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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalamu Alikum, InshAllah, there will be an extensive workshop on salaat Dec. 2. Special consideration was taken into account for those who will be blessed to go to Hajj this year. Is it very important that we know how to recite the words properly and know how to perform our wudu and all other rituals. Below is information regarding the Workshop. We humbly ask everyone to register with us as soon as possible. We need to know how many people will be attending to make sure we have the proper rooms to accommodate everyone and also be able to provide everyone with necessary handouts. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Wasalam. In the Name of God Most Gracious Most Merciful Dear Respected Brother or Sister, Assalamu Alikum Prayer Workshop Date: December 2nd, 2006 Time: 10:00 a.m.- 06:00 p.m. Location: UofM Fairlane Center / South Entrance Room Number: Area D Lecturer: H. Bahar Al-Uloom ·Please do register in advance so we can get an accurate number of attendees to prepare the material. ·Anyone who is not registered will NOT be admitted. There are no fees or charges. ·Deadline for registration is Monday November 27th, 2006. ·Register by calling/emailing o Hajjah A Hammoud (313) 903-5955 o L. Fawaz (313) 903-3133 o N. Hammoud @ mafhh2001@yahoo.com Purpose: Purpose of this seminar is to educate people on the objectives of our daily prayers and to help us understand the rules that govern our daily prayers and the other obligations. What do I need to bring with me? We ask that you come prepared with: ·Pen and paper. ·Light refreshments will be provided. What will the program look like? ·We will begin the workshop at 10:00 a.m. and continue until noon prayer. ·After the prayers you will be given about an hour and half break for lunch (if possible bring a bagged lunch with you that would preserve more time for the workshop.) ·Then the workshop will continue after the lunch break until 6pm in which we will be ending the workshop with congregational prayers. What will be addressed? ·We will provide a variety of commonly asked questions regarding our daily prayers. ·Please visit www.fabonline.com before you attend the workshop, you may find the posts to be very helpful. ·It might also be helpful to us if you can look over the questions and provide us in advance with some questions that were not on the forum. This will give us the opportunity to have the answers available to you during the Workshop. If you have any other questions or comments please feel free to email us at mafhh2001@yahoo.com Thank you. Salam Alikum Islamic Advancement Sessions
  2. (bismillah) Salammmmmmm, Wow, sis Maryam, Alif Mabrook! That is awesome!!!!! I'm so happy for you and the other two sisters. InshAllah you go and come back safely. May Allah(swt) accept all your prayers. Who knows maybe we'll meet up there...;). Best of luck again. Mwahh. Wasalam.
  3. (bismillah) (salam) Mabrook to AIM for 3 great years. InshAllah, with AIM's dedication and commitment AIM will be around for a very long time to come. I personally look forward to the emails that AIM sends out on a regular basis about updated topics on their forum. I think thats a great benefit to many of us who dont have alot of time to always browze through all the forums. Since I dont live in London, I"m not quite sure exactly what type of services AIM provides to their community. Maybe you can enlighten us with some projects that the AIM team has worked on. And maybe AIM should consider "branching" out to other communites outside of the UK. Or maybe work on collaborated events, websites, etc.. What might also be very nice is if AIM can dedicate an entire website on Imam Al Hujjah(atfs). Sort of like a sister site to AIM, full of graphics, speeches, hadith, quranic verses related to Him(atfs), dua section. Just my humble opinion...:). Keep up the good work. May Allah(swt) bless all those who have a hand in making a difference. Wasalam.
