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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. if you consider that widespread islamic doctrine, whether that is sunni or shia, is considered by its adherents to be a universal doctrine for all of humanity regardless of race or nation, then it makes no sense to translate the hadith from the imam 'ali (as) as you have. doctrine dictates that you need to interpret it a different way, as no authentic hadith will contradict the qur'an. if it contradicts with the quran, then either the hadith is no good or your interpretation is no good.
  2. in any culture everywhere at all times you will be able to find racism. it sucks and it is ugly, but that's the unfortunate truth. to say that the shias practice religiously ordained institutionalized racism is not true. everyone knows bilal was one best loved and most famous muslims of all time. i was a white boy cab driver in seattle for a couple years and directly experienced racism coming at me from some of the east africans who also drive cab. does that mean all east africans (mainly somali in seattle, but ethiopian, eritrean and kenyan too) are racist? i don't think so because i have also had some very nice interactions with the same ethnicity groups. your generalizations against the shias are every bit as racist or xenophobic as the racism you are supposedly speaking out against. you are acting on your anger or your need for power and this is leading you astray. take a step back and ask Allah (swt) to show you the Truth.
  3. wahabbi islam is for those who like to practice selective understanding. anger is better nurtured this way. muslim by choice, you chose not to understand the above ahadith in order to have a reason to be angry at us. you should be angry at your teachers who insult the intelligence of all their followers.
  4. iblis was a believer in the mental sense, but he was not a believer in the heart-felt sense. the difference is one between belief and faith. from imam khomeni's (ra) adabus salat (discourse one ch. 3):
  5. wow. that's deep. thanks sister. subhanallah. i was thinking it was more elaborate than what the brother gave in the lecture (@16:30 or so or maybe it was 17:30).
  6. my assumption is that this is your blog. mashallah brother. could you elaborate on the above? it sounds dubious, considering the wars that were fought around that time and later and also considering it took some rather hefty bribes from the usa for jordan and egypt to make 'peace' in 78 or 79 or whenever it was.
  7. the only thing i see in those pictures are british residents and citizens openly interacting with their elected representatives. what has been proven? that muslims live in the UK?
  8. :!!!: poor austrailia, they better be on the lookout. my favorite one was "what state does kfc come from?" "the chicken, kentucky fried chicken? i don't know."
  9. salam alaikum brother, i guess i don't yet equate the american regime to zionism. israel is looked at as a strategic resource to the united states, and until someone changes that viewpoint the zionists will remain within the american regime. i am skeptical that the dog is wagging. the primary responsibility for fixing palestine lies with those who live in the middle east. that responsibility specifically lies with the palestinians, and probably beyond palestine, but i am unsure exactly how far outward that responsibility radiates. the jordanians, lebanese, and egyptians have a more or less direct role to play, but how direct of a role should morocco be expected to play? iran? turkey? the people who live in the region hold the primary responsibility for fixing palestine. any help offered up from beyond the region needs to be looked at as secondary help. here in the states, the muslims and concerned others can work to increase awareness of the need for justice, not only in palestine but in the world at large. hopefully in doing so we can relieve some of the pressure applied by the imperialists in the middle east so that those who live there can find more success. however, this sort of help should not be relied upon. the only real language the imperialists understand is power. there are many blocks of power in the middle east. unfortunately so many of those blocks are held together with mortar supplied by the united states. i think that sucks, but that is not my fault, nor is that the fault of america. we should expect nation-states to be opportunists. if people do not want to be taken advantage of, then they need to work on increasing their power. the only real solution lies with the people who live there. they need to identify the blocks and mortar and get rid of what does not belong. please do not rely on successive american administrations to staff themselves with non- or anti-zionist power brokers. it ain't gonna happen, so obama's appointments should come as no surprise. the real solution lies with the citizens of the middle east, possibly but not necessarily at the expense of those in power. they need to take a look at the oft conjectured illuminati free-masons and figure out how they can devise their own power structures to resist these secret or not-so-secret associational networks that try and try again to control the world. i am not so worried about the "illuminati" and the portended world dictatorship. china is a reality. russia is a reality. they have real undeniable power. iran is on the way, but when will arabia become a reality? in the u.s.a.,maybe we can talk of the powered elites who control everything, but tell me, when in the course of human civilization has there not been an elite class who controlled everything? to be sure, there is still much social injustice that goes on here, black families have been torn apart due to slavery, racism, ghettoization and systematic drug sabotage. native american families have never recovered from what the white man did to them. incest, child rape and alcoholism are far too common on the rez. these are our problems and we certainly have to work on them (and somehwere here Islam has a role to play), but to say the whole system is flawed because of the zionists is narrow-minded. we have a huge middle class, we have economic diversity, we have genuine social mobility, we have a high literacy rate, and we have widespread access to the internet, aka knowledge. opportunity yet abounds. every human system devisable is going to be flawed. the question is how much imperfection are we willing to tolerate? only when our Imam (atfs) returns will we a see a perfect and Just system. sometimes human systems are so flawed that revolution is in order. however, most of the time, and speaking specifically about modern democratic systems, what those systems need most is an aware populace that lobbies for a more just existence. in this endeavor the muslims have a role to play in the united states, and in this endeavor we might help to achieve more peace on the international scene. but whatever achievements we might make, these achievements need to be looked at as secondary. the primary responsibility with fixing palestine lies in the middle east. power needs to be resisted with power. look at how much success our brothers and sisters in hezbollah have had...that's the example to follow. holding on to some hope that an ameircan president is going to appoint a pro-muslim middle east envoy is unrealistic. rise, citizens of Islam, rise.
