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  1. I went to Jumah last fridayand the shyakh was acting strange. I heard him say i wasnt shia, then he claims that i commited shirk!! i was outranged, i did nothing wrong(for bro ceazer,im still ttrying to get out of milwaukee, i applied out of state and is in the process of a job, i passed the first test!!!),any way how could he say this he gave me the shahadah!!! I didnt kno, my community is currupted by ikwanis and salafis!! But as i walked away angry after jumah, a elder bro picked me up and took me to the bus stop!!, that calmed me down as i was furious!!! I thought i was shia, was this a test or was it the shaytan pulling me away from shia?
  2. i thought he would rule by the sharia, but i also heard he will rule christians by gosple and jews by torah?
  3. Texas Newspaper Issues Warning About Secession Story by Natalie Venegas • 2mo • 5 min read Texas could have its own military "within weeks" if Governor Greg Abbott dramatically increased funding and recruitment for its State Guard, a leading independence campaigner said. Daniel Miller, the president of Texas Nationalist Movement, a secessionist organization, discussed strengthening the State Guard during a "Late Night Coffee Talk Live" question and answer session on May 8. In recent months, tensions have surged between Texan authorities and the federal government over subjects such as illegal immigration and reform to Title IX anti-discrimination legislation in education. On January 22, the Supreme Court ruled that federal agents could remove razor wire placed along the border with Mexico on Abbott's orders by Texas National Guard troops. In response, Abbott said his state was being "invaded" and invoked its "constitutional authority to defend and protect itself," leading some Democrats to argue that the Texas National Guard should be brought under federal control. During his Q&A session, which the TNM broadcast on Facebook, Miller was asked whether there were "any plans to pressure Abbott to convert the Texas National Guard into State Guard to circumvent federalization?" Miller said: "We've said that the State Guard should be fully militarized, should be fully funded. It's our belief that Operation Lone Star should have been funds shifted for a full militarization and deployment of the State Guard. "Open that enlistment wide up for prior service military to come in there. We could effectively, within weeks, have our own military." Abbott launched Operation Lone Star in 2021 as a collaboration between the Texas Military Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety. On April 12, the governor announced that 507,200 migrants suspected of entering the country illegally had been detained under the program. Newsweek has contacted Governor Greg Abbott and Daniel Miller for comment by email and X direct message, respectively. In 2017, the Texas Military Department reported, the Texas National Guard had about 21,000 members, while the Texas State Guard had almost 1,900 personnel. Miller said federal authorities had an incentive to try to weaken the Texas National Guard. "We're seeing the federal government already start to make these underhanded attempts to sap the National Guard, and I would say that Governor Abbott is going to be in a bit of a predicament here, particularly with the border issue where it is. "If the federal government senses that there is a weak spot there that they can exploit, where they can sap the National Guard from the state, then Texas will have no choice but to double down on the state guard." In February, a survey conducted exclusively for Newsweek found that in a hypothetical independence referendum, 23 percent of Texans would vote for the state to become "an independent country," while 67 percent would support Texas remaining "a state within the United States." Speaking to Newsweek in December, Joshua Blank, a political scientist at the University of Texas at Austin, said he didn't believe Texas could leave the U.S. peacefully. He said: "I think history has made clear that there is no plausible scenario in which Texas could peacefully extract itself from the United States, even were that the will of its populous—which there is no indication of to my knowledge."
