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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. according to what I hear, clothes should be loose fitting and not transparent That is quite hard , looking at the outfits available for modern western women. But i like the way you do your hijab
  2. good topic. I have learned how beautiful it is to be woman. I have one question who are stronger, men or women?
  3. i like your quotes. I have been a fool all of my life and still trying to control. pray for me . I dont think I am wise yet. it is true that men should also treat inferiors right

  4. what if you wear hijab but have very bad manners? would that scare people away from Islam.
  5. I am in same situation. I change from elem. ed. to something else
  6. well, I have a rich , older sibling who is inordinately full of anger, yelling , taunting and meanness towards me. Whenever I make mistakes, ........I fear her/his wrath.like a servant fears master. it may be due to my past mistakes, a failure to bond or simple jealousy. Older ones are supposed to be very kind to younger ones. What is my responsibility to older siblings?
  7. If labor and birth is this traumatic, intercourse must be harder? i think everything is harder the first time . I am guessing.
  8. okay I will go to nettiquette will his companions have women in them?
  9. passing a watermelon? but the birth canal is supposed to expand right?
  10. please vote be honest, immediate responses. be honest
  11. why do you have to remove the wisdom teeth???? PS: I thought these were good for you, or are they not?
  12. (bismillah) I am looking for a tafseer for the dua called 'makarimul akhlaaaq' I read the duaa but dont understand what it says because arabic is not my native tongue. does anyone know?[/size]
  13. (bismillah) I heard that Lady Maryam did fasting of the tongue. what are the purposes and benefits of this act? It s also mentioned in holy qur'an. i think. I am very quiet myself so want to know about it
  14. (bismillah) dURING THE TAWAAF, THE men and women are together circumbulating the kaaba is nt this supposed to be haraam according to Islamic sharia because men and women should never be toghether? How is this issue addressed during hajj and umra?
  15. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE the imam will re appear? ofcourse i know it will be somewhere in the middle east but WHERE EXACTLY?????????? i WANT AUTHENTIC HADITH TO SUPPORT THE ANSWER PLEASE . :Hijabi:
  17. it is true that marriage is recommended and being unmarried means more chastity on the part of muslim. Both are hard and require absolute patience and shukr/iman. If you get a chance-- you are encouraged to marry. If not, be chaste. simple. both have sawaab. both have struggles. both are jehad. But only god knows what is in the hearts of the believers and he is the best helper Just like Bibi maryam , remember
  18. yes. i think it is ok for parents to spy on kids because some kids can be very tricky and a stitch in time saves nine.
  19. why the islamic nikah is wajib to be in arabic language?
  20. [b]Thankyu but the above mentioned website is not in english so i can not read the ahadith please advise
  21. (bismillah) salaams from shaista. I have not seen you for a long time. How have you been. I Like your signature from www.zwani.com Be safe and May Allah protect you. take care.
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