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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. those pictures will help the police to get them iA. I was on the train when I heard some youths say WALLAHI I'll sell them (they were sharing pictures on their phone of things that had been looted by others). what the hell... This is out of control. I hope they bring in the army.
  2. I was just joking.

  3. I'll get my shovel LOL. I kid I kid.

    Im glad my efforts were appreciated, next time I wont be so kind (j/k)... At least your breaks were cut short though, ey.lol.

    Anyhow hope you finished your paper...

  4. I wish my cat did that. I think I'll have to train her into praying.
  5. Half the responses on here I would have expected to see them more on a wahabi forum. Anyways who cares if shes a model. There are many muslim girls who work as models, on top of that there are many muslim girls who act like models when taking pictures or strutting down the street. Just because shes doing it out in the open she's singled out from the rest. From the clothes shes wearing, alot muslim girls dress like that on a regular everyday bases, but because she is a model she is suddenly doing it for the attention or to be admired. At least she is earning a living from this, what is said abo
  6. I dont blame him for laughing. If an edited video is used to make shias look bad, then I feel sorry for the editors. Laughing is a better response then swearing or shouting so good on him.
  7. Look up al_islam.org LOL, why dont you tell him about the 14 infallibles! youve got to start reading some where.
  8. Yeh because weeping and grieving only happen on shiachat. Ofcourse you must have physically gone to some shia mosque to see who they were weeping about over there.
  9. Im sorry but SO WHAT. The last time I checked jews and christians are still known as people of the book. But then again so are muslims so there will be similarities and influences. By the way what jewish influence because I cant see any references that are from jewish religious books. All youve quoted is the Bible. I dont know what rib Abu hurraira is talking about. But as for the Bible. The Bible was first written in Hebrew. The word rib in hebrew is tsela which means side.
  10. Thought: I wish my dream would become reality...
  11. cancer the emotional sign, I mean over emotional sign *guilty* lol
  12. lol, you should have been like "how about you pay for the minute" Charge per minute. Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. My thoughts
  13. Still a cancer, I wouldnt mind being a Gemini
  14. apples, oranges, banana's, grapes and strawberries
  15. thought: Death will teach you the lessons you never thought you'd learn. Ah, good ol' life.
  16. Thought: The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  17. Im going to say go short. Bobs are very sleek and cute. http://www.sodahead.com/living/how-do-you-wear-your-hair/question-266606/?link=ibaf&imgurl=http://www.celebrityhairstylesnews.com/shorthairstyles/jennymccarthy.jpg&q=sleek%2Bbob
  18. First of all impressive research, well-done! I just want to raise a thought. Prophet s.a.w Married 595 AD Imam Ali a.s is born 600 AD (Before Imam Ali a.s was born The Prophet s.a.w and Bibi Kadeeja had lost two son’s) Revelation 610 AD (Al-Kulayni saying this) He )صلى الله عليه وآله وسلن( married Khadeejah when he was twenty and some years old. His children from her before his revelation (as a Prophet) were Al-Qaasim, Ruqayyah, Zaynab and Umm Kulthoom. His children born after his revelation were Al-Tayyib, Al-Taahir and FaaTimah )عليها السلام( . It is also narrated that he had no children af
  19. I wouldnt use it I'm acrophobic. So it puts me off
  20. I wouldnt do a top up for a four hours flight, my flight was over 9/10 hours. I would have only done the top up going there. Coming back not as much, nothing good about leaving your holiday destination behind. I flew out on an american airline. (as I booked late) I totally forgot about the muslim meal. Luckily for me in the normal meal had two options either chicken or pasta (no meat)... meat snacks I just gave to the people sitting next to me...
  21. AGH man, Im minimising my list to the kitchen. Why do you hate 3d?
  22. Im surprised at BA. thanks for the heads-up... I recently flew out a month or so back, I noticed you can actually top-up your seating to first class for less then 100 pounds... do you fly out a lot?
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