  4. The Independent Follow 573.7K Followers Lindsey Graham suggests Israel should nuke Gaza and claims Hiroshima bomb was ‘the right thing’ Story by James Liddell • 10h • 2 min read Senator Lindsey Graham has come under fire for drawing comparisons between Israel’s war on Gaza and the US’s decision to drop atomic bombs on Japan during World War II – urging Israel to “do whatever you have to do”. Speaking on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday, the South Carolina Republican appeared to justify Israel’s Rafah offensive – something that President Joe Biden has warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against – and called the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945 the “right decision” for the US. wants to kill you and your family. The Independent Lindsey Graham compares conflict in Gaza to World War II “When we were faced with destruction as a nation after Pearl Harbor, fighting the Germans and the Japanese, we decided to end the war by bombing Hiroshima, Nagasaki with nuclear weapons,” Mr Graham told Kristin Welker. “That was the right decision,” he concluded. The two atomic blasts and the radiation that ensued are estimated to have killed between 129,000 and 226,000 people – most of them civilians. “Give Israel the bombs they need to end the war they can’t afford to lose and work with them to minimise casualties,” Mr Graham continued. Ms Welker was stopped in her tracks by the senator’s comments, as he continued to speak over the host. “Why is it okay for America to drop two nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end their existential threat war. Why was it okay to do that? I thought it was okay?” Mr Graham said. He added: “To Israel, do whatever you have to do to survive as a Jewish state. Whatever you have to do.” It’s not the first time Mr Graham has shared his controversial opinion about the Middle East conflict, previously urging the US president to blow parts of Iran “off the map”. “I have been saying for six months now... hit Iran,” he told Fox News in December. “They have oil fields out in the open, they have the Revolutionary Guard headquarters you can see from space. Blow it off the map.” The Republican senator’s comments come as Israel launches a ground invasion on the Gazan city of Rafah, with more than 360,000 Palestinians so far having fled the region, according to the United Nations. Tensions between the US and Israel continue to come under strain with Mr Biden warning Mr Netanyahu that the US will curtail the supply of certain weapons if Israel invades Rafah. Mr Netanyahu swiftly responded, telling Phil McGraw on Dr Phil that the halt of precision weapons might cause more civilian casualties due to the uptake of imprecise weaponry. The Independent is the world’s most free-thinking news brand, providing global news, commentary and analysis for the independently-minded. We have grown a huge, global readership of independently minded individuals, who value our trusted voice and commitment to positive change. Our mission, making change happen, has never been as important as it is today.
  5. Can or Will converts to Shia Islam be one of the Mahdis 313? Could this be possible if they have strong faith?
  6. Newsweek Follow 1.1M Followers Republicans Warn of 'Massive Muslim Takeover' Story by Rachel Dobkin • 2h • 3 min read Republican lawmakers have warned of a "massive Muslim takeover" in the U.K. government, while claiming that it could also happen in the U.S., despite Muslims making up a small percentage of the population in both countries. On Wednesday, Representative Lauren Boebert, a Colorado Republican, posted a clip posted on X, formerly Twitter, of Representative Chip Roy, a Texas Republican, giving a speech on the House floor, voicing fears of Muslims gaining membership in the U.K. government. Ad "You've got a massive Muslim takeover on the United Kingdom going on right before our eyes," Roy said without giving evidence to back up his claims. "I've got some pretty strong concerns about Sharia law and whether that will be forced upon the American people." Sharia law is the legal system followed by Muslims. "I've got pretty strong concerns about people who want to see Israel's destruction. Who were happy about October 7th. Who are elected in the United Kingdom. Some might say that we've seen that here in the United States," Roy said. Roy then questioned if immigrants in the U.S. are being taught about Western civilization. "Are we teaching people about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the rule of law ... are we teaching them God exists?" Roy asked. "Or are we teaching an entire generation or two or three to run around complaining about what's wrong and why the entire world is against them because of their skin color, their sex, their supposed gender identity—whatever that hell category we create to make people have an excuse for not just stepping up and achieving the American dream?" Loaded: 20.91% Play Current Time 0:00 / Duration 0:57 Quality Settings Captions Fullscreen Newsweek Pro-Palestinian Democrats Get Warning Signs About Reelection Unmute 0 View on Watch Alongside the video, Boebert claimed, also without any evidence, that "the United Kingdom has radical Islamists taking political office all over the country. We're looking at it from here in America horrified, not realizing that it will be us next." She continued: "Councillors chanted 'Allahu Akbar' to celebrate their victories when they got elected. We're either going to get serious about our borders quickly or the issues the UK is seeing will be here faster than we can imagine." Newsweek reached out to Boebert and Roy's offices via email for comment on Wednesday. The U.K. held local elections last week, in which Green Party candidate Mothin Ali was elected as councillor in Leeds. Following Ali's election victory, he said, "We will not be silent. We will raise the voice of Gaza. We will raise the voice of Palestine. Allahu Akbar," according to the Yorkshire Evening Post. "Allahu Akbar" roughly translates to "God is greater" and is used by Muslims in prayer or in a declaration of faith. Ali later apologized for his comments. Ad The safety of U.S. borders, particularly the U.S.-Mexico border, has been a top concern, especially among Republicans. Since the start of the 2024 fiscal year, which began in October, there have been 1,733,496 U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) encounters with migrants. Roy and Boebert's comments come after Liberal Democrats gained 104 council seats while Conservatives lost 474 seats in the U.K.'s recent election. Liberal Democrats now have 522 council seats while Conservatives have 515. The Labour Party gained 186 seats, giving them a total of 1,158. It is unclear how many of the newly elected U.K. officials are Muslim, but, according to England and Wales census data from 2021, 6.5 percent of the population identified as Muslim (3.9 million people). Pew Research Center estimated that Muslims made up about 1.1 percent of the U.S. population in 2017 (3.45 million). Human rights lawyer Qasim Rashid touched on the size of the Muslim populations in the U.K. and U.S. in an X post on Wednesday. "MAGA [Make America Great Again] Rep Chip Roy fear mongers over 'Muslims taking over UK & USA to enforce Shariah Law.' Muslims are 6.5% of UK population & 1.5% of US population. Also we have state/religion separation. What Roy actually means is his religion should be enforced & others should be banned," Rashid wrote. British-American journalist Medhi Hasan, editor-in-chief and CEO of the new media company Zeteo, posted: "'You've got a massive Muslim takeover of the United Kingdom,' says this massively dishonest, massively ignorant, massively bigoted GOP Rep, Chip Roy. Will he be condemned? No. Will the Dems who voted to censure Rashida Tlaib insist Roy be censured? No. Islamophobia is fine." Representative Tlaib, Michigan Democrat and lone Palestinian American in Congress, was censured, or strongly condemned, for her pro-Palestinian statements about the Israel-Hamas war.