  10. the book i read described a 30 day plan. very similar to what you described, but different in that it can still be accomplished even if you have only one toilet. the process involves first putting the litter box next to the toilet, and then over the course of days you gradually raise the litter box to the height of the toilet. at that point, the book provides instructions on how to make an attachment for your toilet that can be easily removed to facilitate human use. that attachment makes use of plastic wrap and kitty litter to encourage your cat to do his business there. over the next week or two, you gradually use less and less litter until your cat does his thing without need for the litter. voila, he is civilized. just make sure you always keep the door open. maybe you could cut a kitty door into the bathroom door. the book said the whole process is quite natural for a cat, and so old and young cat alike can partake in the modern conveniences.
  11. plus cats can be trained to use the loo. i have not actually trained a cat to do this, as the cat around my place is indoor/outdoor, but from what i have read in books training a cat to use the loo is totally doable. she may not flush, but then again, no more cat box to worry about.
  12. makes you realize how quickly life as we know it can change. the internet is very likely the most important invention since the printing press, however, in the case of a major world war everything would be offline by yesterday. maybe we need to figure out how to route the internet through the earth's magnetic field. that is probably the most permanent solution.
  13. some day, maybe fred will win the fight, and the, cat will stay out for the night my advice is learn from fred flintstone. you should travel down a different path akhi, or it will be you sleeping outside. peoples' pets may as well be their kids.
  14. salam alaikum, so i was watching this, and the brother khalil jaffer attributes the below hadith to ameerul momineen(as). he said the hadith was famous, so maybe one of you knows where exactly to find it? googling it didn't turn up anything relevant. jazakallah khair.
  15. san luis obispo is a nice little town. it is about halfway between l.a. and san fancisco and not far from the coast. i was there in 2003. at that time, there was this great moroccan restaurant in the downtown. if i remember correctly, the lamb was halal. i ate it and i eat halal, so it must have been. so delicious. and the turkish coffee they served was perhaps the best cup of coffee i have ever had. and i love coffee (i am more or less from seattle). i usally like my cardamom infused coffee without sweetener, but this cup, despite the sugar, was sooo good. i ordered a second serving to drink in the morning. i had a halal girlfriend at the time. i remember the whole night, the setting, the restaurant, everything was quite romantic. one of the best nights of my life. i cannot guarantee you that experience, but still i highly recommend the town. santa barbara is close to there too. that's another one of those dreamy california places. it was april when i was there, 80 degrees and perfect.
  16. unlikely this will happen. all of us (myself included) want too much to believe the american system is essentially good, despite all the evil. as a group i don't think we will come to this conclusion about obama, no more so than we did with clinton. he will be long gone as a president before we speak seriously of his nightmare. is belief in justice inherently naive? the most acutely felt evils obama's administration will commit will be as part of the zionist strategy. the american public, the 'left' included, is not yet ready to see the evil of zionism, and so obama will remain popular. anti-zionists in america are merely a fringe reality. and hezbollahi, i don't think mdm was referring to zainab_ in regards to the donkey. :no: :shifty: [edit] hezbollahi, now that i read it again, me thinks maybe you knew that too. perhaps i missed your humor.
