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  1. So basically you are saying Coca Cola company named the company Coca Cola to be La Muhammad La Makka? Because it has nothing to do with the logo, if you get the word Coca Cola and put it infant of a mirror it will seem so, nothing to do with the logo. Second, if you want it to seem that way, then it Says "L Muhammad L Makka" where is the Alef in LA? More over where is the D in Muhammad? There are companies who are known to be against Islam or that support israel..but to bury yourself with conspiracy theories..please save it..waste of time..its called "theory" for a reason..no dear, go for facts..
  2. Akhhhh akhhh.. our Ummah gets busy with conspiracy theories, while there is an actual war going on...
  3. No one said Bashar al Assads regime is a just one, and no one said he had a good regime, and that it wasn't full of corruption. But how do we know that it wasn't the army men that wanted to defect, are the ones who shot at them, in order to spark fury in between people? Or maybe even if it was an order from within the political system, again no one said al Baath party is a just party. But as I said before, it was never about Bashar al Assad, or his government, or Baath party. It is about the Syrian land, and what it holds connection between countries.
  4. Presidency is for Syrian people to choose. But my point is, at this moment, if there was Bashar al Assad, or there was no one. How would it change anything? Like let us say, he got killed, or he escaped, or whatever it was, would it change anything? There is a huge war in Syria, with people all over the world fighting, and the war is about a bigger issue than Bashar al Assad and Syria, it is about power of the worlds. Yes it started with an excuse of "Bashar al Assad" but its not for the "person of who he is". Yes we do support the guy also not for the man he is, because for the man he is, he isnt a very just person, but alteast for his foreign political views. But to tell me people are dying in battle fields because of him? Of course not. Even Nusra and ISIS and even FSA know its not about Bashar al Assad anymore. It is something bigger and greater than that issue. The whole "Arab Spring" wasnt about presidents or political systems. It was about shifting power.
  5. So you spent time with them while they smoked up? So basically, you got high as well..
  6. Of course its Haram your using another persons data. Data isnt free.
  7. It wouldnt be their first time or their last time. But theyll always be back...Beirut is their sin city
  8. Platonic friendship is a nice theory people like to follow. Unfortunately, doesnt exist
  9. Does it matter anymore? The war is going on, whether Bashar is there or not. So the chair of presidency doesnt stop any war on Syria. Frankly, it has nothing to do with Al-Assad any more.
  10. Forget it, many people just want to read Hadiths, and only get from the Hadiths the suffering of Ahlul Bayt, they never understand the wisdom, or solutions of Ahlul Bayt. More over, many want to imagine in their minds, that when Umar, Abu Bakr, Uthman, and Aisha, were around, that Imam Ali was probably meditating on a hill on another planet and that when problems existed, there was different dimensions between Ahlul Bayt and the so called "sahaba; only so they dont learn or understand the wisdom of Ahlul Bayt or understand events, and how Ahlul Bayt reacted in certain events. But some people learn nothing from Ahlul Bayt except that they were being oppressed, just so they can learn to be angry and furious, and then be unsuccessful and achieve nothing in Islam, or for our current Ummah. While we learn from Ahlul Bayt how to achieve victory and achieve glory while being oppressed, because this is what you ought to learn from Ahlul Bayt in order to do something for your religion, and for the path of Ahlul Bayt that you follow.
  11. I would ask many to stop defending Bashar al Assad and saying he is a great guy and he never did anything wrong, just to feel inner peace in why Hezbollah are in Syria. 1st. Hezbollah arent in Syria defending Bashar al Assad. 2nd. Bashar al Assad is a dictator, and oppressed people, just like most dictators in the Arab and "Islamic" countries. Yes only difference is Bashar al Assad opposed israel, and was one of the minorities that opposes israel. Of course him being a dictator doesnt make him a pure devil as Anti-Assad people like making him seem, but it doesnt make him a pure angel as Pro-Assad make him seem. Both sides need to be realistic. And realize, this war going on in Syria, isnt about Bashar al Assad, it is something bigger than who Assad is, and what Syria is.
  12. Why is it that most women are furious and want to prove oh no I'm healthy and exercising and getting mad about it trying to prove it? Its simple, you can claim the same about many Muslim men.
  13. use a tissue paper, but not one of those fancy ones that may contain cotton.
