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  1. We are all Muslim, yes. Who said we arent. But unfortunately, we dont all go under the same school of thought. Yes it would have been nice to all be the same, but whether you want to admit it or not, it will never happen. Though yes we can have unity. Nothing wrong, but in unity, we should both accept our differences, and accept we differ in situations, and we dont have to agree with each others school of thought to be united.
  2. toss her back her parents home.
  3. So if it was halal you will drink it?
  4. Usually if you dont understand why Allah made something Haram, you will lways go back to it. So what you just said isnt a sign of being pious.
  5. No problem, you can take the help of a Sheikh that is for Marijuana use. What are you trying to explain? These are parents of a Shahid and you are coming here like a smart*ss sitting behind your computer criticizing how they should mourn their son. I pity your life, it has no meaning.
  6. Imam Jaafar al Sadiq (as): "Attributes of the ignorant are: He answers before listening, objects before understanding, and passes judgment on that which he doesn't know" Should be shocking, describes you
  7. Just like your peeps want to convince us of Angels helping your fellas in Syria eyyy? I think you want to see him blink Al Hamdulillah our martyrs have a high status. And we are proud, names of the martyrs are known, no need for acts. We don't hide our martyrs like you. We are victorious in both, battlefields and martyrdom.
  8. I'm only using the same words your idols wished upon themselves. سجل التاريخ لابي بكر مثل هذا، قال لما نظر أبوبكر إلى طائر على شجرة: طوبى لك ياطائر تأكل الثمر وتقع على الشجر وما من حساب ولا عقاب عليك، لوددت أني شجرة على جانب الطريق مر علي جمل فأكلني وأخرجني في بعره ولم أكن من البشر تاريخ الطبري ص 41. الرياض النضرة ج 1 ص 134.
  9. Which is a journal that is in opposition of Putin and the current political system in Russia. Second, even if they were attacking rebels. I don't see the difference of what is called "rebels", or Nusra Front, or ISIS. Same pieces of sh*t, different smell
  10. http://www.al-islam.org/salatul-layl-h-t-kassamali/salatul-layl Why don't you search on google and save time?
  11. Are masturbation threads the new muta threads?
  12. اقتلونا فإن شعبنا سيعي أكثر فأكثر
  13. Great I can see many Shia doing Tatbir. Does it mean all Shia view it that way?
  14. Not all Shia do that. You should search for lectures by great Maraji', not some any guy who wears a turban and opens a channel on youtube.
  15. Maybe you should lose someone close to you. And then lets see you acting rational.
  16. What is the issue of that? They are connection between us and Allah. We don't ask directly from Ahlul Bayt for something. Even Dua al Tawassol, it is all "By what love Allah holds to the Prophet or member of Ahlul Bayt". Who said all Shia Muslims are going to heaven? We aren't Christians that believe everyone who is baptized will be in heaven.
  17. Im surprised you still believe in Imam Mahdi with this belief in your mind.
  18. At those times those were also made to toughen up a bit, as in sport + war battles. There was no football, basketball, tennis...and there was no AK47, M16, etc.. Thus it was two in one. Lets not take things the interpretation of the Quran literally here
  19. [Mod Note: The YouTube video no longer works. See the Note from YouTube:] "شهيد من حزب الله بعد تجهيزه..." The YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement.
  20. Imam Hussein visited him, he didnt visit the shrine in Karbala.
  21. I'll leave the comments for you And another video, some of the scenes are the same, some not
  22. Concept of slavery in ISLAM back then would be the same as having a maid or servant or helper in modern time. The name differs but the actions would be the same
  23. I didn't say Maraji' & leaders created these stories, I meant their followers or supporters created them because there are many incidents that it was a very "known story" about someone and the Marja' dismissed the story, just like many stories that were made up about Sheikh Taki Bahjat and he or his office dismissed the stories.
  24. Yes, can you send it to me by DHL please? True, but still I mean, working with an israeli company regardless if they help the government or military or not, I don't think it would make you feel comfortable would it?
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