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  1. I don't know if it is true, but Iraq isn't an Islamic country, and their cops don't abide Shiite laws and rules. It must be a cultural issue. Anyway whatever it is, if it was true, it is the wrong thing to do.
  2. The ones that ought to provide references are people who send random quotes by Imam Hussein that no one has heard of, just to fulfill the support of the faith. If that is how we are going to be, then what differs us from Nasibis?
  3. Because there are many narrations. Some old Hadiths that he is a liar, there are narrations that praise him, some claim he did it with pure for Imam Hussein, many claim he did it with intention of political reasons. But just to clear out something, in Islam there is no such thing as "killing for revenge".
  4. When they attacked Imam Alis house and Sayeda Fatima al Zahraa was in it. Didn't he accept Abu Bakr to be Caliph? He didn't accept it because he was happy about it but because it was for the sake of the Ummah. You're right "pledging allegiance" might sound he happily did it. Let me rephrase it to "accepted"
  5. They are in neither books that we take Hadiths from. Dont waste your time. Just because some hadiths would make us believe it is true, or some hadiths would "support our debate" some would like to make these hadiths true by force. Forget it
  6. Seems you don't know how to read, or you just love to argue and show that you have some good information but it makes no sense in whatever I was saying. . If you read correctly I never said we should associate ourselves with them or whatever you want to twist around and claim. I said we shouldn't curse them. If you know how to intellectually read correctly, you would find out I said we should denounce them, but doesn't mean denouncing them or disassociating ourselves from them, meaning we should curse them. Maybe sitting behind a computer, trying to show yourself that you are intellectual having to be a mod, makes you thinks you are well enough knowledgeable of the Religious Authorities we have. Snap back to reality dear.
  7. I pity you. When you know what you are saying is false, you begin want to stop at every little detail and try to twist things around, so a Shiachat Mod, doesnt look weak. You know what I mean, get a life.
  8. Who made up this rule? Your local Sheikh in the Masjid? He was forced? Really?? Is that what you understand by your faith? That Imam Ali is forced? What weak faith do you hold? I guess only a mindless person still holds such faith, with minimal knowledge about Muslim history. After the attack on Imam Alis house, and burning it while Sayeda Fatima al Zahraa was in it, Imam Ali pledged allegiance to Abu Baqr because he remembered Prophet Muhammad telling him about the day that will come, where he will be attacked, and Sayeda Zahraa will be attacked, but he shouldnt raise his sword, for the unity of Islam, or else, what the Prophet came for, which is Islam, would be demolished. Thus Imam Ali, worked with Abu Baqr, Umar, and Uthman, doesnt mean he was happy, doesnt mean he loved them, doesnt mean he respected them. But he did it for the sake if the Muslim nation. Just like why, when we say, no we dont need to curse them, for the sake of the Muslim nation. When you claim your love for Ahlul Bayt, atleast have a bit of the wisdom of Ahlul Bayt and their actions.
  9. So Imam Ali didnt love RasoolAllah?
  10. If I say I dont want to curse them, it means I respect them? Is that how your brain malfunctions? So with you logic, basically you are saying that Imam Ali, loved Abu Baqr, Umar, and Uthman, because he accepted to be the 4th Caliph, right?
  11. Thanks God I follow big scholars, and not get driven away with sheer emotions. “Indeed Allah and His angels bless the Prophet. O you who have faith! Invoke blessings on him and invoke Peace upon him in a worthy manner, Imam Ali (as): Every supplication remains veiled until blessings are invoked on Prophet Muhammad. Imam Al Baqir (as) or Imam Al Sadeq (as): The heaviest thing to be placed on the scales of the Day of Resurrection is the invocation of blessings on Muhammad and his household (as). And more and more. So is there any hadith which is MOSNAD that we should do Laan on Umar and Abu Baqr and Aisha and Uthman?
  12. Allahumma ilaan al AWWAL wal THANI wal THALITHA thumma al RABI, Allahumma ilaan YAZEED KHAMISA. Is anyone mentioned? Nope.
  13. Great, maybe our Muslim countries should also accelerate in technology.
  14. If our Religious Authorities where to state Hadiths that are Musnad, like you would put a Image and a random Hadith. Our Shia school would have been long destroyed and infiltrated. An image with a quote that we like to believe is a fact, doesnt make it a fact. Definitely not in our faith, where a fact means sources, citations, trustworthy. Not a random book from here and there that would back up our religious belief. Or else, we would be doing like many Sunni clerics, that rephrase Hadiths, or like how they have minimized their Sahih Bukhari, so that only their beliefs are supported.
  15. What is your point? No one discussed the martyrdom of Sayeda Fatima al Zahraa. There is no certified source, for any of the hadiths of Imam Hussein saying that. These days with the internet anyone can get anything and post it. Power of faith is the truth, when debating show true events to support your faith. If this is how we the Shia will become, than what differs us than Sunnis?
  16. In your community in Lebanon that is. No it is not discussed for many reasons. I find the Islamic organizations in Lebanon away from all that. And also, the family plays a role. But also, the women never speaks to anyone because she feels insulted and would feel more insulted to tell anyone. Muslim communities need lots of reform
  17. Shia school is based on Tabarri and Tawalli. You denounce what they call Sahaba, and be a follower of Ahlul Bayt. No where did I find any Laan. Allah sends Laana on them, so if you sent or not, would make a difference? Second, our Maraji' have said we shouldn't. I doubt you are smarter than them now, are you?
  18. Regardless the discussion of Abu Baqr. The only source that Imam Hussein said that "Abu Baqr and Umar killed" is supposedly only in that book cited. And the only person who has made that popular quote is Yasser Habib. Drops questions? If this was said by Sayeda Fatima al Zahraa, it would have been more understandable. Yasser Habib is a fitna monger. I wouldn't depend on what he says is true.
  19. Divinely chosen or not, there is no argument into who would be a better Caliph, between Imam Ali and the rest of the "sahaba"
  20. I pray to Allah they go to Syria, just like you are praying to Allah as well.. And I hope their intention is to hang all the Shia "Kuffar" as well. . . . . . . . But they will be sent back to Saudi Arabia in coffins, with a mission that had failed. So please send as much as you can. Syria is waiting to indulge them in.
  21. We don't even know our status in the afterlife, who cares about the animals.
  22. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) I am leaving among you two weighty things: the one being the Book of Allah in which there is right guidance and light, so hold fast to the Book of Allah and adhere to it. The second are the members of my household I remind you (of your duties) to the members of my family.
  23. Correction: Muslim women consider exercising very important while single. (as bait) ....thus when they get married, they forget all about it.
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