  7. i wonder will there be more escelation andtension if the Sayyeda Zeinab shrine was bombed in the process.
  8. Follow 610.9K Followers Israeli strike hits Syrian security building outside Damascus, security source says Story by Reuters • 4h • 1 min read (Reuters) - An Israeli strike hit a building operated by Syrian security forces on the outskirts of Damascus late on Thursday, a security source in the alliance backing Syria's government told Reuters. There was no immediate report of a strike by Syrian state media. The Israeli military said it does not comment on reports in the foreign media. Israel has for years been striking Iran-linked targets in Syria and has stepped up its campaign in the war-torn country since Oct. 7, when Iran-backed Palestinian militants Hamas crossed into Israeli territory in an attack that left 1,200 people dead and led to more than 250 taken hostage. Israel responded with a land, air and sea assault on the Gaza Strip, escalated strikes on Syria and exchanged fire with Lebanese armed group Hezbollah across Lebanon's southern border. The security source said the location struck in Syria on Thursday sat just south of the Sayyeda Zeinab shrine, where Hezbollah and Iranian forces are entrenched. But the source said the site struck was not operated by Iranian units or Hezbollah. (Reporting by Maya Gebeily; Editing by Chris Reese and Deepa Babington) Related video: Reports of Israeli settlers blocking humanitarian aid trucks to Gaza (Al Jazeera)
  9. Contents hide (Top) Biography of Drew Founding of the Moorish Science Temple Practices and beliefs History Toggle History subsection Early history Internal split and murder The death of Drew Ali Succession and schism Nation of Islam The 1930s FBI surveillance El Rukn connection 1980–2000s 21st century Moorish sovereign citizens See also Citations General references External links Moorish Science Temple of America 9 languages Article Talk Read Edit View history Tools From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Attendees of the 1928 Moorish Science Temple Of America Convention in Chicago. Noble Drew Ali is in white in the front row center. The Moorish Science Temple of America is an American national and religious organization founded by Noble Drew Ali (born as Timothy Drew) in the early 20th century.[1] He based it on the premise that African Americans are descendants of the Moabites and thus are "Moorish" by nationality, and Islamic by faith.[1] Ali put together elements of major traditions to develop a message of personal transformation through historical education, racial pride, and spiritual uplift. His doctrine was also intended to provide African Americans with a sense of identity in the world and to promote civic involvement. An organization with headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, claiming to be "the ONLY Moorish Science Temple teaching the full National side of the Moorish Movement",[2] is the Moorish Science Temple, with registered business names of the Divine and National Movement of North America, Inc., and Moorish American National Republic.[3][4] One primary tenet of the Moorish Science Temple is the belief that African Americans are of "Moorish" descent, specifically from the "Moroccan Empire". According to Ali, this area included other countries around Northwest Africa. To join the movement, individuals had to proclaim their "Moorish nationality". They were given "nationality cards". In religious texts, adherents refer to themselves racially as "Asiatics", as the Middle East is also western Asia.[5] Adherents of this movement are known as "Moorish-American Moslems" and are called "Moorish Scientists" in some circles.[6] The Moorish Science Temple of America was incorporated under the Illinois Religious Corporation Act 805 ILCS 110. Timothy Drew, known to its members as Prophet Noble Drew Ali, founded the Moorish Science Temple of America in 1913 in Newark, New Jersey, a booming industrial city. After some difficulties, Ali moved to Chicago, establishing a center there, as well as temples in other major cities. The movement expanded rapidly during the late 1920s. The quick expansion of the Moorish Science Temple arose in large part from the search for identity and context among black Americans at the time of the Great Migration to northern cities, as they were becoming an urbanized people.[7] Competing factions developed among the congregations and leaders, especially after the death of the charismatic Ali. Three independent organizations developed from this ferment. The founding of the Nation of Islam by Wallace Fard Muhammad in 1930 also created competition for members. In the 1930s membership was estimated at 30,000, with one third in Chicago. During the postwar years, the Moorish Science Temple of America continued to increase in membership, albeit at a slower rate. Biography of Drew[edit] Noble Drew Ali Timothy Drew was believed to have been born on January 8, 1886, in North Carolina, United States.[8] Sources differ as to his background and upbringing: one reports he was the son of two former slaves who was adopted by a tribe of Cherokee;[9] another describes Drew as the son of a Moroccan Muslim father and a Cherokee mother.