  17. i don't know about that. dogs reach places i wouldn't want to, they greet other dogs strangely, plus they eat gross things. dogs are dirty. just adopt a cat.
  18. that's the key right there. let god decide truth, that is how you let yourself be led. if you truly want truth, you can have no preclusions. there were probably several things in my life that pushed me toward the path of Islam, but I remember distinctly saying this prayer when i was 18 or 19 and searching for truth. I said: "God, I don't know who you are, I don't know what religion you are, I don't really know anything about you other than the fact that there is a whole lot of falsehood out there. somewhere in that falsehood must be truth, but how am I to know what that truth is? How could I possibly know? You are the One who makes everything, so please please show me where Truth is at." i said that with sincerity and i said that without any preconditions, as in 'show me truth in jesus, show me truth in hinduism', etc look at surat al-fatiha, it does not ask God to lead us to Islam or to lead us to the prophet muhammad(as), the surah simply asks god to lead us to the straight path: In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful: All Praise is due to God, Lord of the Universe. The Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Sovereign of the Day of Judgment. You alone we worship, and You alone we ask for help Guide us to the straight path; The path of those on whom You have bestowed your grace, not of those who have earned Your anger, nor of those who go astray.
  19. one of the things that i was impressed with was the near lack of proselytizing by the muslims when i first started showing an interest in the religion. in fact, i had to ask the molauna if the shias even wanted converts. lol. there are certain christians who if they feel like they have a remote chance with you they will be relentless in their approach. with the muslims, it is like take it or leave it. when you consider the rivers of blood flowing through history whose headwaters are found in the christian colonial missionary doctrines, i would say the indirect dawah approach is more desirable. i don't like people coming up to me asking if i want to change my beliefs.
  20. don't you guys trip on the magic and such? i remember playing morrowind years ago, and after enchanting one too many of my swords, i said enough, this is just wrong. i know it is all make believe and everything, but it just gave me a weird feeling. have you guys ever gotten that feeling where it is like you are doing shirk? is the fact that i don't actually believe in it enough to make the difference?
  21. with all due respect brother, can you please make your font smaller? it is like you are shouting.
  22. lol, the shoe intifada. too awesome! i wonder if that guy realizes how lucky he was he didn't actually hit the president. as it is, mercy can be shown to him. but had he hit the president, idk, it would have been awkward for all involved.
  23. how far fetched would it be to establish a religion-wide financial auditing mechanism? a standardized auditing apparatus developed by a group of marjas who then attach their own foundations to that apparatus so that when they die their foundations might have a reasonable expectation to not become corrupt. from a distance it seems plausible assuming measures were taken to fight corruption within that apparatus. this sort of begs the question, is corruption the rule or the exception within these large charitable foundations? both in terms of reality and in peoples' perception? what is worse, potentially spreading slander or leaving corruption unexposed? an auditing apparatus might help to develop an atmosphere of transparency. from a layperson's perspective, transparency seems desirable.
  24. as a general rule, you will not find that the shias practice takfir (prouncing nominal muslims to be disbelievers) like that. if a person says he is muslim, if he believes in the oneness of god, if he believes in the prophethood of the prophets, and if he believes that the quran is the uncorrupted and final word of god, then he is a muslim. as muslims, we believe that Allah has given us all free will. what that means is that humans can choose to do evil. some muslims choose to do evil. that said, international politics is a different game. the muslims today are reacting to a couple centuries of constant colonial and imperial attempts at usurping their rights. if you ask me, i think the muslims have been quite restrained. people in the western media often speak pejoratively of the 'arab street.' if only the arabs had a street in that sense of the word the imperialists would never have gotten as far as they have. the arab muslims have been much too civilized for much too long. it is time they take back their rights. what's so great about anwar sadat? that he accepted a multi-billion dollar annual bribe in exchange for not attacking a rogue state? much too civilized. the 'peace' was not his to make.
  25. no, absolutely not. the cross is to christianity what the quran is to islam. humanity's redemption from the original sin through the execution of the christ god by way of crucifixion by a worldly power is thefoundational doctrine of christianity. more important even than the nature of christ. indeed, without the crucifixion, christ wouldn't need to be divine. take away the cross and you take away the foundation.
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