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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. in regards to maghrib, the parallel analogy with fajr would be that fajr ends a little sooner for the shias than it does for the sunnis. this is due to the difference in sunrise calculation. maghrib starts later for us because we think the sun needs to drop below the horizon far enough so that the sky above us has also experienced sunset. same for fajr but everything is reversed. dawn (the beginning of fajr) is this:
  2. i have that on my to-read shelf. would you say it gives good insight into the 20th century experience of the muslim nations? the english translation one i have is by richard philcox.
  3. i was a freudian leaning towards marx until my id got in the way. then i found the ahl al-bayt(as), and now it's fana or bust.
  4. inshallah one day Allah grants me a daughter. i do have a niece who does not have a father (she's my sister's daughter from another time in her life), and in many ways my dad, my brother and i have been like my niece's father. she is at that age now where she physically resembles a woman but yet is still quite young. as her father-like uncle, i feel like i want to talk to her to make sure she knows she has people in her life who will protect her, but i have a hard time finding the language for that. it is awkward. maybe my sister (her mom) talks to her about that sort of stuff, but it is awkward for me to even bring the subject up with my sister. you don't want to accuse anyone but there are potential predators all around. my niece is hardly withdrawn, she has loads of personality, so she does not fit the the picture of 'abused.' however, we were joking around the other day and, in joking, she said she is the world's foremost liar. i don't know what she meant by that.
  5. maybe part of the problem with trying to discuss this with the bros is that we are pretty much oblivious to what goes on unless we are doing this sort of behavior ourselves. given the separation of the genders that muslims observe, i personally know very few muslim women. and even if i did, would they let me know about how they have to avoid uncle so and so? probably not. my question to you then jen is what do we (the muslim bros) do with this awareness? are there any organizations similar to chaya in london? maybe you can get involved there to ensure that victims of abuse have a place of refuge? organizing with like minded individuals is probably the more effective approach, because then culturally sensitive strategies can be developed. further, by being around people who are also concerned about the injustices perpetrated against women, some of your anger can be tempered and it won't feel like nothing is being done to stop rape from occurring in families. i think being productive is more important that being angry.
  6. jen, i have read two threads today in which you play a starring role, this one and the hijabi one. your role in both threads lead others to think dubiously of your intentions. what are your intentions? you seem to have hate for us. you might hate injustice, but generalized collective hate is also a form of injustice. considering what you and sister maryam have said, rape is a serious issue within our cultures. however, your presentation of the "facts" is underpinned with your hate for the muslims, and the rest of us can sense that and so it becomes difficult to discuss the real issue. the real issue appears to be your underlying hate for us.
  7. jen, i would try to find love for the muslims before you start trying to fix the muslim societies. any society in which you look you will find ugliness, the muslim societies are not exempt from that. right now it appears you have so much frustration in you that it is preventing you from speaking in a language that the rest of us will understand. a loving mother is more influential than a wicked step-mother any day. i read your posts and the names hirsan ali and irshad manji come to mind. hirsan ali, the dutch somali girl, had some serious injustices committed against her while she was growing up. i watched her video and her personal strory was heart-breakng. but when she starts using naked women with henna tatoos of quranic verses in her imagery, overlayed with narrations of hate for islam, she loses the sympathy her story would otherwise engender. wasted energy, there was a more productive path she could have taken. i don't really know the story behind irshad manji's angst. what i do know is that she seeks social reform by way of 'reforming' the quran. an otherwise energetic soul expending her energies where she is guaranteed to lose. i am not saying you jen are like these two women, but their journey away from islam started somewhere. i am weary of your negativity. take a step back, find love in Islam and find your love for the muslims, and only when you find that love will it then be time to take another look at our collective dysfunction. there might be a difference between Islam and the muslims, but we are a package deal. fi aman Allah.
  8. once you love somebody, gross things become not-so-gross. if that statement does not become true for you, then seek help.
  9. there potatoes, however, have hooves.
  10. it is not so much a sunni/shii question for figuring out the time for fajr, as both schools believe fajr begins at dawn. what differs (even among shias) is the declination angle of the sun one uses. rather than try to explain something to you that i only have superficial knowledge of, i will paste the below and give you a website. depending on the angle one uses, there can be a big difference. maybe if you use a different angle? the webpage i am directing you to gives some early fajr times if you use the qom method. in your instance maybe you can pray like you are the back of a camel fearing for your safety? from this webpage. there is a discussion about declination if you click on the link. also, if you re-direct yourself to the main page, they offer prayer times for various methods of calculation.
  11. beach at santa barbara big sur, central california coast: sunset at big sur: friend at santa barbara: chelan mountains the year after a fire: dagger lake, north cascades national park: me at stiletto lake, north cascades: very faintly way off in the distance is a big volcano. it is mt. ranier in washington state. you can barely make out the silouette, but it is right in the center of the picture at the horizon.
