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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. in the late 1970s Mummar Gaddaffi stated to reach out to international groups for support of the resistance, by mid 1980s he saw a potential wing of armor inside the US, with Farrakhans Nation of Islam and With Chicagos Notorious El Rukns Street gang from Chicagos Southside. Savors Day(NOI Annual Feburary event) 1985-6 farakahn introduces el rukun memebers on stage speaking to gaddaffi on a screen via satalite telling them how he wants to use them to destroy white america from inside and recruit former military, minorities and US gangs to join his army. El rukns took trips to libya and was pa
  2. What Shia books or litieture has decrption of Prophet Muhammad, i have heardof the books.Any specefic
  3. Someone told me i caught hell with the non muslims and im going to cachhell with muslims now!! What does this mean? Should i worry, i think it means not get any where with anyone, can some on clarify this meaning? cause they said i caught hell with their womenand my city!!
  4. I heard people spread propaganda about Shia, they said im not Shia because Shia are with satanist and the allow prostitutes and allowed orgies and mutah, that shias uses islam as a cover and are jews, What is the response to these allegations?
  5. i heard of that too, what is the GoogleIT with python course?
  6. Is the Democrats andtheir mnority supportes among the allies of the resistance in America, Do Palestinians and Shias think these groups represent for palestine and Iran and shia cause in general? the Squdad meaning Rashida Tilab, Omer,and cortize.
  7. Iranian warships will be heading to the Atlantic sometime this week Iranian Navy ships could reach the Atlantic by Thursday (msn.com)
  8. Is Bullying people or someone considered a form of persecution or oppression?
  9. Do Shias think hip hop is good or bad? DO someshias support the industry?
  10. lol,oh i thought you were referring to rapper lil durk and his 300 cliq
  11. what 300 do you mean? rappers?
  12. i have a question so in order to count as shirk it has to be in a form of prayer or supllication? meaning onehas to actually belive in some thing sincierly as equal or actually pray to or ina form of an actualprayer or supplicatioright?
  13. so we cant say ya hussain? what if i niyyah is not idoltry but i simply ignorance?meaningnotthinking imamhussain is on thesame level as Allah?
  14. Have any shias heard of the Tijaniyyah sufi order?
  15. (Sorry Mods,Admin,Hammedeah, i hate to get thisoff my chest but hear it goes. As i notice when i get on muslim websitesand schalar websites(on and off sunni,/ shia ect) i get the shaft,i get ignored, looked over and even rudley unanswered!!!! Even on Sunni ai get sublimminally mocke, attacked and madefun of,What did i do wrong im not taken seriously, some body plays onthe phone when i call mulanasand shaykhs sunni and shia. Iget made of foolof,this isnot real islamto me!!!Im innnocent! Some man from london mocked me indirectly and said i dont know how to pray properly and say th
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