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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Haha....what..why? But to comment, all I will say is that I hope and pray Syria returns to its previous glory as a bastion of Arab modernity and moderation and inshallah all the terrorists who are striving to create chaos and promote agendas meet their necessary fate.
  2. Very sad, astagfurillah. Do you by chance have the link or news report from where you found this...I want to share it with a Burmese friend of mine.
  3. Healthcare in the US has a lot of problems which needs to be fixed....but much of it is due to a general population that actively kills itself with smoking, drinking, poor diet, and lack of exercise and then expects a broke system to shell out thousands of dollars for the latest and greatest in med care, while their broke and lazy a**es pay nothing.
  4. .....man, you hit the nail on the head with this! So much was sacrificed on the world stage and political platform in the name of muslim unity and trying to help our Muslim brothers.....but I can honestly not even think of ONE time where a Sunni country gave support to a Shia country, group, or citizen. We need to unify and strengthen our own base until we are untouchable and unbreakable and can exemplify to this world with true Islamic morality and power is (not the Al Qaeda and Wahabbi BS everyone sees across the world as representation of Islam).
  5. Where did you hear that depression is considered "haram" as that would be hard to believe? I could understand that unreasonable sadness over trivial issues would be seen as ungrateful to God, but is true depression considered a sin as that could be due to neurochemical imbalance? For the OP, Medically: How long have these symptoms been going on for? Longer than 6mths? Longer than 2yrs? What do you feel is the more prominent feature: the anxiety or the depression? When you get anxious, do you have associated feelings of your heart racing, body sweats, shortness of breath? What are the triggers that set it off? I would agree that it may be best to consult a professional as you could potentially find some relief with medication or therapy. Religiously: Remember the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon you. Try to listen and read quran whenever you feel you are getting anxious as it will help to keep you calm. Remember that this life is temporary and to not fret about the things you can not change but focus on the akhira! Wish for you the best ;)
  6. This is spot on. It is maddening when people start screaming that RAW or Mossad orchesterated these attacks and all big conspiracy. That is such an easy way out from addressing the real problem and pointing the blame at the real devils responsible for this - the Takfiri/Wahabi element that has diseased that country. Honestly, I would say that the targeting and hatred towards Shias in Pakistan at the moment is far worse than whatever happened even to the Ahmadis/Kadiyanis who were flat out labeled as Kufar. So it is all just politics then and "playing the game"? All that talk of empowering the Ummah (and particularly Shias) was just all hot air? I understand Iran has their own issues on their plate right now and a lot to deal with - I get that. But it just baffles me that even now when I look on Iranian news and PressTV there is literally like NO news about what happened in Pakistan (there was one short article yesterday hidden below a bunch of others). Yet however, if some takfiri Palestinian had broken his arm or gotten bit by a misquito, it would be front page news on every Iranian newspaper with big flashing lights and rallies across the country would have happened. I just don't get it. Not trying to be adversarial but would love to hear the thoughts and comments by some of my Iranian bros/sis about this and the general feeling towards Pakistani shias in Iran?!
  7. True...dont know to much about him, but from what I was able to find out I believe it would be more accurate to say he is a Deobandi. But honestly in my eyes, for all practical purposes, deobandi = salafi/wahabbi.
