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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Did your parents speak urdu to you when you were young?
  2. Sister, having been brought up in the west, how do you rate your urdu grasp?
  3. Ya Ali Madad Went to Kerbala first time and completed my 14 Masumeen, this year for Ashura. Reading brings back so many memories, will be following this thread reminding me where life is.
  4. True Sunni, I did not expect you to be so daft to be entirely honest. As I said I simply stated what I had received in the past in this discussion at around post number 28. I stated that the only fatwa I have seen says that 'if it does not give Islam a bad image it is permissible'. In post number 29 you said that this is the current fatwa you are referring to which makes it haram, furthermore you private messaged me asking if I could send you this fatwa as you have not got a response. Therefore in post 29 what you acknowledged as the fatwa you are referring to says 'if it gives a bad image'. I
  5. And in that fatwa, it says tatbir is haram? If you go back to what you said on page 2 #29. I quoted the fatwa that if it gives a bad image and you said that is the fatwa you are talking about. So I do like your double standards, one minute that is the fatwa and one minute it isn't. I have seen your posts for several years here, and I am pretty sure you are quite stubborn and argue the same old thing for ages just like you imply about 'Malangs'. I am not one to really waste time, better things to do, so if you bring me the answer to a simple question which is is Tatbir permissible, and the resp
  6. You agree that the fatwa states, If it does not give Islam a bad image then it is permissible. In this case, it means there must be instances where it does not give Islam a bad image, otherwise it would have said due to giving Islam a bad image it is not permissible.
  7. Thanks a ot for your input M R, really appreciate it and I will also pray for your guidance. You can view that video in two different ways, for you viewing in that way it is haram to do such an act, for me who see's how much a miracle this matam is, where someone is able to 1) do that to themselves (must be something very strong behind it) 2) the healing of this to mention just 2, so for me it is allowed. It is all on interpretation.... This leads me to your point Br True Sunni - if the ruling is the same as I mentioned which is, if it gives a bad image. I am afraid it is on each occurrence an
  8. Br True Sunni, I understand what others may say about the fatwa's you have posted, if you could even link me to one of the discussions where you have uploaded this fatwa it would be appreciated. In the case of speaking to Agha Kashmiri, I don't really like the idea of going through representatives of those who are already representatives but nonetheless over a week ago I emailed two simple questions, not even more than 10words in each and received the reply for 1 within a day, the other question that I have not received the reply for is (What is Ayatullah Seestani's ruling on tatbir?). This sl
  9. Br. True Sunni, where did I say I had not bothered to get a fatwa? The fact is you have been presented with several fatwa and you have said those are not current, on the basis of this they do not suffice. In this case I went forward with another proof as to it being permissible. In fact, I myself was there as said and it is not hearsay that tatbir took place inside the haram, because infront of my eyes I saw it and I can send a video if this does not suffice. You have acknowledged that in the past marjaa's have allowed the act but currently they are said to be impermissible, I ask you to brin
  10. Sorry I have not got that much time at the moment, just leaving to attend a majaalis. But when asking about current fatwas, whilst I do not have a fatwa I do have a very strong action on the part of a mujtahid which shows the permissibility of tatbir from their accord. On Ashura, I was fortunate enough to be present in Kerbala. As many will know, Ayatullah Seestani has control over the harams in Kerbala and Najaf. Whilst in Kerbala, leading up to the day of Ashura and on the day itself the facilitation of blood matam was for sure done within the proximity of the haram, eg. plastic sheets acro
  11. Salaams I am completely in agreement that we should spread awareness of what is happening in Palestine today through the compassion Shia's have been taught by our perfect role models. But we should note that those in Palestine, generally are very hardcore sunni's and dislike the Shia. Today we cry out about Palestine so much but Bahrain seems to be forgotten, those Shia's attacked in Saudi and Pakistan, we seem to forget. As the minority we are, we have more responsibility to bring to attention what is happening to Shia's in Muslim countries, rather than sitting back because the state is so ca
  12. Salaams Br. Race, I for one am a Shia and honestly I do detest him and his way of doing things, and there are several shias of different cultures who say the same and that I know. Therefore please do not generalise, as there are several Shia's that do dislike him. And I have heard directly from him in a Majlis, his stance in regards with Tatbir, and that is not that there is 'a time and place' rather that this action today has no time and place. Maybe many have not experienced his bad side, but I can for sure say after having first hand experience of his antics, it is a very bad side, regardl
  13. Salaams Hmm Jan Ali Kazmi, unfortunately he is someone who has spread a lot and by a lot I mean a hell of a lot of fitna not only in 1 community but several communities. I for one regularly attended where he recited an Ashra in Muharram a few years back and he himself contradicted himself, lied, targetted and in the end got kids to do his dirty work himself running and hiding and after 4 majlises was thrown out. As someone who takes part in Azadari and Amaliyat, and open minded I can tell you from my heart through first hand experience he is a very devious and fitna spreading person and we sho
  14. Salaam I have just returned from Iraq, I had gone for Ashura (my first time). We had gone in a group of men, but from my experience I do not think there should be any problems as long as you go with a group. Do you not have any mahram relatives that could go with you? You are right in saying that you shouldn't postpone such important things, just look at Shaam and how quickly situations can change. Which city in Pakistan are you in? Wasalaam
  15. Salaams Ya Ali Madad I just wanted to ask, seeing as for years we have made an effort to do chehlum in Shaam, whether with the dire situation this year if anyone is going and if so how have they arranged visa, travel, accomodation? Wasalaam
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