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  1. as salaam alakim!!!!!!! Are interracial marriages common in Shia Islam or is it taboo or frowned upon, is it common for Shias to marry reverts or Shias from other cultures or ethnices or is this cultural taboo. Are Shias more open to interacial,cultral,ethnic marriages?
  2. as salaam alakim!!!!!! A Woman claimed Shia Islam is with her religion, I think she means pagan or knights templer Christian, be cause the ismali assins were there allies! Can a fellow Shia help me out? What do you all think!
  3. Lion of Shia

    feel depressed!

    as salaam alakim!!! Sorry for being problematic. But, I have and issue. Im In Milwaukee,Wisconsin United States and im being mistreated and oppressed, and I feel my life is over,can’t get a job people are mean and evil to me and I feel like going out as a martyr, I feel this is my Karbala(no offence to fellow Shias) I feel like my life has to end!!! Help!!
  4. WOW!!! This thread is an eye opener for me!! I never knew none of this stuff being said on here. I never knew there was zina in Muslim countries or communities! I also never knew about the prostitution is Muslim societies either!
  5. as salaam alakim! I know that there is the Qur'an eruit university, but are there other free shia courses or pre hawza courses on can take?
  6. Lion of Shia

    Build up to 2020

    sis what do you think of Independents like jessie ventura?
  7. as salaam alakim!!!! I got called a kafir because I tried to make a point about people not having religion and not being religious in the city im in. And people misunderstood what I said and the point I was trying to make and called me a kafir! I was in no way speaking ill about my deen I was talking about the people in my part of Milwaukee was not religious and I said I feel sorry for the ones that are!! They took my point the wrong way and acted like I spoke ill of the deen which I most certly did not!! and said they exposed a kafir! and they also heard I was shia!!!
  8. im an adult, im not in school, I live in Milwaukee, its happening im my apartment, and my neighborhood and around the city. I get heat everywhere I go and the kuffar(salafi influenced,the ones who are around salafis at Islamic info meetings) and wahabbis accuse me of shirk for saying ya Hussain. Theres also a lot of salafi wahabbis in my town, they don't think highly of me and accused me of apostating! They told the kuffar all of my Islamic business like when the meet them or see them they say I cant pray and I don't know about my faith, even though im shia now they still do it.
  9. as salaam alakim!!! I need to get this off my chest, im not against all americans,(some are nice and look out for people), but I get made fun of and picked on a lot, and I feel some americans don't like me. And I kno or I heard shias are not against the American people, im not against all,but there are some out there who are cruel and evil, like the ones in my town, which brings me to the conclusion that we should not generalize either way or blindly accept people. Im afraid shias will turn on me if I tell them I have a problem with some of the American people, im being bullyied and harassed by some. I don't like those kind. Im also afraid shias would not accept me if I told them this.
  10. Lion of Shia

    who are enemies of shia?

    so is somebody being bullyied and ridiculed by people considered oppressed?
  11. as salaam alakim!!! Who are enemies of ahlulbayat? Kafirs,Munafiqs,takfirs,wahabbi,salafi,?
  12. Lion of Shia

    Jinn, Witches, Female demon and Fairy

    I had experience was jinns and Black magic, I was having a dream and sleep when I felt I could fly, then I woke up and felt I was moving in te bed but not on my own.Then I was told I have black magic on me by a raqi shaykh. I sometimes do things and think I didn't or don't do things and felt like I did I found out that's a symptom of black magic.
  13. Lion of Shia

    Understanding Surah Al Asr

    Im a beginner. but based on my knowledge its saying that one should have patience, and advise others to good, and advise others toward the truth and goodness
  14. as salaam alakim!!! I get a lot of heat from people, I hear a lot of people don't like me! Do my fellow shias hate me? I spoke out against the shia killings in Pakistan 6 years ago now they hid shia facebook and I did nothing to any one, after this mistreatment, I was lost and confused, I know a lot of kafirs hate me, salafis and wahabis hate me, do shia hate me too, did I do something wrong, I feel ignored on the forum, like no one likes me or wants to talk to me anymore!