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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. As I lay in this chair blissfully unaware of things to come futures untold where I will truly be bold and speak of things though my heart at rest and rest does the throne of You I quiver at the thought that I should associate my heart with your throne though kings who rule the heavens who have decimated cycles of thought amongst people and people who have conveyed silence through their stillness I still wonder is there still much to implore where my tears are about to roll for people who have died before oh Lord Lord of the heavens who understands that which all your believers reprimand to understand that there are multitudes of such who understand You very much and love You as I do but there is so much fear and suffering and difference in such though when you bring your believers by whatever means will I see that all is not what it seems where I truly wish to say seam and stitch something of a cunning to release my mind of what it knew before of knowledge, wisdom, timing, galore where I knew of no galore and knew who to advise and endear implore You to confide in and to You to run to for I stopped in my tracks and remembered to medicate for my medication was something of a trying case for cased is my mind until you release and unto the release the release of such beasts of words which inspire which dice which complete a cosmic revolution of such upon the heats of the feet of men and women who dare to revolutionize the world from fears from those who truly hide and unto the worlds do we rise and unto the worlds do we strike and to the destinies called do I call upon the Muslims and upon the believers who truly do fear You and unto their calling I seldom rely for cry after cry I call unto You to raise the levels of imaan to those who know know that power is for Him and Him alone though know we are wondrous upon the heavens as the kings above for the clouds do guide us and we fly with white doves for truly the calling of Allah is upon us all and through the gates is there a truer calling for unto the Lord of the Heaven do I beseech for the followers of Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) know this much times are arriving rise for the Imam rise for your love rise not for risers are those who desire war and war is a destitution upon those who understand the calling of the Imam for those who understand justice of higher accords understand that which necessitates the bounties of their Lord, unto Mercy, unto Servitude for the keys of Heaven are revealed upon such a time and unto the Lord of Time does the Imam of time bestow travel to those who understand such consequences of thought, higher integrity unto the philosophies of men and women who understand the passages of time, the paradigms of time, for paradigms are understood unto those who understand the necessities of passages of time, and unto the nature of time which confines, will it burst.
  2. cutting trees is nice cutting sorrows in half is nice too I would like to borrow some money some time money is made from trees and they sorrow when they're cut sorrow is made when money is made aghast my payment has passed what of these bills and other duck bills in the lakes of tranquility where the go quack quack at the thought of bread aghast my daily bread where I must earn such an amount and mount cliffs like the man in the inspirational poster truly I will become a man I say, I say aghast an ideal for no ideal is better than one's own true personage where eyes are full of light and true for no eyes are true until they are blue for sorrow bestows wisdom as forbearance heightens clues to some sort of certainty for gracious is You for gifts are a plenty and plenty is the gift of bread for the ducks in the lakes of tranquility where they go quack quack Allah you are our true Majesty
  3. Certainty about logic. Certainty about love. Though subjects pertaining to such are not well discussed until the servitude to one's parents has been accomplished. For love endures logic and logic bestowed before love is prone to discern other aspects of life. Regards, Ahmed
  4. Certainty is something that Muslims aspire to and many attain. (And I just realized this is in the 'Atheism/Other Religions' section, hehe. Sorry I don't know how to delete this post). Regards, your brother
  5. Salaam alaykum and OMG welcome back XD!!!!!!!!!! (I don't know you masha Allah hugs ) Your brother, Ahmed
  6. I inquire upon the necessities of angels I inquire upon the necessities of men who rule the hierarchies of this world who rule by months, years, generations whose generations have been ruled upon family ties family ties who necessitate the nature of order as nature orders its creation and sublimity throughout the ordinances of time as time ordains that nature becomes what it shall with its essences for its essences are not like the essences of men and women who rule upon this world for as angels are there upon the night to understand the fates of the year to come so do those on Earth decide that which shall be done in the future it is an amalgamation of sorts which cannot be denied though the heavens are high and that which are the highest are the sights and sounds of the angels for their sights and sounds are of the highest as the sounds of the angels are of the highest which cannot be perceived though those on Earth who reveal what they shall to their own understand accordance and power through legacy and heart ship for guardianship is ordained for yours trusted and of those who understand the legacies of families who are brought into power powers who guide powers who give hope powers who sustain not for you sustain though sustained through the hierarchies of what people cannot perceive for their perception is of a necessity upon this Earth for they promulgate the necessities of vibrations upon the Earth and upon a healing do we consecrate the necessities of kingship upon a new trial and upon the new lands will we understand that destiny is upon the characterized folk of common good and common wealth shall return and that which is the heavenly bounty shall return with the true rulers of Agrabah. for You are our protector and those who inherit your land are those who follow the paradigms of this time for they are in the hierarchies of time for they have slowed down in time and appreciated You for You bestow nature to us and in nature are signs for those who are natural in conduct understand the best of faculties of proper knowledge and unto Your grace do we follow you
