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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. do zayadiyya shia believe in Shif'a or tawassual like 12ers,sufis and some sunnis or is it just 12ers?
  2. I been going through hell for years! ive been bullied called names, madefun of, assulted for no reason, the people in my town are crazy, and they keep persecuting me, i was mocked and humiliated, they claimed the played so called cruel jokes on me,(Cruel joke means, an evil inside joke to humiliate and fool someone because you hate,dislike or are jealous of them!) read urban dictonary,) they also bully me for real!! The town is currupt and every body holds a dumb grudge against me for nothing!!!! I cant take this any more, i feel like i had no life to live, i feel like taking revenge, the musi
  3. /so is the striped scarafs referring to the checkred and striped scarfs the wahabbis and salafis wear on the top of their heads?
  4. What is the Shia opinion on the moors or noorish empire? Do Shias think good or bad about them? What was their relation with shias? I heard they were Maliki.
  5. So Will Imam Mahdi(عليه السلام), only rule muslims until Isa(عليه السلام) comes and rules world?
  6. What is the real definition of ya hussain and the arabic meaning of the phrase? what does ya mean in arabic?
  7. I alwaus wanted to know where there some english spekers in iraq or lebanon? Does anybody know some? What if i went to Karbala or najaf would i have to know arabic?
  8. Who are all of the endtime people is shia islam? i know of dajjal,Imam Mahdi, and sufani, but i heard about others in haditths like the pure soul, kurrusani, yamani, ect,Can any one give hadiths and shed life on this?
  9. I heard from some one that some marjas allow anal sex and others say its makrooh, is this true? i thought anal sex was haram!
  10. I read and heard from some occultist and some Christians that if you take blood oaths to satan or occultist you go to hell eternally or become damned. Or if you take occult blood oaths. I heard some celeberties do it and some entertainers or occultist. Does Islam recognize this? Could taking the shahadah change this?
  11. As salaam alakim I live in Wisconsin, and i want to know is there a big Shia community here, i heard there was but they are not as active and are pretty much under ground!!! Anybody on here from Wisconsin or Milwaukee area?
  12. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/muslim-influencer-says-she-was-removed-from-flight-after-passenger-said-he-felt-uncomfortable/ar-BB1b1c5Z?ocid=msedgntp
  13. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/biden-likely-to-break-barriers-pick-woman-to-lead-pentagon/ar-BB1b0NWb?ocid=msedgntp
  14. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/iran-denies-report-al-qaeda-operative-killed-in-iran/ar-BB1aZWIC?ocid=msedgntp
  15. Could a mentally handicapped person be a Muslim period, i heard in Sunni if your Mentally handicapped or insane your prayers and Shahadah(if you take it in that state), is invalid, is that true in Shia, what is the Shia ruling on this matter?
  16. i live in the US and im a convert from Salafi, there is only 2 shia centers, your right, they never mind there buisness when it comes to me and they are constantly taunting me about not having women and even saying i cant get them even married!!! They keep mistreating me and being rude, i did nothing, im just trying to follow my deen and do it in peace, but unfoutuanatly eveytime i do, this happens.
  17. (1) Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Sa'eed bin Oqda al-Kufi narrated from Ahmad bin Yousuf bin Ya'qoob al-Ju’fi Abul Hasan from Issma'eel bin Mihran from al-Hasan bin Ali bin Abu Hamza from his father and Wuhayb bin Hafs from Abu Baseer that Abu Abdullah as-Sadiq (عليه السلام) had said: My father (عليه السلام) has said to me: There must be a fire (war) from Azerbaijan that leaves nothing. If it occurs, then you are to stay at homes and remain as we have remained. If our revolter (al-Qa'im) rises, you are to hasten to join him even crawling. By Allah, as if I see him between the temple (of Ab
  18. Several wounded in attack on French Consulate ceremony at cemetery in Saudi Arabia Celine Castronuovo 3 hrs ago %7B Panthers' Christian McCaffrey not expected to play Week 10 vs… %7B Iran Atomic Stock Swells, Complicating U.S. Return to Deal Several wounded in attack on French Consulate ceremony at cemetery in Saudi Arabia
  19. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/us-backed-forces-declare-complete-victory-over-isis-in-syria/vi-BB1aS6TX?ocid=msedgdhp
  20. Im not!, well in simple terms, i dint mean everything like that, i ment, my world is crashing down and no one is helping me, and im being ridiculed and slandered by non muslims and even some muslims! Some said im not shia or muslim others mock me about not having girlfreinds or women at all!!!and im constantly being mocked about it and some women are being mean and disrepectful toward me!! Thats what i ment in simple terms.
  21. Is it true women cannot be killed under jafari fiqh, bit can only receive imprisonment, i read this some where is this true? Thy cannot be fought or killed if thy commit a capital crime like murder, socery,, unlike Sunni! Is this true?
  22. Bro/Sis, What does it mean when you get turned on by women and your out of luck and none respect you or like you, And other sects give you the shaft, i was told i was not Sunni because im mentally ill and insane and im not salafi because i apostated(as they claim) and they all support me being ended and my reputation is ruined and no one and no muslim will help me, and i was mocked by non muslims even in front of brothers and sisters!!!!!!! Im a done for? will i be cursed, is it a chance i can make paridise in shia islam, They said i wont marry and get girls so can i strive for hoories?
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