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  1. You have mentioned that now you are a 28 year old - how dependent are you on him in terms of finance, overall taking car?
  2. Neither fiat currency nor cryptocurrency represent a fixed amount of a tangible commodity, e.g. gold, silver, wheat, barley, dates. Therefore both are two faces of the same coin as it were. All the gains and millionares being made through this means many will also have to lose. At the end of the day investors are investing in fiat dollar and interested in returns in fiat dollar.
  3. Any of you guys tried DNA ancestry tests that are getting popular these days?
  4. Could someone please provide translation of Mulla Bassim Karbalai's new latamiya linked below? It sounds like strong poetry so would love to understand better. Many thanks in advance.
  5. Jawad Naqvi, a solid scholar no doubt. Not agree with some areas of his political ideology but I have learned a great deal listening to him and listen to almost every lecture of his.
  6. For general fitness, you do not need a gym -unless its mighty cold outdoors- and nothing beats running/jogging. Some (older) folks find that straining so they do fast walk instead which is easier on the knees. Do either of these two for 30 mins followed by 10 minutes of stretching ( and if you are up to it then include sit ups, push ups in this 10 min of stretching). Above can be your fixed schedule (for as many days in a week that you can achieve). You can top it with any other activities that can have your heart pumping. Also top it with smarter eating choices and you will find yourself a whole new, rejuvenated man.
  7. Bashir Najafi's stance has been the same for as long as I have seen/read him. Several other marja e taqleed hold the same view so people that are against blood-rituals need to tone down their opposition to these rituals. I personally, for myself, do not see much value in these rituals but out of respect I am careful not to do/say anything to hurt sentiments of my fellow believers.
  8. If there is two gods then there must be 'division' between them to separate them. If 'division' is strong enough to hold either god from entering it then it is 3rd god in itself.
  9. One saying of Imam Ali in particular comes to mind (one that really motivates me), where Ameerul Momineen says that (paraphrasing); "Knowledge is attained not but through hardship". It is a beautiful and a powerful saying of Imam Ali and I hope some other member can post the actual saying.
  10. Salamun Alaikum, I was paraphrased a hadith that emphasizes on commemorating Ashura in the place where one resides I.e. the village/locality/city. Anyone able to guide in this matter, please. Shukran jazeelan.
  11. I believe 'Marbles' has extensive knowledge on the subject. So will be good if he add comments here.
  12. A fit, healthy body is sunnat of Mohammad o aalay Mohammad and good for everybody regardless of any age or stage of life one is in.
  13. Perhaps first you need to ponder on 1,000 proof -that are a lot more clearer and direct- of Rasool Allah declaring Ali to be his successor and guardian over the nation?
  14. It is a concoction. Uthman is in that list and was responsible for death of Abu Dhar may Allah bless his soul. Umar is supposedly in the list and had ordered potential chopping of head of Ibn Awf when later was part of shura council and also part of so called "promisdd paradise".
  15. there are bagful of contradictions in aqeedah of Sunni model of successorship to the Prophet saww and that is in addition to the fact that such concept/s have no backing from the Holy Quran and/or Seerah. Sunnis know this well and therefore generally are igonrant of important historical facts.
  16. All of this happened because of one man, Mohammad bin Abdullah pbuh. And Umar bin Khattab disobeyed him and even opposed him on several important occasions.
  17. Quran, the whole book, puts forward a single concept of leadership and authority - one that is God given.
  18. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters in Ankara that it was "not possible to continue the peace process with those who threaten our national unity and brotherhood". (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-33689660) Talk about what he has been saying about Syria for the past 4 years!!! What liars these people are.....
  19. Would the deal really materialize and progress be made further than just signing? How do you people analyse Syed Khamenei's sermon yesterday?
  20. Can some one please share link of beautiful nasheed used at the end credits of this ddocumentary? Reciter is Hussein Akraf but I do not know the track. Thanks
  21. Its not confusing if we use term used by Ahlulbayt to define these characters, I.e. Nasibi. They can be found within most schools of Islam even an atheist oriental researcher can be a nasibi. Saudi grand mufti clearly has proven himself to be one in the past. His opinions should be ignored anyway because he is nothing more than his "king's pet".
  22. Rest assure time and age and today's political landscape means there is little or no option to stay aloof from politics. Because choice is either to stand up and fight or else get ready to face humiliation/annihilation.
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