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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I have an agnostic professor who was never raised and brought up with any religion background. Infact, he asks ' what is sin?'. he was never told that there is a god, now he finds it hard to believe there is one and now he is 50 years old. Now, if my agnostic professor chooses to acknowledge that maybe god does exist, then does he need to believe in him as well ? I told him that if he acknowledges god's existence, then by not believing him he is rejecting his communications and therefore, ignoring him. Trust me, no one likes to be ignored, not even god. SA
  2. (bismillah) " Have you heard about gem therapy? " Did you know why the prophets used to wear aqqeeq (agate) and feroza (turquoise) gemstone rings on their fingers? Did you know that agate gem was the first stone to declare tawheed (oneness) of Allah? do you believe in gem therapy and does it really work? how? wear Ruby- for dignity and serenity wear emeralds -for getting rid of lethargy, more concentration How can stones tune your spirit nto oneness with god? (wasalam)
  3. please say agree or diagree and why
  4. so you mean god lied to nabi ibraheem?
  5. do you have sheikh jehad's email address? I have heard his lectures and I want to ask him a question about the sunni concept of justice compared to the shia concept.
  6. do you think the sunnis are wrong or right in the concept of justice? nabi Ibraheem (as) was asked my God to kill his own child nabi ismael (as) . agree? sunni concept of justice is : because god said do it, it is good, god said dont , it is bad shias: it is bad, so god says dont do it. it is good, so god tells you to do it. then why nabi Ibraheem was told to kill his own child if we know for sure that killing is a bad thing. killing is bad, because god said"do it" it became good. so, sunnis are right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shias are right too, I am not saying shias are wrong, but they must get more metaphysical.
  7. exactly that is my question.. what is the difference between a neymat (blessing) and a rehmat(mercy)?
  8. Has anyone heard of the hadeeth that goes" daughters are mercy from Allah and sons are a blessing" so can anyone please explain to me what does this mean to me as a future parent? thankyou all
  9. I was unsure where to post this topic, but then I realized it has to do with North America, USA. so here: would you send you child or children to a public school or to a private school? and why? I have heard alot of bad things about public schools so I wonder about others too. jazakallah khair.
  10. have been atending the majlis programs for 10 yearsand since I was little child. However, recently I have done some critical thinking as to how we spread the message of Imam Husayn(as) to ourselves , or children. If you were allowed to make one change to the way we do azadari, what would it be? May Allah bless you abundantly for your efforts in azadaari and in helping fellow mumineeen
  11. WOW, I did not know that "laundry "also needed to be done in halaal way.. ? so what is the haraam way of doing laundry, can anyone please guide me?
  12. recently puchased some Haggen Daz ice cream and it said on the box that honey bees are disappearing. Has anyone heard this? any more information on this ??as to why the bees are disappearing.??? The consequence will be severe because-- there will be no more honey on earth, and the quran says that honey is a medicine (I don't know the exact ayat and surah) .If anyone knows the exact ayat, please share. thankyou and may Allah reward your efforts in this world and the next world. Also, as an idea: can honey be made or manufactured articially?
  13. keep us posted. or kkeep me posted atleast. :-) by the way, what does your husband say in all this?
  14. ithink it is time to tell them . remember salman farsi? companion of the holy prophet Moh's (saw)? he was son of fire worshippers from persia. read hs story and get strength to tell your parents nicely . dont yell at them please.
  15. ok. I am wondering . this shia chat forum is very good and it is free , but who sponsors it? who pays the webmasters, moderators, and general upkeep and running of the site? from which coffer do these funds come from? the KSIJ funds? or donations from anonymous members? pleasse if someone knows the answer to this question, dont hesitate. pls. don't reply jokes, or nonsense otherwise i will report to the moderator immediately. i am serious iwant to know how these free forums are sponsored, run and funded. and from where, who is behind it? :yaali:
  16. but isnt that najis because they are open idolators.??
  17. I tried teaching fulltime, All I remember was standing on my feet all day, shouting, yelling because i have a very soft voice and repeating myself all day , because the children are so innocent. rewarding but ..very exhausting....9- 4 pm monday to friday :Hijabi: :yaali:
  18. i am not sayin it is impossible for mahdi, i am just thinking HOW????????????

    imagine..you are in his shoes...

  19. noooooooooooooooo i am not saying it is impossible i am just saying can you think of ways of HOW???
  20. can we eat food or buy pre packaged food from an indian grocery store owned and operated by Hindus from India?
  21. only 313 people will give allegiance and he will then rule the whole world and fill it up with justice? HOW on earth is that possible?????????????
  22. yes. older siblings does not mean they have rght to abuse you, especially when they know they are in a position to abuse ,taunt,be angry and everybody is on their side.... well.... ;-(
  23. so does that mean we can not eat food that is made in India and packaged and imported into the USA. such as rasgullas, ginger paste, garlic paste sold in local indian grocery stores in the USA, canada..etc what does the marja say about this??
  24. I guess i am not motivated enough.....well is that my fault? (wasalam)
  25. (bismillah) as you all shias know, music is haraam. now if you live in west, music is normal and considered part of faith. so when you go grocery shopping, like to buy water, food, supplies we often have to enter places where music is on..sometimes the tunes are inviting and sometimes the lyrics are catchy. how do you avoid being attracted to the music which your conscious knows is haram. your intention is not to listen to it, your intention is to buy neccessary things for your family, so is it sin or not? and what other ways to avoid falling into that sin because that shop is maybe the only place near to your home where you can buy things for family or good sale. please advise, only good answers accepted . all others will be reported to moderator. if no replies then i will ask marja -e-taqleed. ok.
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