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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. thanks .inshallah for the kernal of kernals, that was a great book. ethereal, i was just thinking tonight that i am probably not getting enough out of my prayers as i feel my mind wanders too much. i thought there must be a book about prayer discipline, and here you have suggested this book. thanks! to bahadur ali, the need for a teacher is not lost on me. i live in washington state, we have only one over-worked english speaking alim as it is. is qom the only place to get a teacher? how about lebanon? can a person get an irfani teacher in beirut who would conform to shi'a standards? would they be suspicious of a white american guy? i don't feel any knowledge coming up from the well-spring of my heart. i am already 35 and i have yet to find my niche to serve Allah. i feel like if i had genuine knowledge i could apply that knowledge to the society around me. i am a social sciences type of person, i feel strongly that we need more muslim social scientists who are genuinely inspired by Allah. if a teacher leads one to Allah, who leads one to the teacher? jazakallah khair. salams.
  2. here's some more fadlallah from here:
  3. Salam Alaikum, From Sayyid Fadlallah here: as far as i know, no marja forbids it outright. they all recommend against it because it can lead to haram. i know our hujjat al-islam here follows Khomeni and i asked him that same question before and he said it is not haram to have platonic friendships with the opposite sex. the separation often seen in the muslim societies is based on precaution. further, once a person gets married, he or she has his marriage to worry about and a person should protect his marriage not put it in jeopardy.
  4. why don't they just go ahead and 'remove' the issue of the settlements from this process? they may as well state "we have agreed not to talk about justice on this next intiative." peace without justice is a farce.
  5. wikipedia is an amazing human collaboration that is perpetually in progress. some articles need more work, others are at an advanced stage of maturity. this is the page where you will find more info about wiki's editing policy and other things. you can read about the WikiPoject Islam. there are many good articles, and the stong/weak point of wiki is that everyone can contribute, so if there is some serious flaming of islam going on, a more knowledgeable person has a real opportunity to correct the disinformation. plus they have people watching over all the articles to make sure the articles are of a neutral, scholarly quality. if you feel an article is biased, you can argue your point and even change what is there if you have the sources to back up what you say. if an 'editor' routinely inserts bad information to an article, even after his biased and lack of knowledge has been exposed, then the administrators of the site reserve the power to ban that IP address from being able to edit in the future. the purpose of wikipedia is not to produce original research but to attempt to give the most up-to-date information and current thinking on any given subject. you should question everything you read, not just wikipedia.
  6. are the marjas unaware of the hadiths? given their rulings it is more gray than an outright prohibition.
  7. Sayyid Fadlallah has millions of followers. He is a follower of the Ahl al-bayt (as). why would Allah (swt) create the beauty of melody and then tell us to stay away from it? how about those people who are naturally musically creative? if they want to be a good muslim they have to deny their god-given talents? now that makes no sense. according to Fadlallah, they have a halaal option for their gift. how bland life would be without music. even the islamic movie productions use music in their soundtrack.
  8. Seyyid Fadlullah taken from here, here, and here: Visit those links i gave, he gets much more in depth. in short, the important thing to keep in mind (if you follow Seyyid Fadlalllah) is that you need to pay attention to the lyrics (don't listen to bad lyrics) and you need to pay attention to how the music effects you. that determination is subjective and the Seyyid leaves room for the individual to make the determination. he does not outright "ban" any music.
  9. depends on who your marja is and/or the context in which the music is being used.
  10. the cousin of your father is your second cousin. first cousins share 1/8th of their genes (on average). second (blood) cousins share 1/16th of their genes. to get this calculation, parents share precisely 1/2 of their genes with their children. siblings share on average 1/2 of their genes with each other . in the case of first cousins, you go: child--->parent--->sibling--->child, each arrow reperesents 1/2 shared genes, thus 1/2 * 1/2 * 1/2= 1/8 (12.5%). if you add one more child in there (the child of the child) to demonstrate second cousins as above, you then multiply 1/8 by 1/2, which is 1/16th (6.25%). this is a very standard calculation in the science of natural selection, it has a name but it is escaping me right now. i think it might start with a w. of course, if the father is married to his first cousin, then from the child's point of view his father's cousin would be his mom, which would make her mahram for other reasons ;) this would also change the above calculation somewhat: a husband and wife who are first cousins share 1/8th genes. when they have children, the father gives 1/16th of the mother's genes and the mother gives 1/16 of the father's genes to their offspring. children in this scenario have 56.25% of each parents genes (as opposed to 50%). first cousins from this sort of union will share 14.0625% (as opposed to 12.5%) of their genes if one set of parents are first cousins. if both sets of parents are first cousins, then the resulting first cousins will share 15.28% of their genes. second cousins resulting from one pair of parents being first cousins will share 7% (as opposed to 6.25%) of their genes. even then, this last set of calculations would be slightly more nuanced, as the child's dad's father would be the uncle of the child's mother, causing the last set of calculations to be slightly lower than what would be the on-average reality. math problem of the day completed. the qur'an is absolutely right, but we already knew that.
