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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam to all, "Saudi Arabia" was created by the British (with the help of a power hungry group of bandits, criminals and Salafi's...see http://www.jstor.org/pss/4282790 ) to help them defeat the Ottoman Turks. It ("Saudi Arabia") has no political legitimacy (as it was not the desire of the people of this area to have a monarch rule over them) and the "Saudi Royal Family" even less. It, like Israel, still exists only because of the money and weapons of the U.S. government and (inshahAllah) it's days are numbered. As for what to call the country or what should "replace" the farce that currentl
  2. Salam to all, I just read this article http://www.presstv.ir/detail/148361.html and am very interested in this project. Has anyone heard about this? Are there going to be multiple languages (besides Farsi and Arabic)? If there is an English section will it be translated or will articles be published originally in English? Is there going to be a questions section? Is there going to be a comments section? I have been waiting for something like this for along time. May Allah (s.w.a.) bless those responsible for this. Any insights?
  3. Salam, I don't like to give advice on these threads, however, since you said that it is helping you then I will share my personal experience and maybe it will be of some use to you (inshahAllah). Allah (s.w.a) has high expectations of married men to be sure. We are responsible not only for making the money to provide for our household, but also for the care of the children, household chores, etc. This heavy burden would not be given to us unless we were able to bear it. So I understand that you already work hard, but working harder isn't always the answer. Many Muslim women (especially the r
  4. Salam, My advice would be to (first) engage in heavy amounts of self reflection. When did you start to have doubts? Can the timing of having these doubts be co-related with other activities or events in your life in which you did things that were not consistent with your previous understanding of right and wrong? Is it possible that your "doubts" about Islam are an attempt to justify (in your own mind) behaviors that are not consistent with Islamic teachings? Most people think that our actions are dictated by our beliefs, however, often the opposite is true. When a person acts in a way that
  5. Salam, I am a little confused by the title of your thread. A wasn't aware that someone could "convert" to a Shia Muslim. If someone is a Muslim and they want to follow the teachings of the Prophet (a.s.) and his purified progeny (a.s.) this is progression (in their Muslim faith) not a conversion....is it not? In regards to how you should approach such a person I would recommend listening to what they are asking for. In my experience, some non-Shia who are interested in learning more about Shi-ism want to learn about the differences between Sunni and Shia in regards to rituals and practices.
  6. Salam, I would argue that "Multiculturalism" itself is a failure due to several false assumptions. First, it assumes that members of a heterogeneous society can be accurately categorized based on the culture they were born into. This is far too simplistic an idea as every culture (just like every race) has so much diversity (among it's members) within itself that any attempt to "understand" it's individual members based on broad cultural stereotypes leads to false assumptions about who individuals are and what they want/need. To make a statement, for example, about the failure of "integrating
  7. Salam, To me their is nothing less worthy of intellectual discussion then prophecies based on Biblical teachings. If you look at the Old Testament (for example) the Christians interpret every verse which talks about the future as proclaiming the "Coming of Christ". When you talk about the new testament prophecies every verse talks about the "Second Coming of Christ". Of course, we as Muslim would never say anything to disrespect Nabi Isa (Jesus Christ) (a.s.) and I'm sure there were prophecies that foretold both the miraculous birth of Jesus (a.s.) (which we believe in) and the time when Jesu
  8. Salam, I applaud your efforts, however, its a tough row to hoe. If you haven't noticed, we don't have a single Muslim talk show on the free, PUBLIC, airwaves that I've ever heard (and I've listed to ALOT of news and talk radio all over the U.S.). I'm not blaming others for this, it's our fault and it should be more of priority then it is currently. As a result, the only way Muslims can get their message out is either by "preaching to the choir" (i.e., speeches and lectures at mosques) or going on non-Muslim talk shows and starting from square one with each host. Another way is speaking on col
  9. Salam, If you look at history, Shia opposition movements have been most effective when directed at non-Muslim imperialist powers. On the other hand, even under great oppression by Muslim rulers the Shia community tend to avoid open revolt. However, in recent history we have seen that even Muslim rulers can reach a "tipping point" where they cease to be seen as Muslim rulers and become widely viewed by the general public as surrogates for foreign powers. This happened most recently with the Islamic revolution in Iran, but there are other less well known examples. I believe that oppressive rul
  10. Salam, All of us, including myself, have said things in lighthearted social situations that they wouldn't want published on the front page of their local newspaper. Also, believers that I respect and admire have said things to me (in similar situation) that shocked me and that I wish they wouldn't have said. Part of the duty of a believer is to forgive, overlook and cover up faults in these situations. It's hard to do this when something is published on the internet for all the world to see. For this reason, I am very much against social networking sites when used as "virtual living rooms" f
  11. Salam and Congrats! For the basics (Usool a deen) in a short, easy read I would recommend http://www.answering-ansar.org/fiqh/usool_al_deen/en/index.php Differences (Sunni/Shia Dialogue)...it's a little long but worth the read http://www.al-shia.org/html/eng/p.php?p=shia%27&url=Introduction (You have to click "Books" then "Al-Muraja'at") Spirituality http://rkhomeini.org/eBook/toc.cfm?book_id=87 That's alot of reading, so I'll wait to see if more is requested.
  12. Salam, I object to the question itself on two grounds. 1.) It assumes that the choices are mutually exclusive and 2.) It assumes that those who are married are NOT serving humanity through their marriage. I think when the o.p. thought about "serving humanity", the person thought about doing it in a way that would inflate ones own ego. Lets say you spent the rest of your life feeding hungry orphans, building houses for the homeless, etc. How did you conclude that you would receive a greater reward for this then spending your life serving your spouse and your own children? In both cases, it de
  13. If you are going to refer to another thread please post the link to it (or paste the relevant part here). You should not expect fellow SC members to search a website with millions of posts for one about "the source of the Quran" (and their certainly is more then one).
  14. Salam, For Muslims the main purpose of fasting is not to improve physical but spiritual health. For a person that wants to live as a human being the exercise of fasting in the way prescribed by Allah (s.w.a.) helps them to control their animalistic desires and be more aware of their Creator. Some benefits to physical health has been associated with the Muslim fast as well, however, this is of minor importance (in comparison with the spiritual purpose) and the results vary by individual. Also, a Muslim is not encouraged to gorge themselves with food at any time (including Ramadan), however, th
  15. Yes, I changed the color because it's hurting my eyes...Why Red? Are you angry or just starving for attention? Here is the problem with your hypothesis on "The Gospels". Anyone of any religion with any book could make the same argument with equal validity. As a result, you need something more then "take it or leave it" to use as "bait"on this website. Here is what you will need: 1.) Tell us where in the Bible the "Gospel of Jesus Christ" is located? 2.) When you realize it's not there, tell us who wrote the "4 Gospels" and provide some references for your claims. 3.) When your realize this
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