.

  6. rumor is it is your birthday. Happy Birthday! how old are you now?

  7. i am from washington state, born and raised. you?

  8. oh, and btw, despite it being phonetically equivalent to 'fish' i still pronounce photi like 'bow tie'

  9. or maybe it was 9th grade

  10. *eleventh grade geometry teacher

  11. than that. At first in high school Photi would be my name in the few D & D games i played, and then it became my alias for my name while playing video games. i still use it for my video game name, it just sort of evolved into on-line existence generally

  12. 'photi' is strictly an on-line thing. in the real world people call me david or dave if you like. my eleventh grade geometry was giving the class a phonetics lesson. he drew 'photi' on the board and said that the word is phonetically equivalent to 'fish'. -ph- f sound; the -O- is like the 'o' in wOmen (phonetic -i- sound); -ti- makes the sh sound as in naTIon.. there is not much significance

  13. Salam alaikum brother

  14. thanks for the well wishes bro, eid mubarak to you and yours as well.

  15. salam alaikum brother, i liked your post in the discussion we are having. it may take a day or two to respond as there are many good points made.

  16. your sig will change shortly no doubt, so in particular i am referring to the Obama/Ahmadinejad sanctions/oil leak political cartoon. too funny.

  17. lol. you and your sigs:)

  18. hey bro, you got a rough translation of this: Ham to doobain ge sanam tum ko bhi le doogain ge. thanks.

  19. salam alaikum, thanks brother i didn't realize the thread had been bumped.

  20. salam and thanks brother for your kindness. i haven't seen you post much lately, i must not be reading the same threads as you.

  21. lol, thanks. i try to keep it sane, usually i succeed.

  22. salams, thanks bro for the birthday wishes. please beware of the dogs. take care.

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