  12. burned out trees: in the mountains above lake chelan, washington state, usa the same lake from a different vantage point ice lakes, entiat mountains, washington state. you can see my tent in this one this is one of the ice lakes: my cuz and a friend near stiletto peak, washington state
  13. oh yeah, you're right, that was only talking about maghrib. again according to fadlallah:
  14. i thnk the bro may have meant maghrib and isha become qadha at the time halfway between the beginning of maghrib (sunset) and end of fajr (sunrise), which of course is midnight. but given the quote below, maybe the islamic def of midnight is different? from Sayyid Fadlallah's website, he specifically says midnight is between sunset and dawn, which is the beginning of fajr. is this accurate or is this a typo?
  15. hi, you need 50 posts to access that feature. salams.
  16. you can enrich the mind and put forth lots of cool ideas on shiachat. lots of jobs just ask for a degree, they don't specify in what. the only 'vocational' bachelor degrees would be degrees in engineering and i.t. maybe if you have a biology degree you can be a lab rat. but it is not like they make much. most bachelor's degrees just prepare you. pat yourself on the back that you did not give in to the engineering temptation. how liberal are we talking?
  17. women vote in iran. women go to college in iran. women walk the streets alone safely in iran. women are allowed to get a divorce in iran. women are allowed to hold public office in iran. women are allowed to drive in iran. what makes you think they are being oppressed? all societies have boundaries. there is no such thing as absolute freedom. unless you are a true despot. saddam was free. look at him now.
  18. sounds like someone probably guessed the answer to your secret question. how secret was it? the password would have been re-set at that point. is there anyone in your life that will reap a tangible benefit from reading your personal emails? if they keylogged you they wouldn't have had to change your password. go to that gmail account and see if you can guess the answer to the secret question there. that's probably a long shot since you do not know the user of that account. maybe someone is playing a prank?
  19. he got pwned by edward said. reza shah made the hijab illegal. many women felt like the government mandated public nakedness, so they stayed home. where was the "sympathy" of the western world then?
  20. musharraf and mubarrak come to mind oh, you probably mean evil dictators, not friendly ones.
  21. and what is the sharia way to act towards a murtad?
  22. right, treat him as an apostate because his muslim dad abandoned the pre-baligh obama forcing obama's christian mother to raise him on her own. sounds like the sin was on the father. no bearer of burden shall bear the burden of another.
  23. the investigation into the science of chemistry reveals that certain atoms and molecules have different degrees of affinity for each other. this affinity is a force akin to magnetism, it happens at the level of energy. having 'chemistry' with someone means that two human energies are mutually drawn towards each other like atoms and molecules. in popular usage, 'chemistry' usually refers to sexual chemistry, but it does not necessarily have to be like that, at least not explicity so. if the beholders of these affined energies are beautiful, then that makes for a good on-screen couple. the movie watcher will be able to sense that energy which, for most people, translates into good thoughts. this leads to potential monetary success for the movie. i don't think it has much to do with likes and dislikes. in the final analysis i think it will be shown that 'chemistry' occurs at the level and in the language of the subconscious.
  24. the logic of god is that in a cause/effect universe, something must have been the original cause. it is an absurdity to follow an endless chain of causes ad infinitum. another solution is required. from the logical point of view, there must be a cause that has existed for eternity that is said to be the First Cause. plato knew that. given the grandeur of the universe, that cause must be intelligent. the question about pornography and other vices, islam tries to strike a balance between individual rights and societal rights. in the non-socialist west, individual rights are given greater importance despite the decadent hue some of these rights give to society. where is society's protection? don't my kids have the right to be raised in an environment free from decadence? immorality or amorality is not a victimless crime. we are all adversely impacted by public licentiousness. from the sharia point of view people are free to do what they like in their own homes. when their actions spill over into the public realm, society has every right to regulate those actions. from an interview with ahmadinejad on democracy now:
  25. clearly that is a problem if there a few editors who routinely insert anti-islam propaganda. knowledge presented as 'neutral' when in reality it has been skewed through the western lens is also a problem. i am not disagreeing with your anti-islam prognosis so much as recognizing the ever-increasing relevance that wikipedia has in people's lives. i use it all the time to get anywhere from a superficial to a deep understanding of any given concept. personally, i don't use it to learn about islam. there are too many other great sites to glean that info. the thing is though, if i wasn't a muslim and if i didn't know a lot about islam, i would probably turn to wikipedia for a quick reference. i have read some great articles on wiki, and even if right now the articles on islam are not that great, call me naive but it seems like in time we can get the quality of the articles to mirror the same quality found elsewhere. it was my understanding that the wikiproject islam was attempting to accomplish that task. so maybe the right people have yet to join that project. i would think that the administrators of the site recognize the political volatility of religious issues, so policies are likely continually changing. i am going to investigate the wikiproject islam further to get a better feel for where it is at in terms of the evolution of its policies as well get an idea of who controls everything.
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