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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ask now of the days that are passed http://esef.org.pk/node/89 Because in all 57 islamic country , there is not even a single Science Nobel Laureate except Pakistan's Dr.Abdul Salam. Science and Tech is 'strange words' for Islamic World. Our main ' Strength' is to fight after 1400 years that wherher Ali(ra) or Abubakr(ra) should be 1st Caliph !
  2. No , I am not a promoter and if no one discussing it , what I can do :angel:
  3. Despite being deceived by appearances and arrogantly logical, Iblis has inspired mystics like Iqbal through his dedication to his beloved http://ravi.lums.edu.pk/sabieh/satan_longing.pdf Sufism: modern fantasies ? Sabieh Anwar The fruits of Sufism are too often cut adrift from their Islamic roots, becoming something to consume but failing to transform http://ravi.lums.edu.pk/sabieh/suf-fantasies-20-02.pdf First, modern Sufism is Sufism decontextualised. This is the shadowy glitter that attracts educated yet lost young people. These youth are generally disillusioned and visionless, and modern Sufism takes them to a distant oasis of mirages. Their thoughts are scattered like bits of broken glass; modern Sufism picks up these shards and assembles them into nothing more than a mirror. Minds are bent upon questioning, but modern Sufism throws them into further confusion. The new Sufism is cannabis for escapist minds, and offers refuge in a synthetic tranquillity. Among some, this phantasmagoria becomes a fashion. Pop music fused with the tunes of Sufi voices can intoxicate the masses. Even as the melodies of Christian Gnostics are unsung and unheard, Rumi’s (d 1273) words enjoy a reincarnation in the West. As poetry becomes an expensive luxury for spiritually poor societies, collections of Rumi’s verse shatter the half-million sales mark. The Muslim mystic from Iran and Afghanistan, fleeing to seek refuge from an imperialist Genghis and the warmongering of the Crusades, becomes representative of an Islam that Americans can love. Is it acceptable to be thus burnt by a mysticism based in religion without ever entering the fire? Followers of this fashionable mysticism attempt to drown while wearing their lifejackets. This attitude, this buffet mysticism teleports a Muslim saint like Rumi out of his cultural and deeply religious context. But do we forget that Rumi’s Mathnavi was so impregnated with religious fervour, that the later Sufi poet Jami (d 1492) called it the “Quran of the Persian language”? The second observation, which I find more important and is not unconnected to the first, is about a resurgence of interest in the mystic way by imperial powers. There was a time when mystic fraternities in Algeria, Central Asia, Sudan, Libya and the subcontinent were the breeding grounds for anti-colonialist movements. Hence the Algerian Abd-al-Qadir (d 1883) and the Daghestani Imam Shamil (d 1871) fought the French and the Russians respectively. While the desert or mountain-dwelling Sufis were considered uncivilised by the colonisers, there was a blossoming of understanding between the allied powers and the Wahhabi-inspired Arab royalties after World War I. But more recently, the scenario has reversed. Now the imperialist West has few problems with accommodating Sufism, yet it is suspicious of the reactionary streaks of Wahhabi Islam. An unchallenging doctrine is what suits injustice best. In this respect, inaction is an imperialist’s best friend and sponsored Sufism can always be a means to preach a tolerance that suits one party only.
  4. Its the ongoing debate of centuries , tensions between orthodox and liberals prevails in all these years. Not very good at English, its fun to read such beautiful piece of Literature. Not a surprise for me though, as the guy first time ever in the history of Pakistan participated in the international deabting contest held in New Zeland and defeated the debaters of the whole world there winning 2nd position when he was just a student of Class 10 in Crescent Model School,Lahore. Sufism is a fusion of contrasts; it lives and flourishes because of those contrasts. It possesses the capability to attract and distract, invite and disenchant. It pleases the antheist and the monotheist. It is a passport for political refuge and escapism, and a motivation for dynamism and activism. It submits to foreign rule and occupation, and becomes the clarion call for freedom and independence. Sufism was atop the highest summits of the intellectual landscape of its times. The Sufis employed instruments of philosophy to refute dry intellectualism, earning the name Ibn-e-Falatoon (?The sons of Plato?) Almost all accomplished philosophers were either practicing Sufis or delved into the mystic intellection with fervour. The seeds of free inquiry and independent thought blossomed into a bouquet of diverse flowers. The political roots of mysticism sensed the gravity of the dark soils while its flower petals were happiest flirting with the fresh air of intellect. It was a colourful landscape, on which the complete mystic would tread his way, equipped with the armour of knowledge (ma?rifah) but guided by the inner light of mystic experience (love or hubbah). The fusion of these faculties is what is called the heart-intellect These contrasts show that Sufism is a valuable resource, a great motivation for an intellectual revolution and a spiritual democracy. It has always remained a great contributor to civilisation, Muslim and otherwise. There is now a need to relive this universal yet particular civilisation. The immense spiritual resource needs to be tapped again. The heart can live on its own but is most valuable when it serves the body. http://ravi.lums.edu.pk/sabieh/sufism-05-04.pdf
