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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam, Please can somebody tell me according to islamic law, if it is a sin to accuse somebody of black magic and number 2...if parents have the right to force their happily married child into a divorce even though they had given the permission for marriage. Regards
  2. so can anti-depressants(change your state of mind and perception of things around you), the guy is honestly that same guy, he gets a little lazier, but mentally he is the same. i guess some people feel the effects more than others. its difficult to argue because its impossible to claim he is any way mentaly intoxicated
  3. There is this guy i know who likes to smoke marijuana, he is a practising shia muslim, prays etc...now he started the habit on the pretext that it was halal, and that men known as malungs(in his culture) smoke it and often mourn the marydom of Imam Hussein (a.s)/celebrate the bith of Imam Ali (a.s) on marijuana. Now his argument is that it is just a plant, it isn't a man made/chemical intoxicant. Secondly he doesn't get intoxicated whilst ''high'' the reason behind him smoking it is because it relaxes him in the same way cigarettes relax others. And to be honest, having been around him under the influence nobody notices any difference if he has smoked it or not,he remains perfectly in control of himself and his senses(if not more so!!!) My argument is that any form of intoxicant is haraam, and just becuse he doesn't get affected mentally by smoking it, the same can be said of alcohol drinker who only have a 4 sips of an alcoholic beverage(the argument being it is still haraam) and remains in his senses. He refuses to accept that it is an intoxicant because he remains perfectly in control of himself, and prefers to call it a relaxant, it is evident that he is the same guy on or off it, but it cant be right....surely? he argues that anti-depressants are more intoxicating than the effect marijuana has on him.
  4. Ahmed, what a champ! Thank you for your valuable advice i really appreciate you taking the time may Allah bless you. You know what bro, the thing is that I'm plenty upset myself about the whole thing, and especially because I've seen my mother's mallice towards her,and with the whole black magic thing i think she has taken it to a whole new level, wanting a divorce, forbidding me to have kids...and you know islam is about being real and a lot of the time if there isn't overt mallice its subconscious mallice that comes out constantly in front of me towards my wife,but she thinks she is being smart and hiding her inner thoughts well. its reached a stage where enough is enough. If she didn't get to know the girl well enough that is no ones fault but her own, she was from a good family,a shia etc......... she had known of her and known her for over 20 years! and i'm happy to let them do their whole women thing,but i have to admit that i feel skeptical and protective towards my wife knowing the potential my mother has to damage things further.But you know, the crux of the issue is, does my mother (islamically)have the right to force me into a divorce that would make me very unhappy? can she or any other family member forbid me from having kids? Isnt the whole black magic accusation a big sin in itself? From where I stand, my wife is extremely against me ditching my mom in anyway shape or form, and she has far from lost me, but she is merely presented with a difficult choice...a)to alienate me further by behaving in the way she does pushing me further away..or B) to reconsider her conduct and treat myself and my wife the way she did soon after our marriage.. if she goes with the first option then i would like to distance myself...thats really what i want...BUT i'm really scared that given her islamic rights on me if i do that...i could be presented with a situation whereby it would be haraam for me to be married to my wife or to have kids. How can you have the right in our religion to force your child into a divorce/or prevent him from having kids?
  5. Ok well, I am 90% sure the akhlaq of my wife towards my mother has been very good. The reason behind why my wife is disliked revolves around the whole black magic issue, for which there is no tangible proof, and there is no real worsening of circumstances since i got married...quite the contrary to be honest. In response to the last post my parents are more than equipped to look after themselves. Do I let my mother be,lessen our contact and move out, treating her with respect when i see her...or must I do what she says?
  6. So its basically like this..i'm married, my choice of partner was approved by my parents,everything was fine. As time passed on my mother began to mistreat my partner,through a series of hurtful remarks,and she did this to me also,as a result i distanced myself to prevent me from hurting her in return. She believes she has lost me, and is making some hurtful accusations involving black magic etc against my partner and their family,although they themselves are good religious people.according to my mother they have done magic to spoil family relationships, or having me under control, or for me steal family money...though in all honesty she is not sure which one!! She would like to see us divorced though she hasnt openly said it. i am happily married. Would according to islam is the right approach to a situation like this?? Here is my view...heaven lies under her feet, and...my rights on her are a respectable name, and for her to do her best to save me from hell, however this surely means that she must lead me to do good actions (and lead me to her feet!!) with me being eager to go to heaven..in order for her to do that however she must have good akhlaq,which in my view she doesnt have. She relies too much on what other people lead her to believe on the pretext that they are spiritual and they would know if black magic has been done, though i feel that she is not using her aql(intelligence). I am not denying that family ties with her have suffered but I am of the view that 1)It could have been avoided if she applied better akhlaq 2)They can be recovered if she appliles better akhlaq now. I personally feel that she would not like to apply better akhlaq,so I would like to cut my losses and live a seperate life with my partner, because her beahviour is unbearable and will no doubt lead me to a path of hurting for because she is hurting me,although I would like to keep respectful towards her when i see her. Can someone tell me if this is an acceptable approach islamically, and also whether i have to divorce or refrain from having kids because she no longer approves.
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