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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I ALSO DO TAQLEED OF FADLULLAH. HE *ALLOWS* (BUT DOES NOT ENCOURAGE) COMBINING PRAYERS ALONE AND IN JAMAA'A. but of course its best to pray each prayer at its faDeela time + in jamaa'at... which lebanese and iraq shia usually do... basically the shias who are not influenced by iran. IN ARAB MOSQUES THE AZAAN IS USUALLY GIVEN 5 TIMES LOUDLY
  2. MY CONVERSATION WITH A SISTER ABOUT FADLULLAH V/S SISTANI'S AND KHAMENEI'S INFLUENCE FROM A SISTER: Salaams, hey thanks for the comment on my wall, it was interesting... but i noticed that you sent comments also to [NAME REMOVED]... i dont think thats a good idea because he is sunni, and it might cause problems because people take it the wrong way.. could u delete the comments on hatems page so that it doesnt cause sectarianism. ME: i have been told by the sheikh of my masjid that [NAME REMOVED]has no problems with shia and it also seems unlikely that an englightened man like him will be close-minded. salaam SISTER: no one claimed that [NAME REMOVED] was closed minded.....but to propogate shia messages on his wall.....might upset some sunnis that are looking for excuses to disrupt sunni shia unity efforts......what is your purpose of placing such messages on his wall? ME: i think that putting up such messages might show real shia'ism to everyone... instead of them thinking of shia'ism as a culture of mourning and cursing. SISTER: real Shi'ism is not made up from a bunch of fatwas from random maraja. The concepts you pasted are actually negated by Ay. Sistani and Ay. Khamenei, so what really is Shi'ism? Fatwas are diverse in both camps. It is best to spread dawah by example, than to impose on other people's walls a message from different shi'a scholars which won't change anyone's mind about antyhing. ME: when i quote something i always make a reference that it is by fadlullah. i feel irritated when some one writes the fatwa of his sheikh without mentioning his name which makes it look as if its the official fatwa of the sect. thats why i always take care to mention fadlullah's name. i think putting up something like the speech of Fadlullah where he quotes and comments on the statements of the grand mufti of saudi arabia and the sheikh of al-azhar (in egypt) who said sunnis and shias are both muslims, that will enhance unity, even though these 3 are not the only muslim scholars in the whole world. i think if the only reason there is peace is because everyone is totally silent, then its a very superficial peace which will be disrupted at the first opportunity. i am thinking of putting up a very moving statement of fadlullah where he says that "our sorrow is one, and our destiny is one" and that its not permissible to curse the sahaba because it hurts muslim unity and he also quotes hadith of imam ali where he says "i hate for you (shias) to be cursers... its better for you to, instead of cursing them, describe their actions and explain their situation, so that the truth may become distinguished from ignorance" SISTER: if you say a fatwa is given that cursing of sahaba is forbiden, it implies that some shi'as are cursing sahaba. You must realize that you do not go to Berkeley, and don't know the dynamics here. Please focus on wherever you go. The Shi'a leadership here follows the ulema and the guidance of the late Imam Khomeini آ® to promote unity here. If you think you know better, please do so at your own university. Please remember that not everyone follows Fadullah, and he is not a widely followed member of the ulema, and therefore his fatwas are not what people are looking for to see what the views of the Shi'a are. Sunnis view the fatwas of Seyed Sistani and Seyed Khamenei to know whats going on in the Shi'a world. Seyed Fadullah only represents a minority opinion. What school do you go to by the way? ME: first of all, as for shia cursing the sahabah, this is very well known fact and trying to hide it is not going to do any good. from what i have noticed, Fadlullah gets more coverage on Al-Arabiyya (primary Saudi channel) than any other Shia scholar, and he has been interviewed hundreds of times by Non-Shia Arab magazines and channels. Can you tell me even one time Khamenei or Sistani has been interviewed by any Non-Shia Arab magazine? How many times have they mentioned Sistani or Khamenei except when they were trying to make the Shia look bad? Fadlullah's base among the arabs is very strong. he is actually more popular among sunnis than he is among the shia. believe it or not, some sunnis also do fadlullah's taqleed - an honor which i don't think any other shia scholar in entire history has had. If some people dont know him, to me that shows their ignorance, not his lack of influence... which is much greater than sistanis, primarily because sistani likes to stay in his classrooms or pray whereas fadlullah is very extroverted and actively takes part in society and focuses on the PRACTICAL PAINFUL problems facing the ummah... and he is also the ONLY ONE out of Khamenei and Sistani (and i am sure most other Shia scholars, if not all others) who is a member of the central association of Muslim scholars in the Arab world. the reason why here in the U.S.A he is not known as much he should be is because most of the centers here are helped by iran (by providing free books, and by helping with the initial setup of the mosques) which promotes the views of khomeini and khamenei. as for sistani, he is famous because he is the most widely followed in iraq, and as for people in the west, a lot of them follow him because his rulings on food and a few other things are relatively easy. the reason why fadlullah doesn't have even more HATERS among the mourners and cursers is because his fatawa (or maybe even his name) are hardly known in the indian subcontinent, indonesia, and not really in iran either. fadlullah's following is strongest among the RATIONALISTS and HUMANITARIANS (who are in the minority as to be expected). by the way, u said "The Shi'a leadership here follows the ulema and the guidance of the late Imam Khomeini آ® to promote unity here." unity among the shia? or unity among all the muslims? perhaps you are relieved by my not mentioning Fadlullah's name in the latest post on [NAME REMOVED] website. will mentioning khomeini's name be pleasing to you? Salaam
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