[10] In 2014 an article in the online Journal of Race Ethnicity and Religion attempted to link Timothy Drew to one Thomas Drew, born January 8, 1886, using census records, a World War I draft card, and street directory records.[11] Founding of the Moorish Science Temple[edit] Drew Ali reported that during his travels, he met with a high priest of Egyptian magic. In one version of Drew Ali's biography, the leader saw him as a reincarnation of the founder. In others, he says that the priest considered him a reincarnation of Jesus, the Buddha, Muhammad and other religious prophets. According to the biography, the high priest trained Ali in mysticism and gave him a "lost section" of the Quran.[12] This text came to be known as the Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America. It is also known as the "Circle Seven Koran" because of its cover, which features a red "7" surrounded by a blue circle. The first 19 chapters are from The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, published in 1908 by esoteric Ohio preacher Levi Dowling. In The Aquarian Gospel, Dowling described Jesus' supposed travels in India, Egypt, and Palestine during the years of his life which are not accounted for by the New Testament.[13] Chapters 20 through 45 are borrowed from the Rosicrucian work, Unto Thee I Grant with minor changes in style and wording. They are instructions on how to live, and the education and duties of adherents.[14] Drew Ali wrote the last four chapters of the Circle Seven Koran himself. In these he wrote: Drew Ali and his followers used this material to claim, "Jesus and his followers were Asiatic." ("Asiatic" was the term Drew Ali used for all dark or olive-colored people; he labeled all whites as European. He suggested that all Asiatics should be allied.)[16] Drew Ali crafted Moorish Science from a variety of sources, a "network of alternative spiritualities that focused on the power of the individual to bring about personal transformation through mystical knowledge of the divine within".[16] In the inter-war years in Chicago and other major cities, he used these concepts to preach racial pride and uplift. His approach appealed to thousands of African Americans who had left severely oppressive conditions in the South through the Great Migration and faced struggles in new urban environments.[16] Practices and beliefs[edit] Ali believed that African Americans are all Moors, who he claimed were descended from the ancient Moabites (the kingdom of which he says is now known as Morocco, as opposed to the ancient Canaanite kingdom of Moab, as the name suggests).[17] This claim does not align with scientific studies of human history, such as the genetics of African-Americans and genetic history of sub-Saharan Africa. He claimed that Islam and its teachings are more beneficial to their earthly salvation, and that their "true nature" had been "withheld" from them. In the traditions he founded, male members of the Temple wear a fez or turban as head covering; women wear a turban.[18] They added the suffixes Bey or El to their surnames, to signify Moorish heritage as well as their taking on the new life as Moorish Americans. It was also a way to claim and proclaim a new identity over that lost to the enslavement of their ancestors. These suffixes were a sign to others that while one's African tribal name may never be known to them, European names given by their enslavers were not theirs, either.[citation needed] As Drew Ali began his version of teaching the Moorish-Americans to become better citizens, he made speeches like, "A Divine Warning By the Prophet for the Nations", in which he urged them to reject derogatory labels, such as "Black", "colored", and "Negro". He urged Americans of all races to reject hate and embrace love. He believed that Chicago would become a second Mecca.[citation needed] The ushers of the Temple wore black fezzes. The leader of a particular temple was known as a Grand Sheik, or Governor. Noble Drew Ali had several wives.[19] According to The Chicago Defender, he claimed the power to marry and divorce at will.[20] History[edit] Noble Drew Ali (top center) with Chicago Alderman Louis B. Anderson (to his right) and Congressman Oscar De Priest (left) Early history[edit] In 1913, Drew Ali formed the Canaanite Temple in Newark, New Jersey.[21] He left the city after agitating people with his views on race.[22] Drew Ali and his followers migrated, while planting congregations in Philadelphia; Washington, D.C., and Detroit. Finally, Drew Ali settled in Chicago in 1925, saying the Midwest was "closer to Islam".[23] The following year he officially registered Temple No. 9. There he instructed followers not to be confrontational but to build up their people to be respected. In this way, they might take their place in the United States by developing a cultural identity that was congruent with Drew Ali's beliefs on personhood.[24] In the late 1920s, journalists estimated the Moorish Science Temple had 35,000 members in 17 temples in cities across the Midwest and upper South.