  5.;cd=1&gl=pk Another Move of PINENUTS http://www.lbl.gov/Science-Articles/Archive/CSD-MRI.html
  6. Between Flame and Shadow http://ravi.lums.edu.pk/sabieh/sufism-05-04.pdf http://ravi.lums.edu.pk/sabieh/mysticism.pdf
  7. We r proud of Dr Atta ur Rahmen and HEJ. They are assets of pakistan. Sabieh Anwar Sahab are only of 30 , so may be when they will reach 60+ inshallah, may be more famous than Dr. Rahman and others.and happy to hear about your alumni connections with HEJ and KU
  8. Kitab-e-Tawasin http://ravi.lums.edu.pk/sabieh/tawasin-summary.pdf
  9. May be they did it to avoid fitna within muslims as fitna is worse than a murder
  10. no..but copy pasting only 1 page is means out of context..and you cannot expect from historian like Shibli Naumani of Azamgarh,UP,India to state any incident without going into its microscopic details..thats why he raised 4 questions at end...i request u to provide me these 4 answers also..so that whole scenario is understanable... BTW, Shibli one page cannot overshadow the whole Book.....Al-Farooq is considered as one of the best book on Umar(ra) in 1400 years...this Master Piece is taken as refence even by islam strongest critics of West....its language..details...his magical 10.5 years of his administration..his justice...making the 2000 years old empires and super powers like Persian Empire and Roman as dustbin of history....and the pen of Shibli Naumani..makes this book master blaster on this great man....you deny hundreds of pages and copy pasted only 1....this is not fair..my dear brother... :)
  11. like Abdullah Ibne Ubai, but he was already died in Prophet(pbuh) life...his 300 companions who refused to go with Prophet(pbuh) and sahabas in Battle of Uhad..all they were Munafiq....so to prevent islam in such a critical situation ...to prevent Islam and Muslim empire of Medina..if they did that..wits not good to blame them as thier intentions were good..and Prophet(pbuh) says...all deeds depend upon 'Niyya'
  12. may be both of sahabas(ra) did this to prevent ummah from Fitna and division at Maulan Shibli himself stated at the top of the page... that Umar(ra) prevented this news as there were large number of Munafiqeen in Medina...which can divide the muslims and tribal fight might be seen in this critical moment..just as in Battle of Uhad..when Kuffar shouted we have killied Prophet(pbuh)..many sahabas laid down thier swords..and said..now whats the purpose of fight in desperation and kuffar easily martyrd those desperaed sahabas....its not good to put false blames..without knowing the inner intentions....secondly...you have not provided the nest page of this book...whrer Shibli have raised 4 questions in he end..i will request you to provide page 41 also ..so that whole picture will be more clear and bright..thanks
  13. O bhai...we love Ali(ra)....he is the lion of God..one of the graetest sahabi of Prophet(pbuh)...one of the greatest scholar of Quran and Fiqah..many Fiqah problems solved by him...Umar(ra) used to prefer his Fiqah advice over all other sahabs..it was Ali(ra)'s advice upon which Umar(ra) ordered 80 lashes over drinking...it was on Ali(ra) advice..Umar(ra) not went for the battle of qadsia...we all know the hadees of prophet(pbuh) ..only a Munafiq harte Ali(ra)..plz...dont pass such judgemental statements...,i request you
  14. Just to clarify that only one mad fanatic group, Laskara-i-Jhangvi kill innocent shias..in mosques etc .this group is the sub organization of Sipahe Sahaba....thisLaskar is also involved in killing sunnis innocent in suicidal attacks..examples...bomb blast at Karachi Brelvi 12 Rabiulawal procession.killing 60..Lahore FIA buliding suicidal attck killing 34...Bhakkhar suicidal attck killing 28..etc etc..most of suicidal attcks on armed forces is carried out by or with the help of this group specially in Punjab where they have roots... Other than that...there is no violence..killings...guns..hatred..in Pakistani Civil Society..in my neighbourhood in Lahore...there are 3 houses of shias...one house is just front of my house..we have very good relations....when i was sick..both of uncle and aunti came to see me...we also go to thier house in any sad moment or wedding etc...shias are at top most business groups..media..universities...no one discriminate....not even bother about these things ...if some fanatics of wahabism do all that..why to blame all sunni muslims....
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