  7. I consequence to know of things unknown through the past which left souls undone and into the sun I flew without wings and into the skies of light I flew with kings a nightmare and heaven of sorts where limbo left me perplexed and vexed unto virtue and everlasting energy left me at the reigns of turmoil and death was close at my feet a number of times due to unknown consequences, unforeseen consequences of healthy choices that would inevitably ruin my body though truly they were mechanisms of foul play and every three days I would come alive again and these three days were the happiest days of my life I would live these three days time to time after recovering from a day with destiny and then I would return to the nightmarish world which was my life not knowing up from down not knowing left from right though you could say I knew direction quite well I was literally moving yes but the limbo which surrounded me was much like a mist in a spiraling tunnel walking in I would lose all sight and gravity and be at the mercy of the wind and there were no signs there were absolutely no signs because all the signs that were present were the vitality of life I was living the torments and the excruciating pain of living the excruciating pain of living I wished for death multiple times though I was brought back to the reality of comfort by the grace of intuition I regained the family that I had before and unto peace would I find myself though the chariots of fire and the kings in the heavens often now do I wish to venture into such adventures again though foolish I am for they were nightmarish journeys though they made me who I am today tonight is the night you die again perchance the chariots of fire will take you to the heavens again though expect hardships as well as glad tidings for light bestows sight and sight bestowed through suffering is such that no one would want to endure what you have I'm selfish for thinking no one's endured harder though if I could unravel a tapestry of criminals whose crimes I have heard and witnessed seldom few would wish this life seldom few would wish for knowledge seldom few would wish to know things though they watch television eyes are upon you eyes are upon us eyes are upon them everyone watches everyone else this life is not a life this life is a prison and yet my soul is free do you feel the rhythms?
  8. voids of darkness consume the light bestow the light upon those who fright and invite those who understand the light to the darkness within for within caves do we dwell and do we dispel knowledge upon those who deserve for dwellings are such that you will be tested upon the night and upon the nights and upon the days where we were made of clay not for perish the thought that we should ever bestow upon a power of such to such a creation, though know of our creation we bestow what we shall to whomever we shall and upon the rise of the night do we desecrate the valleys of sin for sin is a valley and treacherous are those who lurk within the shadows and crevices of the valleys where the shadows roam and within the hearts of the believers is a light a light which carries, a light which tarries not from fear for fear of he is the best of fears and the clearest of sights are those who plight not upon the fears of others for power is a bane and unto such power decimated in the fractions of the world do we unite the world unto a unification and a bounty unseen in history for legacies have past and unto generations to come does the resonance of beauty of foresight arise unto a future true
  9. when it all seems to come together and you realize that those who realize their genuine goodness are part of a larger picture in life they realize and I realize that all has not been realized until you come together and when it all seems to come together and you realize that those who realize their genuine goodness are part of a larger picture in life they realize and I realize that all has not been realized until you come together and when it all seems to come together and you realize that those who realize their genuine goodness are part of a larger picture in life they realize and I realize that all has not been realized until you come together but why go in circles in life? life can be an adventure and not all adventures are full of merriment adventures can be full of torture adventures can be full of the unknown experience adventure by yourself and you may know what bestows across the rivers of tears some reward in experience some level of forbearance some culture I'd like to settle for some comforts going in circles in life I would never ask for an adventure through thrust upon me I felt some thorns of this dimension where humiliation was felt and seen here and there in a raging fury of life where I went as a horse through flames in front of me as if flames were in front of me I wake up every day and sometimes I see black flames in my eyes I no longer have my real eyes though they did realize some truths or some delusion I clear out my eyes with my fists and