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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hello Hassan. I just joined the police. And noticed that during shooting practices i can't steady my hands for too long. I have fired a gun many times since i joined but mostly it was one or two shots but in the shooting range its hard to keep my arms starightened for long periods of time. Any advise?
  2. Salam and welcome to our Brethren brothers and sister revert. I have two questions, why do you choose to use the word revert not convert. And second I am guessing you chose the Shia fiqh, why so? If not then Sunni? Or would you not adhere to any at all?
  3. Is lying ever justifiable? What about religion-wise?
  4. Salam. Eid Mubarak everybody! Can someone help me to find a good restaraunt in Mississauga where one can go eat?
  5. I would like to see one verse where Ali's(s) Imamate is confirmed by Allah(SWT) in Ali's name. Same way I disagree with Sunnis that Abu Bakr was the rightful leader because his name is not ever mentioned. Just wondering...
  6. How come I never got this memo earlier?
  7. I agree...it is so hard to define these phrases pot heads use "altered state of mind" ...what does that mean? How does one define his current state of mind? Marijuana causes your senses to be jumbled up so one "feel" a heightened sense of being when in fact many car accidents are caused by people smoking while getting high...think about that now. Also, Marijuana causes paranoia and unnatural fear of unknown whilst Islam teaches we should only fear and love AllahÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì
  8. No I did not know that. But Iranians capacity to produce nuclear weapons is a threat to Pakistanis also because we are 90 percent Sunnis and several of the ones (the illiterate ones) hate each other, as with anywhere else. And I think that is what Zardari was referring to.
  9. ^^ Who is to say for sure Iran does not send weapons to Shia groups in Pakistan. What you think? All the blessing are showered to Hezbollah.
  10. Well Iran has in the past interfered with Pakistans internal problems whenever Sunni-Shiaa violence broke out. Moral support aside Iran was giving them material support too. That is a fact. Why? Women, Christians, Parsis are oppressed like animals too in Pakistan but Iran is calm and quiet about them..... Sorry nothing personal but dont call us brother and sisters in Islam and use the word "paki" in the same sentence.
  11. Personally I never get too frank with many Westerners to beging with to bring up my faith, let alone a bank teller...Just my opinion.
  12. Goood good..i like yoru example make the house first then think about the curtains LOL..anyways..some follow up questions. Should I do that technique where you do as many reps possible in 20 seconds and then repeat 5 times? For benchpress what do you advise incline, decline or straight? A bit of releif to hear cardio 10mins is enough... I can manage to do a lot more but if I am cutting down on it do you advise I add some more weight lifting then?
  13. Qs for ya brother. I am 25 weigh 97 Kilos and and height is 5'6. So waist is too much big. I work out 5 days a week rest for 2 days. I do cardio 20 minutes all those days. Lift three times a week, and do all the muscles light weight as many sets as I can, 3 reps. Do abs once a week and on the 5th day I do an aerobics class. My goal is weight loss and only that for now. When I lift too much I feel hungry and eat Also what is your advice for diet. What you outlined...its quite good but honestly who can afford all that? I cant have a steak and a chick sandwich both on the same day and then tuna for in between meal. i would love to but more economical to probably replace two of those with some lentils or something. Thanks very much.
  14. hahaahaah *cough cough* brother mallang is obviously a professional at exposing people.... see dictionary for meaning of professional :P
  15. Salamwalikum everyone. Last night I woke up middle of the night (like 2am) to go to the washroom and remembered I had missed Isha prayers before. So I said why not I will pray now and maybe some more. I went to the dining room there is no door you only walk through a curtain which were drawn. I began praying and then suddenly felt the curtain behind me shifting. I did not turn because it would break my salah. I went to Sujjud and strangely the light from hall was blocked like someone was there....I finished Salah and went to sleep right away. I feel alright today morning. I know I didn't dream that. I did wake up and pray but it was just strange. I heard people say Djinns often roam around and when they see someone pray they join in??... Anyways Ramzan end is closing in and it feels so joyful but its sad too because all my family is back home...:(
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