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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Walikoam Salam In the Name of the Most Compassionate the Most Understanding there is no limit to the number of whom will rise as Imam Medhi and both men and women can do so equally. Each of us has a share in the responsibilities, duties, roles and caring this station implies. It is not about one person rising it is about all of us rising to our potential and station as when Allah breathed of His Spirit into us at our creation He bid the Angels bow down and therefore our station is both Great and Important in this World and Kingdom and that of the next. Why seek to raise one person when 10 Bil
  2. Walikoam Salam If this person said he was the only one then he is a liar, there are 10 Billion Imam Mehdi's, Messiah, Prophets and Allah calls us all to rise and be better people and lead by good example anything less is a waste. Salam Anne Marie Elderkin The Earth Personified is Risen
  3. In the Name of the Most Affirming the Most Assured the following are some signs the Imam Mehdi, the Messiah are within us: 1. We care about ourselves 2. We care about others 3. We let others have their say 4. We get an education 5. We seek counseling if we have challenges that are difficult 6. We get medical attention for medical challenges 7. We consult experts on personal, family, community issues 8. We volunteer for community developement 9. We encourage and support others on their journey 10. Where we don't know the answer we seek out guidance 11. We encourage others to seek guidance from
  4. Walikoam Salam Brother I do think you have an excellent point the only thing I will add is the Messiah, the Mehdi are Stations within all mankind and we are already facing such issues. Which I why I have been working on this project for some time in hope of inspiring Mankind that even though they find it hard to believe within each of us are Noble Stations that with effort may let our leadership light shine. Along with the assistance of skills development groups sorted out for Education, Counseling, Consultation and Medical Attention we may develope these characteristics and qualities of lead
  5. Walikoam Salam Brother it is as simple as this, Allah breathed of His Spirit into all of us and it is the same Spirit that moved through all the past Prophets and therefore it is my belief and understanding that this same Spirit flows through and Allah wants each of us to rise to these noble Stations and be responsible for our share of the duties and challenges of course according to our ability. Though please note that a higher ability in one does not lessen the Station of another. Essentially: "We are tested in our daily lives like Moses on the Mountain, Jesus in the Desert, Mohammed PBUH
  6. In the Name of the Most Ardent the Most Passionate in truth the Station of Imam Mehdi and Messiah is one that can be found in the in most heart of all Mankind. None are excempt even though they hide it well it is there ready to be brought forth. Allah created everything with a purpose and placed His trust in us may we be worthy of this trust and rise to our Stations as Messiah, Imam Mehdi, Trustees, Care Givers, Gaurdians, Messengers and create lasting personal and world Peace. This is our calling, our Station, Our Duty. Salam Anne Marie Elderkin The Earth Personified is Risen Myself I have
  7. Walikoam Salam Indeed lowering ones gaze has it's time and place though if someone is attacking you it is best to look them in the eyes. Certainly also when a person is vulnerable lowering ones gaze can alieviate some of the hypnotic affect of looking someone in the eyes especially when vulnerable. In the west and other cultures it is considered rude not to look some one in the eyes and they even believe it is a sign of dishonesty if one doesn;t look them directly in the eyes. Some native cultures believe in lowering the gaze as a sign of respect and humility. Salam
  8. Walikoam Salam Isn't it a case of searching for a needle in a hay stack when in fact you really need the haysatack? Salam My point is these entities reside within each of us in due portion. Anne Marie Elderkin The Earth Personified is Risen
  9. Why seek one Messiah, one Mehdi when we all have a Great Light to share and care. The answers must come from everyone not just one person. Leadership only at the top is not Leadership. Leadership must come from everyone, regardless of race, religion, language, culture, location etc. It is not about one person stepping up to the plate and play ball it is about all of us being Called to participate as a Team, as a Group in Groups sorted out (See my you tube video Canada is fullfilling Surah 99) Salam Anne Marie Elderkin The Earth Personified is Risen and is now calling all Mankind to Rise with
  10. Walikoam Salam Thank you.... Truely it surely is a test to rise as I call others to rise. It is easy to call others to rise however for me it is a great test to do myself what I ask others to do. Especially the house work LOL I have tackled the sorting out into Education, Counselling, Consultation and Medical Attention Groups Sorted out and have been bless with learning some skills development. I had to address issues of Emotional, Physiacal and Sexual Abuse but once address I have been able to move on and focus on health issues like losing weight, getting healthier, eating healthier and t
  11. Walikoam Salam The Messiah, the Mehdi has always been with us though we never have been asked to rise to these roles and responsibilities. To find the Messiah, the Mehdi look in the mirror, the faces of your families, communities, nations and world and there he does dwell. Believe it or not. Salam Anne Marie Elderkin T.E.P.I.R.
  12. Walikoam Salam To meet the Messiah, the Mehdi, look in the mirror first then look in the faces of your families, communities, nation and world and there He/They do dwell. You were looking for a needle in the hay stack but found the haystack instead. Salam Anne Marie Elderkin T.E.P.I.R.
  13. Walikoam Salam Brothers and sisters why do you seek one Messiah, one Mehdi? I believe these roles and responsibilities are shared by all Mankind or at least we need to be called to rise to this service and occassion. Believe it or not the only justice will be found in raising the station of all Mankind and calling them to rise to this roles and duties. Even disabled people has a station and a role in this. It is said that the time would come when the Lord would live and dwell among us, I believe He was and is always here. This is of course my beliefs and opinions and my expression of my Islam.
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