[25] It was reportedly studied and watched by the Chicago police. Building Moorish-American businesses was part of their program, and in that was similar to Marcus Garvey's Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League and the later Nation of Islam.[26] By 1928, members of the Moorish Science Temple of America had obtained some respectability within Chicago and Illinois, as they were featured prominently and favorably in the pages of The Chicago Defender, an African-American newspaper, and conspicuously collaborated with African American politician and businessman Daniel Jackson.[27] Drew Ali attended the January 1929 inauguration of Louis L. Emmerson, as 27th Governor of Illinois in the state capital of Springfield. The Chicago Defender stated that his trip included "interviews with many distinguished citizens from Chicago, who greeted him on every hand."[28] With the growth in its population and membership, Chicago was established as the center of the movement. Internal split and murder[edit] In early 1929, following a conflict over funds, Claude Green-Bey, the business manager of Chicago Temple No. 1 split from the Moorish Science Temple of America. He declared himself Grand Sheik and took a number of members with him. On March 15, Green-Bey was stabbed to death at the Unity Hall of the Moorish Science Temple, on Indiana Avenue in Chicago.[29] Drew Ali was out of town at the time, as he was dealing with former Supreme Grand Governor Lomax Bey (professor Ezaldine Muhammad), who had supported Green-Bey's attempted coup.[30] When Drew Ali returned to Chicago, the police arrested him and other members of the community on suspicion of having instigated the killing. No indictment was sworn for Drew Ali at that time. The death of Drew Ali[edit] Shortly after his release by the police, Drew Ali died at age 43 at his home in Chicago on July 20, 1929.[31] Although the exact circumstances of his death are unknown, the Certificate of Death stated that Noble Drew Ali died from "tuberculosis broncho-pneumonia".[32] Despite the official report, many of his followers speculated that his death was caused by injuries from the police or from other members of the faith.[33] Others thought it was due to pneumonia. One Moor told The Chicago Defender, "The Prophet was not ill; his work was done and he laid his head upon the lap of one of his followers and passed out."[34][35] Succession and schism[edit] Grand Sheik E. Mealy El in an undated photo, c. 1928 The death of Drew Ali brought out a number of candidates to succeed him. Brother Edward Mealy El stated that he had been declared Drew Ali's successor by Drew Ali himself. In August, within a month of Drew Ali's death, John Givens El, Drew Ali's chauffeur, declared that he was Drew Ali reincarnated. He is said to have fainted while working on Drew Ali's automobile and "the sign of the star and crescent [appeared] in his eyes".[36] At the September Unity Conference, Givens again made his claim of reincarnation. However, the governors of the Moorish Science Temple of America declared Charles Kirkman Bey to be the successor to Drew Ali and named him Grand Advisor.[37] With the support of several temples each, Mealy El and Givens El both went on to lead separate factions of the Moorish Science Temple. All three factions (Kirkman Bey, Mealy El, and Givens El) are active today. On September 25, 1929, Kirkman Bey's wife reported to the Chicago police his apparent kidnapping by one Ira Johnson. Accompanied by two Moorish Science members, the police visited the home of Johnson, when they were met by gunfire. The attack escalated into a shoot-out that spilled into the surrounding neighborhood. In the end, a policeman as well as a member were killed in the gun battle, and a second policeman later died of his wounds.[38] The police took 60 people into police custody, and a reported 1000 police officers patrolled the Chicago South Side that evening.[39] Johnson and two others were later convicted of murder.[40] Kirkman Bey went on to serve as Grand Advisor of one of the most important factions until 1959, when the reins were given to F. Nelson-Bey.[41] Nation of Islam[edit] The community was further split when Wallace Fard Muhammad, known within the temple as David Ford-el,[42] also claimed (or was taken by some) to be the reincarnation of Drew Ali.[43] When his leadership was rejected, Ford El broke away from the Moorish Science Temple. He moved to Detroit, where he formed his own group, an organization that would become the Nation of Islam.[44] The Nation of Islam denied any historical connection with the Moorish Science Temple until February 26, 2014, when Louis Farrakhan acknowledged the contribution(s) of Noble Drew Ali to the Nation of Islam and their founding principles.[45] The 1930s[edit] Despite the turmoil and defections, the movement continued to grow in the 1930s. It is estimated that membership in the 1930s reached 30,000. There were major congregations in Philadelphia, Detroit, and Chicago.