  4. (bismillah) (salam) Sorry for the late replies. I've been a bit busy. Wow, I don’t know where to begin! I guess I’ll have to address our dearest brother Dhulfiqar’s replies first…:) I don't at all intend to toot my own horn here by saying this, but I have to say it by way of introduction: anyone that knows me (and there are quite a bit of ppl on the forum who know me personally as well) can testify to how honest I am and how I ONLY expect honesty in return! I’m all about constructive criticism as well. So now that, that’s clear let the reply begin…:D. Brother Dhulfiqar what upset me about your comments in regards to this post…” Many of the people from Dearborn stayed at home because it was the "same ol'" people they've been hearing (almost on a daily/weekly bases). I guess they wanted to see more variety (which I suggested as well). When this was brought up at the evaluation meeting the next day this issue was brushed aside.” was the fact that the individual whether intentionally or not still spoke about the evaluation meeting, in the neg sense. Because those very concerns were brought to my attention just before the conference, during, and after by someone. And during our evaluation meeting it was not “brushed to the side” as they made it seem. As I told the person and reassured them that the next conf will def bring diversity (if Allah wills there to be another one) in terms of speakers. And when it was “brought” up it didn’t get the attention that person felt it should, and that was only because it had already been discussed in great detail amongst a few of us. And there had been quite a bit of other volunteers who honestly are clueless to all the “politics” in Dearborn and abroad. Their sole intention in helping with the Zaman org was purely to serve. Personally, I didn’t want their minds to be “poisoned” by all the garbage that surrounds us. No, I’m not implying that they shouldn’t be aware of their surroundings, but when it was brought up most of them could “care less” and didn’t see the need for it to continually be discussed (even when the meeting ended, I brought it up again with the one’s that had stayed and they said, they don’t want to know about it) Again, it’s because they were there to do their part in helping. And they realize that Zaman is a new org with diff mission and vision. And I have to comment on what brother DaSouljah said, “I think Zaman as a charity group is much more successful than it is as a "conference." This is very true, for years a few of us have been trying to have a conference on the Imam of Our time but kept facing many obstacles and we really never had a place to “house” it. It wasn’t until Zaman Interntional came into the fold that provided us with that great honor and opportunity. So the conference was only part of what Zaman as an org was willing to provide for individuals, inshAllah. The conference should in no way, shape or form, take from the true essence of what Zaman’s mission is…and that is to be a “trustworthy organization dedicated to the many needs of humanity through time honored principles of social justice such as equity, equality, opportunity, education, economic relief and the continued enhancement and advancement of the human family. And as the slogan states, Zaman, Hope for Humanity! We tried extremely hard to bring diversity into the speaker line up as I had indicated in a previous post. But things didn’t work out. And as an organizer of the conference, I’m the first to be the most critical. I have voiced my concerns and my constructive criticisms. I know where the shortcomings are and inshAllah next time would be better…:) In regards to the “Dearborn ppl” akhh, that’s a whole new playing field..lol. Dearborn as a whole carries a lot of baggage. And to be quite honest with you when we first started to plan this conference Dearborn was never a focal point for us in terms of attendance! We were really hoping to get more ppl from out of town than in town, and Alhamd that objective was achieved. We had about 200 ppl who attended the conference that’s not including all the volunteers who were present as well. Our objective was never about producing large quantities of attendee’s, it was about educating the people about our Beloved Imam(atfs). So if even ONE person walked away feeling fulfilled and inspired and renewed their commitments to Sahib Al Asr(atfs) than alhamd, that’s how I personally define success. And so far the feedback has been great. We are receiving a lot of emails from individuals who have said such things as, “We had a great experience. My wife during our return journey asked me - can we move to Dearborn? The conference was very professionally organized and was very enlightening. For me it was a new lease of life. All the speakers did a great job.” Another person wrote…”I just wanted to send you my thanks and regards for the wonderful conference you held. I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from it. Another…” In my eyes it was a great success for all muslims, and also hopefully for non-muslims as well.” These were just some of the things ppl were saying, so Alhamd Wa Alif Shukr Lillah that ppl were able to benefit from it in such a way. Once again forgive us for our shortcomings. InshAllah we can view all the replies as a way of improving ourselves. It’s time to move forward and embark on different endeavors. There is A LOT of work out there that needs to be done. Take care and God bless. Wasalam.
  5. (bismillah) Salam Brother Dhulfiqar Whats all that talk about giving up??? Did I imply that?!?! I was just wishing everyone success, boy you sure are skeptic... :P. Regarding your humble advice, I can honestly say that, that thought personally didnt cross my mind! Something that I will pass on to the Core Committee for next time inshAllah. And regarding this comment..."I mean it doesn't make sense to have a conference about Imam al 'Asr (a) without inviting atleast one speaker who can speak about the greatest move towards the reappearance of our beloved Imam (a)." With all due respect, what makes you the authority on whose more qualified a speaker or not? I ask that question with sincerity...:). Wasalam.