  14. mmmm...go read Muslim history, without emotions..
  15. If he didn't accept it, then wasn't he in the era when the "3 Caliphs" where? Weren't they the first 3 "Caliphs" according to Muslim history, they were. Didn't they break Sayeda Fatima Zahraas rib? didn't they attack the house? Why didn't he raise a sword? Because not everything is about cursing and raising the sword, especially when the sake of the Muslim nation is at risk. And Imam Ali knew that doing anything would blow away everything the Prophet came to do, and more over, the mission that Allah wants them to do will fail, thus he accepted things not happily of course, but for the sake of the Ummah, and that is the greatness of Ahlul Bayt. Just like when there was a "treaty" between Imam Hassan and Mouawiya, Imam Hassan was happy with it? Of course not, be he knows consequences of what could go wrong, and because their intentions are solely for Allah and for Islam, they had strong patience. That is why we shouldn't just read Hadith of Ahlul Bayt, just for history, but also to gain from their wisdom and knowledge and patience. Walk their footsteps, know when sometimes things would harm the nation or backfire at us. No one was oppressed like Ahlul Bayt were oppressed, and tell me where did you ever see them acting or talking like many people talking here, that would let emotions control their brain. When we want to say we walk on the footsteps of Ahlul Bayt, doesn't mean memorizing everything they said without understanding.
  16. Did you see me clearly saying I will rephrase it, or you made up your mind replying before you read what I said?
  17. Exactly, that is why I said Allah knows betters, I didn't judge him, but you asked what about him and why no one talked about him.
  18. On a forum on the internet where any one can write anything, that can lead someone stray from religion, or indulge wrong information the can twist ones belief around. It is each persons obligation to write information and Hadiths with caution; 1st. So people within the Shia faith, don't take wrong information and have beliefs that don't belong to Muslim school. 2nd. Because many people can read this, and read false Hadiths from here and here, and that can lead them to lose their faith. 3rd. So if many people from others faith read this, don't laugh at us putting wrong information regarding our religion, just as we laugh at them when they do with theirs. I believe this is a duty of every Muslim person when posting online, or anywhere in life in any discussion. Point of debating isn't to "prove you are correct", but to show the truth.
  19. There are HAdiths such as: Regarding his intention towards Allah, many people say there is a hadiths that say other things: "it is narrated that Mukhtar sent one hundred thousand dirham for Imam Zainul Abideen. But Imam wanted not to accept them. And he also feared that if he returned, than Mukhtar will create trouble for him, so he let the money at his home. When Mukhtar was killed, Imam wrote to Abdul Malik that this is your right, take it away. And he cursed Mukhtar and said, he would lie upon us, and he would claim that wahi of Allah reveals on me." Jila ul Ayun , by Baqir Majlisi, p. 805-807 Few scholars believe that Mukhtar wanted to gain rule and kingdom, and used this way for his purpose. And in the beginning, he attached himself with Imam Zainul Abideen, since he was not appointed (mamoor) on khuruj he was aware of his false intentions, he didn’t accept Mukhtar’s request. Than Mukhtar attached himself with Muhammad ibn Hanafiya, and he would invite the people towards him, and he would call Muhammad Ibn Hanafiyya, the Mehdi. And the Kaysaniya sect was started by him. And they said Muhammad ibn Hanafiya is alive, and he is the last Imam, and thanks to God, that religion ended and its followers have finished, and they were called Kaysani because they were the companions of Mukhtar and Mukhtar was called Kaysan because according to their reports, Ali called him Kays in some of his letters. Or due to this reason that the leader of Mukhtar’s army and his advisor, was Abu Umra, and he was called Kaysan. And from the reports, it is clear that Mukhtar’s intention regarding his khuruj were not correct. He had appointed liars to preach his religion. But since great things were done by him, we are hopeful of his salvation, and not to indulge in matters of such people is the right way. Jila ul Ayun , by Baqir Majlisi, p. 805-807 And more and more and more. Allaho Aalam regarding their authenticity, thus I personally cannot say they're true or not. If he did it with pure intention towards Allah, then may Allah make his status higher, if not, then Allah knows better where his status lies.
  20. True, I did not say no I am just saying the word "revenge" doesnt go through. I am explaining the dispute over Mukhtar al Thaqafi not more.
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