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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Should Muslims launch a drive to get Halal food in Stores,Hospitals and Schools(Lunch, like jews have for kosher? Ithink Muslim orginizations should push for this, What do you all think? I think hey need to have a halal option like halal dogs like they have kosher.
  2. What happened to all of theSunni and Sufi discussion forums on the net? Ummah.comseans dead, Sunniforum is gone, Ynabi is off line. Did theyall get shut down? They were popular!!
  3. Do Shias use the Holy Quran to help get rid of black magic like Sunnis? What verses do you recite?
  4. Is it ok for shias to wear red?I know in Sunni its haram, i think.
  5. Wpuld it be easier to avoid zina and falling victim to it if sunnis allowed mutah? Like would it make it better to practice the deen for sunnis?
  6. whats the difference of asking imams(عليه السلام)for help and shifa?
  7. I chanted ya hussain during matam hussain at ashura and something in my body move like something was coming off me like jinn or black magic,so oneday i decided to do it again on my own to see if it would happen again, so i chanted ya hussain, but i had no intentions on worshipping husaainor beliveing he was equal to Allah, i just wanted to see if it would do that again, is that shirk?
  8. so can one chant ya hussain for intercession or tasswaul?
  9. do Shias and muslims beive in selling soul to satan,or is this a myth? Do Islam recougnize this?
  10. so saying ya hussain is not done by shias?
  11. The Site islamqa.com saysasking help from saints or Imams for shifa is major shirk!
  12. It seemed in the 2010s during the Obama adminstration that Islam was being more widely accepted and promoted by films, television, media ect and even in popular culture, alot of people became more aware and started learning even getting intrest in islam. Was it because of TV Shows like Etrugul and movies like the Liasion abut and ottoman general, also school curriculemstarted teaching it. what do you all think?
  13. Is there a such thing as a Shia Ikwani? are there Shias in the brotherhood?
  14. There are many myths about lefthanders, like they cant have women, there alillies with satan and they are prone to mentall illness, some people told me i cant get a girl because im lefthandedand lefthanders are with women. Is this a strange thing to say.
  15. Ive heard english traslations of arabic texts especiallty fiqh books and hadiths are not really accurate especially the liguistics , is this right?
  16. ttps://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/islamic-state-in-afghanistan-claims-responsibility-for-attacks-targeting-taliban
  17. Are there any somolian shiason here or anywhere else, what do they think of shias?
  18. Is it true that rings with islamic writing on them engraved can help against black magic?How do you get rid of it?
  19. i get laughed at and picked on all the time, i know what this is like.
  20. Is music addiction a problem among shia muslims especially youth?
  21. Whave any body heard if gangs like the Vice Ls, Or GD or Black Diciples (cheif Kefsgang)I heard some are muslim what do shias think?
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