  6. (bismillah) Salammm, Thank you everyone for the support and kind words. InshAllah, Allah is accepting of all our works. Sis YaMa3soumeen, InshAllah it will all be taped and put in DVD format! I'll let everyone know when they are done...:) Hey ShiaChatters, make sure you identify yourselves, hmmm, maybe write SHIACHAT on your name tags.... :D Sis Iman, thanks for your support, habeebtee..... :wub: Bro, Akhi, I forgot to tell ya, when I tried booking your ticket they told me that your name was on the most wanted list in London and hence you were not allowed to leave the country!!!!!! Yikes, what did you do?!?!?! So I did what is expected of any Muslim and I gave the authorities your home addy and numbers. :shaytan: "Maryam's holding an open house hijabis garage (turned extra living room) tupperware party." Dont diss the garage living arrangements.... :mad: I'm up for a tupperware party when the confy is over... :P "Why was this conference scheduled at the same as Muslim Congress (when this will be MC second annual)?" Sighs, its no wonder why we as Shia's can never be successful. This conference has been in the works for over a year. The dates were finalized ages ago. I was personally part of the planning committee since day one. We took everything into consideration. The Muslim Congress objective is completley different than the "While We Wait" conference! Not to mention that are at opposite ends of the Country! So I really dont understand why all the "neg connotations" whatever happened to giving your Muslim brethren 70 excuses! As for ISNA, again, they have a completely different target audience. Oh well, Allah Kareem, InshAllah all these conferences will be successful in raising awarenss of their intended objectives. Wasalam
  7. (bismillah) Salam, Awww, those last pics.... :wub: . May Allah protect them all and increase them, Ya Rabb! Ws
  8. (bismillah) SAlam, Thank you all so much. But I had already tried those links as well and the pics arent clear enough. Bro, Follower, is your pic an actual picture?? Thanks all. Wasalam
  9. (bismillah) Salam All, Can anyone provide me with any pics, links, etc. of Masjid Jamkaran? I need it to be a very good quality high resolution pic. It will be used as a back cover for an event book. So I need it in color too! I've tried google searchs of images and thus far no luck...:(. Plz help. Many thanks in advance. Wasalam. Labaik Ya Mahdi
  10. (bismillah) Salam Bro Dhulfiqar, Just a lil FYI, we had many other great speakers in mind such as: Sayid Hussein Nasr Sayid Rizvi Sheik Arif (london) Sayid Musawi (london) I heard from a reliable source that he's not allowed to travel to the USA so we didnt try to contact him. Dr. Takim Brother Hassanian Walji Many others. But for some reason or another they were not able to join us this weekend...:(. But InshAllah, as time permits through ZamanInternational, we will be holding many various programs etc. and we'd love the honor of having them be part of the guest speaker line up. As for the current line up, they are highly regarded and respected group of alims/people who have had a postive impact on this community and other communties as well...:) If you havent had a chance to look over the topics plz do so, you'll come to find that they are very diverse and each speaker will be presenting their topics in different ways as well, inshAllah. It would be nice if you reconsidered...:). Take care. Wasalam (bismillah) Salam, Sis Path, if theres anything that you need from us to help make your still comfortable plz dont hesistate to ask...:) Look forward to meeting all the Shiachatters...:D. Wasalam.
  11. (bismillah) (salam) Bro Ya Aba, jazakallah for the kind words...:) I'm looking forward to meeting everyone. Just a lil FYI...we have teamed up with the Hyatt Regency for all of our guest speakers. And I inquired today if our out of town guests would be entitled to the same rates and they told me that they will be. So if anyone is interested plz PM me and I will give you further information. If anybody needs any further information that is not available on the website, plz feel free to PM me as well. Wasalam Labaik Ya Mahdi (atfs)
  12. (bismillah) Salam, MashAllah sis, I love it! May Allah(swt) bless you by allowing you to serve the Imam(atfs). Would it be ok if i printed it and had some kids read it at a program in honor of Imam Al Hujjah(atfs)?? Please let me know. Wasalam.
  13. InshAllah by tonight the childrens schdule will be posted on the website. Please take a few minutes to ck it out later. We have very qualified sisters who will be teaching the children. Most of them run the local Sunday School program at our center. So they have alot of experience. There will not be swimming so no need for a life guard... :D Some activites will be outside. Incase of rain alternative activites are being prepared. As for nose bleeds and organice napkins.....We do have a registered nurse on staff... :D (im not joking) But im sorry you'll have to provide the organic napkins. And incase of dire emergencies....Henry Ford Hospital is 1 min away...:) I hope I was effectively able to answer all your questions. Please don't forget to sign up for the conference...:). Wasalam.
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