[46] One-third of the members, or 10,000, lived in Chicago, the center of the movement. There were congregations in numerous other cities where African Americans had migrated in the early 20th century. The group published several magazines: one was the Moorish Guide National. During the 1930s and 1940s, continued surveillance by police (and later the FBI) caused the Moors to become more withdrawn and critical of the government.[47] FBI surveillance[edit] During the 1940s, the Moorish Science Temple (specifically the Kirkman Bey faction) came to the attention of the FBI, who investigated claims of members committing subversive activities by adhering to and spreading of Japanese propaganda. The investigation failed to find any substantial evidence, and the investigations were dropped. The federal agency later investigated the organization in 1953 for violation of the Selective Service Act of 1948 and sedition. In September 1953, the Department of Justice determined that prosecution was not warranted for the alleged violations. The file that the FBI created on the temple grew to 3,117 pages during its lifetime.[48] They never found any evidence of any connection or much sympathy of the temple's members for Japan. El Rukn connection[edit] In 1976 Jeff Fort, leader of Chicago's Black P Stone Nation, announced at his parole from prison in 1976 that he had converted to Islam. Moving to Milwaukee, Fort associated himself with the Moorish Science Temple of America. It is unclear whether he officially joined or was instead rejected by its members.[49] In 1978, Fort returned to Chicago and changed the name of his gang to El Rukn ("the foundation" in Arabic), also known as "Circle Seven El Rukn Moorish Science Temple of America"[50] and the "Moorish Science Temple, El Rukn tribe".[51] Scholars are divided over the nature of the relationship, if any, between El Rukn and the Moorish Science Temple of America.[52] Fort reportedly hoped that an apparent affiliation with a religious organization would discourage law enforcement.[53] 1980–2000s[edit] Temple No 9, in Chicago, Illinois In 1984 the Chicago congregation bought a building from Buddhist monks in Ukrainian Village, which continues to be used for Temple No. 9. Demographic and cultural changes have decreased the attraction of young people to the Moorish Science Temple. Only about 200 members attended a convention in 2007, rather than the thousands of the past. In the early 2000s, the temples in Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Washington, D.C., had about 200 members each, and many were older people.[54] 21st century[edit] On July 15, 2019, Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney, as part of a diversity program, proclaimed July 15 to be "Morocco Day". The city mistakenly invited members of the local Moorish Science temple to the ceremony, believing them to be of actual Moroccan descent.[55] Moorish sovereign citizens[edit] Main article: Moorish sovereign citizens During the 1990s, some former followers of the Moorish Science Temple of America and the Wa[Edited Out]aw Nation formed an offshoot of the sovereign citizen movement which came to be known as Moorish sovereign citizens. Members believe the United States federal government to be illegitimate, which they attribute to a variety of factors including Reconstruction following the U.S. Civil War and the abandonment of the gold standard in the 1930s.[56] The number of Moorish sovereign citizens is uncertain but possibly ranges between 3,000 and 6,000 organized mostly in small groups of several dozen.[57] Moorish sovereign citizens, who consider that black people constitute an elite class within American society,[57] are in the paradoxical situation of using an ideology which originated in a white supremacist environment.[58] The Southern Poverty Law Center classifies Moorish sovereign citizens as an extremist anti-government group.[57][59] Tactics used by the group include filing false deeds and property claims,[60] false liens against government officials, frivolous legal motions to overwhelm courts, and invented legalese used in court appearances and filings.[56] Various groups and individuals identifying as Moorish sovereign citizens have used the unorthodox "quantum grammar" created by David Wynn Miller.[61] An article syndicated by the Associated Press states that the Temple has disavowed any affiliation with those responsible, calling them "radical and subversive fringe groups" and also states that "Moorish leaders are looking into legal remedies." The article also quotes an academic who has been advising authorities on how to distinguish registered Temple members from impostors in the sovereign citizen movement.[62]
  10. What is the view on this statement from The Sunni-Shia Divide | Council on Foreign Relations www.cfr.org/article/sunni-shia-divide "Many Christian, Jewish, and Zoroastrian converts to Islam chose to become Shia rather than Sunni in the early centuries of the religion as a protest against the ethnic Arab empires that treated non-Arabs as second-class citizens. Their religions influenced the evolution of Shia Islam as distinct from Sunni Islam in rituals and beliefs."
