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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam brother, Thus, we will start in good faith. And, I will try to answer all the questions and/or observations you have raised below. If I fail, then maybe someone can add more. 1. Muslims believe that the author of the Holy Quran is God, and not Mohammad. The Quran in Arabic is the Quran. Any translation of the Quran is not Quran, as the translations of the Quran are not inspired by God. 2. Each verse of the Holy Quran has seven meanings. The first and foremost meaning is explained by the Prophet. This meaning is called the "Tafsir" of the Quran and is widely available online. The tafsir of the Quran is part of the Sunnah of Mohammad. 3. Quran tells us to worship God five times a day, and this is different than praying to God. The Quran only mentions three times, and it doesn't tell us how to worship God. It is the Sunnah of Mohammad, which tells us these three times in fact, are five times. And, it is the Sunnah of Mohammad which tells us how to worship God, and not the Quran. Again, keeping in mind worshiping God is different than praying to God. The worshiping of God is a set way, which is taught to us by the Sunnah of Mohammad, and it doesn't change from day to day. 4. So in conclusion, without the Sunnah of Mohammad, we will not understand the Holy Quran. As explained above not all instructions are in the Holy Quran. The structure for almost everything is in the Quran, but the instructions are in the Sunnah of Mohammad. Even though the Quran confirms the previous Scriptures, but with due respect and no offense intended, Islam believes that the previous Scriptures have fallen to corruptions and no longer applicable. Again, this is the Islamic belief with no disrespect intended. No, I am not against Quran. What I am trying to say that don't look at Quran with a mindset of an Christians. For example, in Christianity "Holy Spirit" is God, but in Islam it is not. Also, Arabic is a very higher level language, and each word has several meaning. Take for example, in English, words have several meanings too. But in Arabic, the words have many, many more meanings. In Christianity one finds a committee translating the Holy Gospel. But in Islam it is only the individuals translating the Quran, as translations are frowned upon, because translated Quran is not Quran. Also, when the individuals translate the Quran, they try to askew the translation towards their beliefs. Beliefs of Sunnis and Shias differ, and within these two major sects, there are bunch and bunch of other sects. Thus, a translator is always trying to prove his/her sect. If I have came across as such then I apologize. There are certain thing all Muslims believe, without any doubt. Three such examples, but many more: 1. Sunnah of Mohammad is = Holy Quran. 2. God is not Holy Spirit. 3. Two angels and both recording angels, and no guardian angel. Thus, when I came across something which all Muslims believe, I try to explain you as such. If anything only the Shia believe that I try to explain this too. For example, as I have posted before: "Muslims' belief, one angel on the right shoulder records the good deeds, and the another angel on the left shoulder records the bad deeds, thus both angels are recording angels. And, Shia's belief the angel who records the bad deeds, is under the command of the angel who records the good deeds". So the question one would then ask if one want to learn further, Why the Shia's believe the angel who records the bad deeds, is under the command of the angel who records the good deeds"? What Mohammad taught worship God and no human being, and the rest follows from it. I married 35 years ago, from USA. My wife is a Muslim but all my in-laws are Christians. Anyone who doesn't believe that the Sunnah of Mohammad is = Holy Quran, is not considered a Muslim. He/she is considered a deviant Muslim, and this is the belief of all mainstreams Sunnis and all mainstreams Shias. There is a group of Muslim in Sunnis, who call themselves "Quran Only" Muslims, but the mainstreams Sunnis consider them deviant. I hope that I have responded to you in good faith again. If I failed and you need some more information, I will always try to respond more. Wa' Salam.
  2. Are you Ali H Syed? Are you the double? Do you know what I mean by double? Only Wahhabis use the double in everything? Ask Haideriam, what I mean by double? You wouldn't understand what Hadieriam and I mean by doubles.
  3. Let your cousin Ali H Syed post what he said about Imam Ali (as) and the hadith about blackmail?
  4. You are not Ali H Syed. He believes that Imam Ali (as) was blackmailed by Umer and Imam Ali married his daughter to Umer under duress. Are you Ali H Syed?
  5. Salam brother, I don't believe in tarif. We will discuss this later. I am an Usuli and I do taqlid of Syed Sistani.
  6. Yes, according to Ali H Syed and Mr. Zaveri, they both believe that Imam Ali (as) was blackmailed.
  7. And, neither khanis is an English word. But Yazid (la) is both khanis and khabeth. I am sure that you don't like this.
  8. Do you read English? I called Yazid (la) a khabeth and khanis. I didn't call ibn Taymiyyah (la) a khanis, I only called him a khabeth. You are the one who argues like Mr. Zaveri that Imam Ali gave into blackmail, and gave into duress and married his daughter to Umer. Because Umer blackmailed Imam Ali, and Imam Ali was weak and gave into duress.
  9. lol. Unfortunately, you jumped in like the Whisper. Read ten posts before post #294. It is the Whisper, who jumps in and causes the fitna. Here is the post of the Whisper which caused the fitna. lol. Finally, you acknowledged.
  10. No, I didn't. Show me the post. Anyhow, I am waiting for Mr. Ali H Syed views on this. He and his cousin are watching this thread.
  11. lol. Mr Arab the Ahab called my mother a khabeth. Is your mother a khabeth. Or is Mr. Mushu mums a khabeth?
  12. Then why did you call your mum khabeth? Mr. Zaveri believes that Imam Ali (as) married his daughter to Umer under duress. Under duress because Mr. Umer blackmailed Imam Ali (as).
  13. And, you believe like your cousin that Imam Ali (as) gives into blackmail?
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