  8. Jazaks bro...just trying to say it like I see it. Bro, though I understand what you are trying to say about "turn the other cheek," that is not and will never be the solution in Pakistan. Over the years, I have realized that (for the most part) Wahabbis are not like you and I or any other rationale human being - they are literally like uneducated dogs that will keep killing and barking until everyone is dead. And I would 100% disagree with you that our leaders taught us to sit idle and do nothing. What was the stand of Imam Hussain (ra) if not one of the GREATEST examples of standing up against tyranny. No one is saying eye for an eye or that because they bomb or murder civilians that Pakistani Shias should do the same in return. NO, pakistani shias need to quit squabbling amongst themselves and unite and then address these terrorists in a civilized and ethical manner that punishes those responsible (never innocent civilians on either side). I will fully admit that this is all easy for me to say having been born and living comfortably in the US, but having family in Karachi and visited many times, it boils my blood. It's time to organize and rise up:
  9. It's not as simple as you portray. You ask how other groups did it....well for starters all of them (Hezb) included had MAJOR funding, training, weapons, etc. from Iran. Now of course, Hezb proved themselves worthy and lived up to the task. Don't misunderstand my statements, I am a big fan and advocate of Ahmedinejad, Iran, and the Iranian people - some of the most ethical loyal folks. BUT Iran made the decision to establish itself as the model for islamic revolution and power for the rest of the world. They decided to embark on that road - and now must follow through it. Honestly, the more they blindly support Palestine but don't even lift a finger for the Shias in Pakistan or Bahrain, it seems more and more a political game rather than a true Shia/Islamic revivalist movement (which genuinely saddens me). If they had isolated themselves like Japan and simply stuck to their own internal, iranian affairs I could excuse their absence. Pakistan is literally a country of utter CHAOS - you can't just go kill sipah e sahaba as it is not just one person, but entrenched into every level of Paksitani society and gov't even to the highest levels. This sectarian strife was never an Issue in Pakistan 30yrs ago and Sunni/Shiite used to get along very well and intermarry and everything - this has all happened after General Zia and the exportation of Saudi funded Wahhabism. What Pakistan really needs is some true leadership who can revive those ties between shias and the mainstream Sunnis who are against this senseless killing to provide protection for its citizens.
  10. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un (إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ) .....what I dont get is that Pakistani Shias are always such hardcore supporters of Iran and Hezb.....but where is the return support (even if just moral/verbal backing)? Iran is always so busy bending over to help the Wahhabi dogs in Palestine and screaming this and that on "Quds Day," but has not done anything to help the Shias in Pakistan. Shias worldwide need to unite as one or slowly and systematically face annihilation.
  11. I came across this short lecture by a Wahabbi/Deobandi preacher about Karbala and found it to be pretty accurate recollection and very moving. Obviously, I am usually pretty skeptical about anything that comes from Wahabbi, but was just wondering what you all thought about the speech and whether this is a small step between Sunni/Shia reconciliation or unity? ........and the minute after I post this asking about unity, I see a news update on Al Jazeera about a bombing of my fellow Shias in Karachi that has killed 30+ people! Very Sad :(
  12. This title should be changed or this thread deleted. We as Muslims do not wish ill for anyone and there is a lot of good to be found in both USA and the American people. As someone in the medical field, I think your issues are much more serious then just ADHD and you should seek professional help if you have such extreme reactions and emotions.
  13. Mashallah, this is truly a great sign of bonding and unity between Muslims. Park51 Majalis "In the spirit of intrafaith peace and understanding, Park51 is honored to host a series of majalis (lectures) during the first ten days of the Islamic month of Muharram 1432. Muslims of all denominations and the wider community are welcome to learn and share with Shi‘a Muslims in the Shi‘a commemorations of the exemplary life of Imam Hossein bin Ali, the beloved grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, Peace be Upon Him. These religious lectures will discuss the importance of faith, spirituality, hope, perseverance and social justice. Muharram in the Shi‘a Community Every year, Shi‘a Muslims commemorate the anniversary of Imam Husayn’s martyrdom during the second Umayyad caliphate in the city of Karbala (now in modern day Iraq). Imam Husayn was the second grandson of the Prophet, the son of his daughter Fatimah, and her husband the fourth caliph, Ali. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said of Husayn, ” Husayn is of me and I am of Husayn.” Speaker Sheykh Dr. Syed Masoom Abidi Dr. Syed Masoom Abidi is a well known Islamic author and orator on Islamic unity. He holds a PhD degree in Political Science and Comparative Religion from the University of Hawaii. He has taught at several universities around the world and delivered countless religious lectures in KSA, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, India, England and North America. He is a prolific interpreter of Quran and Hadith who uses his scholarship and religious activities to advocate for interfaith harmony and global peace. A believer in intrafaith understanding and cooperation, his khutbas attract Shi‘is, Sunnis as well as those of other faiths. Furthermore, Dr. Syed Masoom Abidi is the founder of AhlulBait Foundation of America and the Institute of Quranic hermeneutics in Lahore, Pakistan. Details December 7th- 17th, 2010, 6:30pm-8:30pm Tabaruk (dinner or snacks), Khutbah, Q & A Session Location 51 Park Place, New York, NY 10007. Park 51 is accessible by subway and by car. Street parking is available in the neighboring streets and there is a parking garage next door. The closest subway stops include: R, W to City Hall Station: walk south on Broadway to Park Place and walk west two blocks. Park51 is in the middle of the block, on the north side of the street. Alternatively, take the 2, 3 train to Park Place: walk west on Park Place, against traffic, two blocks. Or take the A, C to Chambers St: walk south to Park Place and turn right. This event is a closed media event. What occurs and what is said at and during this event by all participants is considered off the record and not for attribution."