  11. Read Gideon's Spies by Gordon Thomas. Never put anything past the Israelis. The rule of 'six degrees of separation' should be observed with them. They play world events like a chess game. They look not just 6 but 20 moves ahead for something that might benefit Israel. I'm not saying the Israelis are involved here, but suspicion of them should always be considered when any political violence occurs on the global stage. They play their parts and soon Allah (swt) will show them the exit. This sort of "paranoia" on the part of Muslims gets distorted by the media and people like yourself into something akin to antisemitism, but that is another one of the zionists' intentions. In manufacturing this Muslim guilt of antisemitism, the friends of the zionists evoke holocaust sympathy without necessarily having to reference the tragedy itself. All part of the master plan for these nationalist bigots. Clearly the events of the past week have destabilized relations between India and Pakistan, they have brought India into the "War on Terror," and they have moved India one step closer to being in tandem with the Israelis on the issue of "Islamic extremism." Clearly Israel has benefited and so to question their involvement or lack thereof is a natural outgrowth of that benefit and not part of some collective 'paranoid schizophrenia.' This next part is indirectly on-topic, i wanted to point you to this post by br. learned. it appears as though you satyaban were active on this thread so you may have already read it. at any rate, he clearly describes the dynamic between the muslims and the zionists, and suspicions about zionist involvement in violent world events stems from this dynamic (in addition to the events in which the zionists are clearly culpable). Excerpt from Br. Learned's post on a different thread: I post this because the brother is so spot-on in his articulation of the Palestinian and Muslim grievances. Satyaban, don't fool yourself into thinking that the general Muslim suspicion of the zionists stems from a hatred of the Jews, because it simply does not. It has everything to do with the crimes the zionists have committed against humanity.
  12. I am one of the ones who saw Mrs. Clinton's appointment as bad news for the Middle East. We have many non-Jews in the US who are more Israeli than the Israelis, and I think the Clintons are their leader. They offer such a nice face of legitimacy to Zionism in America. Excerpt from the LA Times: Then today we get the news that Obama is considering the appointment of Daniel Kurtzer as the Special Presidential Envoy to the Middle East. I don't know a lot about Kurtzer, but he has a long political/diplomatic record. Quite senior. From a purely political science point-of-view, this news is quite exciting. One can assume both Clinton and Kurtzer have large egos, and clearly Clinton has a strong interest in the Middle East, and so it will be interesting (if Kurtzer is appointed) to witness the dynamic thus created. It is hard to imagine that Clinton, as Secretary of State, will willingly remove herself from actively formulating US Middle East Policy. But then again, if Kurtzer has been given this special assignment (he will report directly to the President), it appears as though Clinton's role will be diminished. Because Kurtzer is a Jew, politically he can get away with being less gung-ho about his Zionism. If we take the following article at face value, then I think we can say that an imminent Kurtzer appointment is a little bit better news for those who are suffering in Palestine than was the Clinton appointment. Obviously we won't get an anti-Zionist in any senior American position, but we do need someone who is not afraid to step on a few Israeli toes. Excerpt from Haaretz:
  13. mashallah, excellent post br. abu hadi. i thought i would add a little more to support the idea that sharia is not black and white and that it does change over time according to the needs of society. from the wikipedia: the wiki article as a whole was alright, although it smacks of an anti-IRI bias. it still needs some refinement in the usual wiki way. salams.
  14. it sounds like the guy did it because he was obsessed with her and wanted no one else to consider her, it was not because of her hijab. there are probably a hundred other things wrong with your statement.
  15. i had no idea the smiley face was that old:) not only do you all get summer right now, but you also get smiley's in the sky. i think the northern hemisphere has done something to upset the Power that be. oh well, at least we still have the north star and ursa minor.
