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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. happi belated bdai...may you be blessed with a hppy long life =)

  2. Slaams,

    I just realised that your my friend! :D

    How are you brother/sister?

  3. Interesting article: makes the point that people who 'promote freedom of women' by banning them from face coverings, are basically wrong becos 1) women who want to wear it, won't leave the house 2) women forced by their families, won't be allowed to leave the house. Therefore it will add to restriction of movement of women by preventing them from wearing protective clothes that allow them freedom to leave the house
  4. This is coupled with a great deal of discussion of how women's faces are such beautiful temptations that men are going to sin just by looking at them, and how such looking leads to even greater sins. None of which I buy into. It is patently false that seeing women's faces (or any other part of their body) will drive men wild. Millions of American men prove this every day. It is also patently unfair to ask women to shoulder the burden of men's problems with objectifying them. Sarkozy's proposed ban, then, will not impact the women who are most likely coerced into wearing a burqa. Ironically, while protecting women from men, society or themselves is not a valid reason to ban burqas, it may well be valid for society to protect itself from the institution of face-veiling. There is a case to made for banning face coverings on the basis of public safety. Beauty of Concealment and Concealment of Beauty by Sister Dr. Zahra Rahnavard And now that you have accepted Islam as a system of life and an Ideology, Also accept hejab, And under its vitalizing dress recreate yourself and get a new life. With this bold negation have no fears. What do you possess which you are afraid to lose, Except a personality crushed under the load of thousands of years of contempt and chains which have hindered your movement, your journey, your flight to new heights? It's nothing! It's nothing! The legacy of this history made of rogues, The corrupt and cruel regimes of two thousand and five hundred years with autocratic and bloodthirsty leaders and enslaving economic systems, And thousands Of years of religious despotism swayed by the traders of faith, How all these elements have changed you, your sex quality, your culture, your feminine character and your capacity to work! You are nothing ! Your are nothing ! But a woman who adds passion to bed, A doll which through its characteristics weakens determination, A commodity found in abundance in the private chambers of rulers and the common street harems, A domestic prisoner who from morn till night is put to drudgery in the isolated portions of the house and busies herself toiling, A slave who in lieu of minimum wages by her labour brings maximum profits to the landlords and mill-owners, Or rots in the expanse of the bureaucratic establishments, And lastly in every institution of a decadent society, in one form or the other, is despised and exploited. Of course, this is what has been imposed on you. The dirty culture they have framed for you, The income they have fixed for you, As if throughout the history all its autocrats and rogues, with hundreds of sabres drawn, have made you their target. Come and seek shelter in Islam and be safe, be strong, be armed. With what ? With its laws, its universal outlook, its anthropology. Yes, with Islam in toto, including indeed, its hejab system. Now that you have accepted Islam, also accept its dress, and throw away this cultural yoke of female exploitation imposed on you. Which dress ? What type of dress ? Do we mean the dress which has been imposed on Islam by feudalism or Capital ism with the help of the tyrant rulers, With all those restrictions, contempts, but of course with an Islamic form Or a prison, a cloth which alludes to the large prison of house, society and your history ? What difference does it make, whether it is a (head) kerchief, a loose garment or a chador, under which you may suffer unlimited contempt ? Where you may be free to do whatever you like, dress yourself as you like, think as you like, even be more anti-Islamic than any infidel, be devoid of belief in God, or be without any cover ? No, never! The free and unrestrained dress of the imperialist, capitalist or colonial systems, which places you uncovered before the eyes of the people, stupefying the brains, weakening the intentions and negating the higher values, Or the Marxian dress whose limits are so much indefinite and incomplete that it cannot change into a protector of your total features, into a complete revolutionary base against the decadent systems and values of atheism, sex, beauty and pleasure. No, no! None of these dresses, but only the Islamic dress to the extent it Is prescribed by the Islamic ideology which humanizes and liberates man. It has no special form, no particular colour, neither black, nor yellow, brown, blue, red or orange, No, all these details are to be determined by the requirements of time, even social, economic, political conditions and specially the indigenous culture and tradition of your own land. It is not a prison ? Then, what is it ? It is a sanctuary of concealment and chastity. It is a message. It is a weapon, or a stronghold. A sanctuary of concealment and chastity which not only shields you in its cover and hides your physical features and bestows upon them perfection. Your characteristic features, after all, are not confined to body and sex alone. But it also covers the divine substance of your being a woman, The substance which bestows upon you the capability of being a mother, a sister, a beloved spouse, The substance in whose bosom the most admirable values are produced and become meaningful, A sanctuary which protects you from all sorts of disgrace, contempt and exploitation, Disgrace and contempt which are sometimes contained in the covers of praise and admiration in the verses of poets and pieces of vain artists, and sometimes on the tongue of the street vagabonds, while at times they are expressed and analyzed with the help of the capitalistic and imperialistic sociology, But how naively you have pleased yourself with such disgrace! Islam, however, introduces with this dress for you some other criteria for your identity. After all Islam does not demand beauty from a woman. It does not ask for an illusive appearance. In the society, it does not demand the physical, sensual and feminine features. No! No! ==================== <B>"I'm the girl from Baghdad," says Ban, who spoke on condition that her last name not be revealed. "They look up to me." "Fear is only in our minds. But it's taking over all the time. You poor sweet innocent thing, dry your eyes and testify." At first, her friends made fun of her skull-and-angel sneakers, but soon they bought Converses too. Even her sister Dina, who had decided she was religious and enjoyed wearing head scarves, wrote "life" on one shoe and "death" on the other. Dina decided to help Ban create her new style. Other girls ridicule their skull rings and spikes, but Ban says her rivals secretly copy them. She giggles and calls her enemies "Hakimus," a playful reference to the Hakims, one of Najaf's most famous religious families. </B>
  5. Its WAL MART was target after Mrs Obama's visit. 2 dead , some injured as posted. Baghdad is more peaceful then these SUPER & DUPER CAPITALS.
  6. There will not be any question of 1st or 2nd if both were married at the same time, same night to the same guy as last in Multan. Now both brides are happy, no1 is jealous of other one. It depends how husbands make fair judgement in giving equal rights to anyone. Pakistani girls sing wedding songs during the wedding ceremony between bride Humaira Qasim, center right rear, and groom Azhar Haidri, unseen, at midnight Saturday, Oct. 16, 2010 in Multan, Pakistan. Haidri, a 23-year-old Pakistani man, plans to marry two women in 24 hours, gaining national attention for his novel solution to a dilemma over wedding the woman he loves or going ahead with the marriage his family arranged. Haidri next ties the knot with Rumana Aslam, center left rear, with whom he fell in love, in another wedding ceremony.
  7. The word moon (Qamar), is used exactly 27 times in the Quran together with its derivatives. This number is equal to the number which is the moon's ecliptic cycle around the world. (We mentioned the Quran's description of the moon in the 15th and 16th chapters of our book's first section). The Quran indicates that both the sun and the moon are based on calculation. (Gracious, 55) The sun's and the moon's definition in terms of mathematics is interesting and these words in question are mathematically coded in the Quran.
  8. Do you work in a lab!