  14. Not to hijack your thread brother....but since its along the same lines..... I also have a MAJOR licensing exam coming up this Friday and would be EXTREMELY grateful for everyone's du'ahs (for me and the original poster). I pray that Allah blesses you 10X in return. So now I will be going into a cave to finish studying until friday but JAZAKALLAH KHAIR in ADVANCE!!!! It would mean a lot to me. You don't have to post it online if you don't want to but even a couple seconds in your heart would be much appreciated (you don't even know how stressed I am right now...lol). :) Ramadan Mubarak. - Brother in Islam
  15. Thanks for the thorough response. It is a tricky situation and I would have rather him not confided in me, as he completely disregarded any advice that would have put him on a righteous path to correct his mistakes or ATLEAST not repeat them. I asked a local Imam and he pretty much advised that I shouldn't expose him unless I was directly asked by his wife-to-be. Meaning that it is not backbiting to say truthful negatives about a person if one asks you about their character out of interest for marriage. But he said I should avoid proactively going and informing her if I am not asked. Thanks for the insight.
  16. I completely agree with you that what he is doing is not the right thing and totally unislamic and I explained that to him. What I am still curious to know is whether there are any islamic laws, hadith, or ayats that are relevant to this situation. Especially regarding whether I (as a third party in this who was told in confidence) have an obligation to tell the girl he is marrying about his actions. I feel bad about the situation and don't want to stand to the side as some girl is married only to find out later that her husband was cheating on her all along. However, I also know in Islam we are supposed to hide our fellow Muslim's faults. I tried doing a google search, but did not find anything relevant and I would ask my local imam but I come from a small town full of Wahhabis.
  17. Thanks for your suggestion. The unfaithful part was due to the fact that he is engaged to and marrying another girl while having another girlfriend (not wife or mutah) on the side. I just wanted to ensure that I did not have an Islamic obligation to notify the girl he was marrying about his infidelity.
  18. Salaam Alaikum, I have a question regarding if there is any islamic rulings or opinions on when to expose if another muslim is committing adultery? Let me explain further. I have a friend who is originally from Pakistan but lives in the US. He has been engaged to a girl in Pakistan (who he dated for many years) and is about to have to have his nikkah with her performed. One night, in confidence, this friend told me that he has been sleeping with and having an American girl living with him (not mutah) for the past many months. This will most likely even continue after his nikkah is performed with the girl in Pakistan, as she won't come to the states until she finishes her schooling. Now my questions is whether I have any Islamic obligation to notify the wife-to-be of my friend's unfaithfulness before the nikkah is performed, so she can make a proper decision of whether she wants to still go through with it. I don't want to be committing a sin by not preventing her in advance. Thanks for any insight!!
  19. This is all I could find: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEg9DlUGIM8 I hope so finds the whole dua as well. Very beautiful.
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