  16. so true. the pettiness pervades. whatever happened to the unifying example set by our Prophet (as)? i was reminded of this piece of dialogue the other day. it is from Lawrence of Arabia: Sherif: He is dead. Lawrence: Yes. WHY? Sherif: This is my well. Lawrence: I have drunk from it. Sherif: You are welcome. Lawrence: He was my friend. Sherif: That! Lawrence: Yes. That. Sherif: ...You are angry, English. He was nothing. The well is everything. The Hasimi may not drink at our wells. He knew that. Sa'lam. Lawrence: Sherif Ali, so long as the Arabs fight tribe against tribe, so long will they be a little people, a silly people, greedy, barbarous, and cruel, as you are.
  17. looks like elliot got banned, but i wanted to correct his statement anyway: "Convert to Islam or die for the crimes you committed."
  18. hey discotek, i am wondering what your point of reference is? did something happen to prompt you to ask this question? maybe the reverse question is more relevant. if you come from the US, most will know what i am talking about: What is with the Iranians who are ashamed of their Islamic present? Muhammad Reza Shah used imagery to convey the pre-Islamic past, he may have been ashamed of the Islamic present. Other of his policies suggest he thought Islam held the people back. If you read Sandra Mackey's The Iranians, the perception one gets is that the Iranian sense of pride in their culture persists in spite of Islam. She tries to give the appearance of objectivity, but her opinions and her value judgments are clear. She has a clear contempt for Islam and the IRI. After reading her book, I got the feeling that the only Iranians she is friends with are the ones who were part of the Shah's court. In the US, we get a messed up view on Iranians due the large numbers of the formerly elite class of the Shah's people who live here. Beyond that, we also have large numbers of disaffected middle class Iranians who have zero loyalty in their opposition to the current ruling establishment. Compared to the whole of the Iranians, these people are a minority, but compared to the US population of Iranians, their voice is significant. They need to grow up and get over it. Why do they have to be so absolute in their hate for the IRI? You'd think if they adopted an attitude of loyal opposition they could get much farther in reforming their home society. Back to Discotek, who have you been talking to? All the Iranians I know who are comfortably Muslim love their culture, past and present. The Iranians who hate Islam are the ones who view their current history with shame.
  19. now that's even better than the one i was remembering.
  20. inshallah one day i will come across something. their patina and beauty are reminiscent of a bygone era. any idea how old those are? are we talking a hundred years or several hundred? i guess there are many different rings so the ages vary, but i was just wondering how old in terms of a range. thanks bro.
  21. salam alaikum, a new mosque in mecca that will hold 3 million people! i've not yet made it to hajj, i can only imagine what it must be like to be around 3million muslims working together for the same purpose. shouldn't the king give preference to a muslim architect in this sort of situation? 'zaha hadid' has an islamic ring to it, if i had to guess i would say 'norman foster' sounds kind of jewish. he could be a convert to islam i guess (my name hardly sounds islamic). is there a dearth of skilled and highly creative muslim architects? i hope they do something avant-garde with the minarets. perhaps a modernist interpretation of Zulfiqar. it would contrast well in the land of wahabbistan.
  22. i was browsing wiki today and came across this. it is looking for people to contribute the history of the lebanese military section. they have a lot of topics still in the red.
  23. Photi

    Grizzly Man

    i will leave mr. elliot to his own spirituality but i will say knowledge leads to tolerance and tolerance leads to peace. the world needs peace. :peace:
  24. salam alaikum sister! welcome to shiachat, you will find a lot of useful information on this site and you will find a lot info that will make you question what in the world you were thinking:) http://www.al-islam.org/inquiries/21.html that is the single best description i have ever read about what happened immediately following the death of the holy prophet of islam (as). that whole book is good. that entire site, al-islam.org, is an excellent place to lose yourself for a couple of years or a lifetime. adopt an attitude of open-mindedness and you should go much farther than a wahabbi could ever take you. question everything and learn from many different sources. as far as your parents are concerned, i probably cannot help you much. my parents don't like to think about belief, so i have never advanced very far with them. there is a saying about honey and vinegar, you should be sweet like honey with people and not sour. the saying is much more eloquent, but it is escaping me, as does the meaning sometimes. but that's just me.. welcome and good luck!
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