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  1. when they already know there is war going on, why there was no security at roza ? how the roza got in hands of wahabis? thats my first concern......
  2. its good that you people make fun of your own faith, so we outsider dont have to waste our time....good keep it up :D
  3. normal thing, such erruption happens on SUN 24/7 365 days....All praise to Allah for his beautiful creation.
  4. ALI ibn ABI TALIB (salwaat on him and his rightful progeny Ameen) is/was most capable person to handle dawah matters after Muhammed(s), but people with slavish mentality didnt let him lead ummah.....

  5. it means my son is law shud get the inheritance not my father in law correct?
  6. it is better for ummah that even prophets could sin, coz if we take them masoom, it is impossible for mortal like us to follow there example. regarding jesus, I have to go through bible and many other texts to exactly find out if he ever committed any mistake, but he use to get angry that is for sure. but it is clear that if one prophet can commit mistake or sin, all prophets can, and none is masooom other then Allah.
  7. (bismillah) current zarih was installed by teyyebis 4 years back, now new zarih is constructed....looks good http://www.payvand.com/news/12/sep/1255.html
  8. if this story is in bible, does it means Christians dont believe all prophets are masooom?
  9. please use your common sense, If I have open some thread it means I am looking for answers, and its fard on all muslemin to sek knowledge. any ways if all prophets are masoom. then how adam did mistake? how mosa killed a man? how yunus went in stomach of fish? why nuh had to repent for seeking dua for his son?
  10. (bismillah) I am not sure if this case is true or false, but if this is true then in no case prophets are masoom, and btw from where did we get the idea that prophets are masoom? coz I havent came accross to any ayat yet which says prophets are masoom. if u know any let me know. "Sulaiman was the king and had 1000 wives/concubines. his wazir had one wife who was very beutiful, Sulaiman once saw her, some stories say while she was bathing and some say while she was on roof. Sulaiman hatched a plan and send his wazir to a far off land in a war where he could be killed and sulaiman can marry the women. After some time two businessman comes to him with a matter for his decision, one of them said that this person has 1000 horses and i have one but then also he wants to take mine, Sulaiman says this is wrong and as soon as he says that two businessman reveal themselves that they are Malaikat sent by Allah to make him realise his mistake. Sulaiman did toba for his sins after that." Adam to Esa all did some mistake or may be we can call sin, now how does the concept of masoom came in? all educated and sensible Muslemin are invited to discuss.
  11. if u find some thing on this issue please email me on helpingneedywithdivinehelp@gmail.com
  12. (bismillah) http://dawn.com/2012...ericans-survey/ comments are just too hilarious
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