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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. as salaam alakim!!!!!!!! If US/Isreal went to war with Hezbullah or Iran in a major war, would Shias be called up for jihad? What abour Shias in the west? Woud there be a defensive jihad?
  2. as salaam alakim!!!! I know that in Sunni hadiths it says if you break fast out of forgetfulness or accidently, you keep fasting and that doesn't count as a broken fast. What do Shia hadiths say? is it the same way?
  3. as salaam alakim!!!!!!!!! Is This a sign of Imam Mahdi? If the US and Iran do go to war or have a conflict, will it Mean the rise of the Imam(عليه السلام) if our time? or the sufany rises?
  4. as salaam alakim!!! are there any Shia duas or prayers against black magic and shir or against evil people?
  5. as salaam alakim!!!!!!!!!!! The Shia center is all the way on the otherside of town. I could go by bus but it takes almost 1hr 30 min! I wanted to go there to break my fast and go to the programs there. What should I do?
  6. I take meds for scizo-effective disorder, I have to take two times a day once in the morning and once at night.
  7. as salaam alakim!!!!!! As the holy Month of Ramadan come closer, should I fast on medication? like taking them before dawn? What happens if I have to take them in the morning? I did that last year, I wonder what are some opionion is this. Any Marjas?
  8. I don't think it woud be a good idea, democtatic party supports haram things
  9. as salaam alakim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see this symbol with Shia all the time,I wanted to know more about it, I heard its used in middle eastern culture, What is the Shia view of this
  10. as salaam alakim!!!!!!!!!! Somebody in my community thinks I apostate and some say I did, they have no proof and this was an outrageous accusation!!! Some say I left because I didn't go to the masjid for a while, then I became Shia. They still accuse me to this day, Btw my community is mostly Salafi/Wahabbi/Brotherhood. I get slandered everywhere, the removed my from a marriage site that was Sunni for no reason. They treat me different and even ganged up on me with non Muslims, saying my prayers are bad(when I was salafi!),they even claimed I didn't know the shahadah!!!But these are mostly salafis and brotherhood. They were talking a bout when I was salafi but they hare me even more,and some one told them I was Shia, and they said it didn't matter!!!!! Mod Note: @Lion of Shia You have replies below.
  11. as salaam alakim!! are Canadians better then americans as far as nice and friendly people and tolerant of Shias and Muslims?
  12. as salaam alakim!!!!!!!! What is the Shia opinion of the New age movement, I heard they are mixed with sufism,I also heard there preparing for a one religion,one government and one economy. I heard they mix occult with sufism and eastern religions, what is the Shia view on this!!!
  13. as salaam alakim!!! Im trying to follow Shia,but im still confused! for I am a revert, to Shia,but I still go to Sunni mosques, im trying to stay Shia but I keep being questioned as far as my Shia belief goes, the I feel the old maulana doesn't accept me and questions my Shia Islam, I admitted that I went to a Sunni mosque, but im still Shia, he probably thinks im suspicious, and is finding faults, I need some advice from fellow Shia, what should I do in this situation?
  14. as salaam alakim!!!!!!!!!!! What is the Shia view of bullying?
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