  11. Al Jazeera Follow 25.8K Followers Across the Western world, public opinion on Palestine is finally shifting Opinion by Othman Moqbel • 12h • 4 min read For a very long time, many in the Western world have not engaged at all with the issues stemming from the occupation of Palestine. The occupation was in the news, every year or so, for a day or two, and then it would go again. It was too “complicated”, those who knew about the context – on either side – were too passionate. So many opted to remain neutral. Many more believed the smears against the Palestinian people. However, the scale and severity of brutality that has defined the past six months of conflict has put an end to the widespread apathy towards the suffering of the Palestinian people. The wall-to-wall media coverage, thanks to fearless reporting from organisations like Al Jazeera and Palestinian journalists on the ground, has opened people’s eyes to the reality of people in Gaza, and the rest of Palestine, have had to endure for generations. At Action For Humanity, one of the leading NGOs working in Gaza and influencing policymakers in the United Kingdom, we have commissioned polling by YouGov and found that 56 percent of the UK are now in favour of halting arms exports to Israel. Only 17 percent are against and the rest are unsure. This is huge. We have been polling the public on conflicts like Syria and Yemen for years and never have the UK public not just been so aware of a conflict, but also feel so passionately about it. Related video: Protesters share their opinions at counter Palestine-Israel rallies (Daily Mail) Loaded: 10.10% Play Current Time 0:00 / Duration 4:57 Quality Settings Captions Fullscreen Daily Mail Protesters share their opinions at counter Palestine-Israel rallies Unmute 0 View on Watch Furthermore, when asked, 59 percent of the respondents said they felt Israel was committing human rights abuses in Gaza – almost three in five people and just 12 percent felt this was not the case. And it’s worth noting this survey was conducted before the April 1 killing of World Central Kitchen aid workers – an atrocity which has horrified the world, even the UK and US governments. We now anticipate, due to the widespread condemnation of this event, that the number of people who realise what horrors are being committed and want no part of it, is higher. Other polling by YouGov has shown that, the longer this war on Gaza goes on, the more people are likely to support a ceasefire (from 59 percent in November to 66 percent in February), are more likely to think the attack on Gaza is not justified (from 44 percent in November to 45 percent in February) and are more likely to want peace talks (61 percent in November to 66 percent in February). And this is a pattern we are seeing all across the Western world. In the United States, the biggest backer of Israel on the global stage, it is not just the administration in the White House that is struggling to attempt to justify the accelerating civilian death toll, the public too are showing disapproval. A CBS/YouGov poll found that in October 47 percent – almost half- of the US supported sending weapons to Israel, this month the number has plummeted to just 32 percent – less than a third, and that support for a ceasefire is growing. We believe that this is the case across the West and now that the overwhelming majority of the Western public are becoming more and more aware of the crimes against humanity that are being committed in Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem, the more people are completely appalled. And even those who once felt the huge civilian death toll in Gaza were justified and realising in increasing numbers that nothing on this earth can justify what is happening. However, sadly, the politicians of Western governments are completely out of step with their public’s mood. Not only is this morally reprehensible, but it is politically shortsighted. The year 2024 has been called “the year of elections”, with at least 49 percent of the world voting at some point this year, politicians who do not realise their publics want them to stop facilitating and supporting human rights abuses in Gaza, face electoral defeat – even if they refuse to face their conscience. Here in the UK, the Labour Party, which many believe will form the next government, have also been behind the public’s growing demand to stop arming Israel – even though our polling found that a huge 71 percent of those who intended to vote Labour at the next election believe the UK government should stop funding Israel. For decades, Western states were able to support abuses against Palestinians with impunity due to public ignorance on the issue – due to people not paying attention to what’s happening, and buying into lies. This is now over, and the horrific way Israel conducted its war on Gaza is the reason why. Humanity, in all its forms, everywhere, is fundamentally good. Most humans, at their core, believe in peace and justice. They know that murdering innocents is wrong. Now the world is paying attention to Gaza, everyone can see what an unnatural, horrendous reality Palestinians are forced to endure, and they want no more of it. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera’s editorial stance.
  12. tell me about it we had unwanted guests come and cause fitnah on eid at the shia center.