sometimes I see pixelated blue welcome to the dimensions of robots may all your dreams come true I saw spiraling gold at one point I saw stars in my vision at some point I wonder of them I wonder of people I wonder of jinn though I wonder I truly wonder of all the realities bestowed upon this world and upon a crevice in time where all will be revealed in this world though who would care to know if you didn't care though you would know then you would be blessed to know I suppose it's a necessity of life to not be arrogant like myself though I suppose I deserve to be arrogant it's one of those dimensions I suppose I need to cross before entering one of humility for those with certain sights see beyond those of humility in a dimension that encourages such comportment and I hate it but there's power in it and do I dare to journey with those who adhere to angles in life where real talk is submissive not to their behavior and their behavior in life I suppose it is not befitting for a Muslim to do such things though such people exist such stars exist such celebrities exist such politicians exist such influencers exist where words carry through the heavens with a power and force I desire and I feel completely at the mercy of such thoughts though I know that passing phases and perception will exist and no true agreements can be met forever in this world I suppose world peace will never come but justice on this Earth as much as it can be done everyone has their sense of justice and everyone has a perspective and I want Islam's justice but compassion, sigh, relating to people what a chore go on the world stage and you'll find everyone doing their part on television it's there what else is there to say the end
  10. oh woe is me woe is me I burnt the cheese in the oven again say cheese! they say as if thinking of cheese would make me smile sustenance glory story I need something to fill this void! attention yes attention! attention students we are going on a field trip a field trip to Agrabah where we'll see Aladdin and Princess Jasmine I love jasmine flowers the ones that smile nice that is life is like a box of chocolates you never know which one you're going to get it if you don't stop quoting others! be original they say be yourself just be yourself ah community life the joys of people the joys of companionship the joy of saying joy joy is a word so is absurd bird bird bird I love blue birds though they are quite loud a bit after Fajr they must not like being blue... though I wonder of my complexion sometimes it's brown sometimes it's fair stomps up and down life's not fair! mommy I want a cookie! well you can't get everything you want in life remember roses are red but violets are blue and if you don't eat this breakfast then fooey on you! mother knows best! now Rapunzel let down your hair I'm in a hairy situation looks left and right here, take this package and deliver to 123 Suspicious street and don't tell them I gave it to you and don't tell them who they are either too many crazies around here crazy is as crazy does *but* slaps teaching stick on the green board did you know that madness is a dimension of thought where hierarchical bounds remain and unto the fame of you will you understand that there is nothing more greater nor grand in rhyming in such manners at hand is a grand travesty of yore such are the ways of witches and goblins who eat bananas to go bananas and write and write and write and make no sense such is the way of NONSENSE! I DID NOT EAT THAT LAST PIECE OF PIE! HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE ME! I'LL SUE! Oh by the way this is Sue! How do you do?! Nice to meet you I'm Mary! Oh wow a coincidence! Serendipitous woo ha... the end.
  11. Regarding chess: Calculations to destroy your opposition who in actuality is your dearest friend can foster something of a trial for you in the unknown chasms of your mind. I don't know how much credence you can take from that statement, but I think it sounds logical (then again I'm a space case so take it with a grain of salt if you'd like). As for horse racing (sigh), some people just get into the details too much that they forgo the big picture and the wisdom behind prohibitions, which affects their judgment and akhlaq. Regards, Your kookie brother, Ahmed
  12. sometimes I think of you and I wonder where you are knowing you're in my heart thinking you'll explode my heart I wonder of suns and seasons and I wonder of passing light and I wonder of what may come through the frightening nights though owls portray their talons and rotate their heads much I wonder at the elves in the bush who shut my heart up at one point only realizing that they shut my heart for a due reason unknown to me though I return for a reason unknown to me I returned back only to fear words though only you're worth fearing I took up solitude too long and was forced back tears though I wonder of you and people wonder of you some people seldom wonder of you and others wonder of you all the time and there are those who are paralyzed by you as if death has come immediately -- sing songs of time and die before you die for death is a caller and those who dream of thoughts know not wonder for wonder upon wonders decimate slumber for your true wonder decimates awakening of desire and desire not for truly your calling is something of splendor though risers know of your true blessing some times things are really telling and when you know that you are true Allah will come after you and try you try you try you fear fear him truly think him dear back and forth its maddening though madness rings as people wear them on their fingers thoughts of you will always linger as I see there is no brighter future than with you my Rabb
  13. There's a good TED talk on this subject.
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