  9. As you described the efforts in searching, shopping, procuring, wrapping, folding, pinning, why don't accept the easy and traditional hijab/veil as shown.
  10. Built in 1964, Domodedovo is located 26 miles (42 kilometers) southeast of Moscow and is the largest of the three major airports that serve the capital, handling more than 22 million people last year. It is generally regarded as Moscow's most modern airport, but its security has been called into question. The airport insists security is one of its top priorities, saying on its website that its "cutting-edge operations technology guarantees the safety of passengers' and guests' lives." It says 77 airlines offer regular flights to Domodedovo, serving 241 international and national routes.
  11. By SAAD ABDUL-KADIR, Associated Press Saad Abdul-kadir, Associated Press – 51 mins agoBAGHDAD – A car bomb killed six pilgrims Monday in the latest deadly attack on Shiites headed to mark religious rituals in a holy Iraqi city, police and hospital officials said. Authorities said 13 people were wounded in the morning blast in a parking lot where the car exploded near busloads of pilgrims on the outskirts of Karbala, a city 55 miles (90 kilometers) south of Baghdad. A second bomb was discovered nearby and dismantled before it could explode, police said. The police and hospital officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release the information. Monday's attack followed a triple suicide bombing last week along two highways leading to Karbala that killed 56 and wounded at least 180 — most of them Shiite pilgrims.
  12. Zukhro, an employee of the city zoo, walks with Vadik, an 18-month-old male lion, on the territory of the zoo in the capital Dushanbe, Tajikistan, January 20, 2011. Credit: REUTERS/Nozim Kalandarov Zukhro, an employee of the city zoo, walks with Vadik, an 18-month-old male lion, on the territory of the zoo in the capital Dushanbe, January 20, 2011. Employees take the lion from its cage to have a promenade along the territory two times a week while holding a piece of meat to attract Vadik's attention so it walks nearby. Reuters.utils.addLoadEvent(function() { Reuters.utils.loadScript("sJSON","/assets/multimediaJSON?articleId=UKRTXWVVZ&setImage=290&view=25") });
  13. so do u mean they are unemployed house wifes? I have noticed house wifes are more efficient then the ladies, working outdoor.
  14. So Detroit became another Karachi and Washington is looking another Baghdad. <LI class=" ">Gunman shoots 4 officers inside Detroit precinct<LI class=" ">Walmart shooting leaves 2 dead, 2 deputies hurt US First Lady Michelle Obama speaks in Washington, DC. Michelle Obama enlisted the help of supermarket giant Wal-Mart on Thursday as she ramped up herfight against the scourge of childhood obesity in the United States.(AFP/Mandel Ngan) I hope Zardari and Karzai's Multinational Forces will soon liberate Obamas Washington.
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