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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. when they already know there is war going on, why there was no security at roza ? how the roza got in hands of wahabis? thats my first concern......
  2. its good that you people make fun of your own faith, so we outsider dont have to waste our time....good keep it up :D
  3. normal thing, such erruption happens on SUN 24/7 365 days....All praise to Allah for his beautiful creation.
  4. ALI ibn ABI TALIB (salwaat on him and his rightful progeny Ameen) is/was most capable person to handle dawah matters after Muhammed(s), but people with slavish mentality didnt let him lead ummah.....

  5. it means my son is law shud get the inheritance not my father in law correct?
  6. it is better for ummah that even prophets could sin, coz if we take them masoom, it is impossible for mortal like us to follow there example. regarding jesus, I have to go through bible and many other texts to exactly find out if he ever committed any mistake, but he use to get angry that is for sure. but it is clear that if one prophet can commit mistake or sin, all prophets can, and none is masooom other then Allah.
  7. (bismillah) current zarih was installed by teyyebis 4 years back, now new zarih is constructed....looks good http://www.payvand.com/news/12/sep/1255.html
  8. if this story is in bible, does it means Christians dont believe all prophets are masooom?
  9. please use your common sense, If I have open some thread it means I am looking for answers, and its fard on all muslemin to sek knowledge. any ways if all prophets are masoom. then how adam did mistake? how mosa killed a man? how yunus went in stomach of fish? why nuh had to repent for seeking dua for his son?
  10. (bismillah) I am not sure if this case is true or false, but if this is true then in no case prophets are masoom, and btw from where did we get the idea that prophets are masoom? coz I havent came accross to any ayat yet which says prophets are masoom. if u know any let me know. "Sulaiman was the king and had 1000 wives/concubines. his wazir had one wife who was very beutiful, Sulaiman once saw her, some stories say while she was bathing and some say while she was on roof. Sulaiman hatched a plan and send his wazir to a far off land in a war where he could be killed and sulaiman can marry the
  11. if u find some thing on this issue please email me on helpingneedywithdivinehelp@gmail.com
  12. (bismillah) http://dawn.com/2012...ericans-survey/ comments are just too hilarious
  13. (bismillah) taking interest is haraam and is very clear..... but any of quraan ayats prohibits giving interest? ps-please provide reference from quraan only. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** I have booked BMW 3 Series Petrol 2012 328i and there is no way for me to purchase it on cash unless and untill I pay EMI, which will involve interest. :cry:
  14. PLEASE THIS IS SERIOUS..... QURAAN SAYS TAKING INTEREST IS HARAAM, NOW HOW DOES MUSLIM AND NON MUSLIM CONCEPT CAME IN? I was about to open a thread about this issue, what does quraan says about giving interest? I am doing some research on it, but yet not getting the thing I am looking at. I need help with these thing. 1) does jewism and christinity also prohibates giving interest? 2) does quraan exactly prohibits giving interest?
  15. what advertisement am I doing? any ways let the admins do there job and correct me if I am ever wrong....thankyou. and if possible do clean you posts as I have stated in my PM. avoid posts on my threads so that I dont have to reply u in future. yes I am quite kind :lol: enjoy....
  16. wait let me get this correctly, u mean sistani says I can take interest from non muslim but not from muslim?
  17. I thought off topic is just for light stuff....and why do u even bother to click on my topics? lol I have ignore u long back, but as u keep replying on my threads I have to read ur non sense as well. this is my ignore list so far :) you are most welcome to ignore me as well..... ;) actually all thrash is at right place so dont worry :lol:
  18. Ali Huzaifa

    Barfi !

    (bismillah) just watched barfi, this is exactly my town life :lol: wallahi its just too much fun here.... it seems I just wasted 7 years workiing for multinationals....I shud have come to this town before. (do not click if your marja says music is haraam)
  19. I just noticed u have been saying these things on other threads as well, as a muslim u shud know its a grave sin to accuse another muslim without a proof or logic, u shud be sorry for your idiotic comments,accusations and assumptions. :)
  20. my bangladeshi brother I am really amused with your IQ, do u really think I am here to generate traffic for some website? hahaha those websites are not mine, they are just mere trading records of mine....
  21. is there any need for such survey, I mean on average woman form these region are of 5.5 height.
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