  13. Marjorie Taylor Greene's 'Repent' Earthquake Tweet Shakes Up Internet Story by David Moye Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) shook up the internet on Friday by suggesting the earthquake in New York and Monday’s pending eclipse were messages from God to repent. The Georgia Republican took to X, formerly Twitter, on Friday and suggested that there was a higher meaning behind the natural phenomena. She even dropped the G-word in her post. “God is sending America strong signs to tell us to repent,” she wrote. “Earthquakes and eclipses and many more things to come. I pray that our country listens.” Although God was unavailable for comment (probably because he’s focused on picking winners for the NCAA Tournament), folks on social media offered their own takes on Greene’s tweet. Of course, one person noted that God may indeed be sending a message, considering how close the quake came to former President Donald Trump’s Bedminster golf club. Greene’s former colleague, Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.), tried to explain that eclipses are really common, and so are earthquakes, and probably not signs from the great beyond. Others chimed in with their own thoughts. One person responded by blaming the current weather conditions on three of Greene’s most famous gaffes. Others suggested that if God is sending a message, maybe it’s for Greene to “stop being a horrible person.” Another person felt obliged to do a time check.
  14. The Hill Follow 199.2K Followers Number of anti-Muslim complaints in 2023 hit record high: CAIR Story by Miranda Nazzaro • 13h • 3 min read Number of anti-Muslim complaints in 2023 hit record high: CAIR© Provided by The Hill Over 8,000 anti-Muslim complaints were recorded across the nation last year, marking the highest total in the 30 years the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has tracked the complaints. In its report, published Tuesday, CAIR said it received 8,061 complaints of anti-Muslim incidents, surpassing the previous record in 2021, when 6,720 incidents were reported. This number is up 56 percent from 2022, which had the first ever recorded drop in complaints since CAIR started tracking complaints in 1995. CAIR received the most complaints in the final three months of the year and accounted for 44 percent of the year’s total tally, the report stated. CAIR, a leading Muslim advocacy nonprofit group, connected the late-year surge to the domestic fallout from Israel’s war with Palestinian militant group Hamas. The conflict began in October after the group’s surprise attack against southern Israel, which left about 1,200 people dead and saw 250 others taken hostage. About 100 of the hostages were returned to Israel during a weeklong cease-fire agreement in December, and another 100 are believed to still be alive in Gaza. For the past five months, Israel has embarked on a retaliatory military campaign to destroy Hamas, a U.S.-designated terrorist group that has ruled the Gaza Strip since 2007. More than 32,800 Palestinians have died in Gaza since early October, per the Gaza Health Ministry, while hundreds of thousands face depleting supplies of food, water, and medicine, according to aid groups. Related video: “Muslims won’t be affected….” Jamaat president welcomes CAA (ANI Video) Uski notification jari kardi hai. Loaded: 34.85% Play Current Time 0:04 / Duration 2:00 Quality Settings Captions Fullscreen ANI Video “Muslims won’t be affected….” Jamaat president welcomes CAA Unmute 0 View on Watch During the three-month surge in which the most complaints – 3,578 – were received, employment discrimination was the main source of these complaints, followed by hate crimes and incidents, and education discrimination, CAIR noted. The tensions quickly spilled beyond the Middle East in early October, and the following months have seen an increase in pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel protests across the U.S. and other parts of the West. Several of these protests took place at college campuses, with students and administration faced with handling issues of free speech and the language used by both sides. “Employers, universities and schools were among the primary actors suppressing speech by those who sought to vocally oppose Israel’s genocidal onslaught on Gaza and call attention to Palestinian human rights, particularly Muslims, Arabs and Palestinians.” The report referenced the various schools that banned Palestinian-affiliated student groups on campus following the onset of the Israel-Hamas war, along with reports of employers’ not hiring prospects due to their activism for Palestinians. Regarding the total tally of last year’s complaints, immigration and asylum cases accounted for the most recordings. CAIR argued cases can “get delayed or intentionally stalled for the fear of the individual being a ‘terrorist’ or involved in ‘terrorist activities.” CAIR laid out a series of high-profile anti-Muslim incidents, including the alleged murder of a 6-year-old Palestinian-American and attempted murder of his mother in Illinois, nearly a week after the Oct. 7 attacks. The nonprofit also pointed to the Georgia teacher accused of threatening to behead a 13-year-old Muslim student, who said she was offended by an Israeli flag in the classroom last December. CAIR noted last month’s three-month surge also saw a higher number of complaints than in the months following former President Trump’s travel ban that targeted several majority-Muslim countries, which saw nearly half, or about 1,813 complaints.
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