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  1. Jts read ur post Bro. I've KNOWN for quite some time SC has been infiltritated by ppl who I suspect may not even be Muslim. N they closed my last accnt- n still havent even told me what rules I violated. (Funny coz I had that accnt for 24 hrs only)

  2. Dont worry bro/sis. They do it to me all the time. I wrote a reply to ur post...guess what? they deleeted it. N they shut down my accnt which I had for 24 hrs...without even answering why.

  3. Ok, I just wanna know...who the HECK is Paul Elliott? Why is there a Paul Elliott on a Muslim site n that too a Shia one????? Wonder what his fellow Christians have to say abt that....
  4. im thankful for your kind words :).. Its good to see kind ppl like you around on the site -)

    May Allah bless you with all the happiness in life Inshallah.

  5. Awwww sis jst came here to tell u, that little fetus pic is the sweetest! App u're expecting and Inshallah it'll all be health and good and...I dunno much ab pregnancies but inshallah u'll have the healthiest, happy little baby etc etc!

  6. Awwww sis you have the sweetest little pic and explanation of how a baby develops on ur profile! Love it! The chubby little rugrats are God's angels!
  7. For those of you who are single, doesnt it just seem ODD how like...everyone has babies????? Do you feel like maybe you're abnormal coz you don't??? I feel like a live on some other planet when I look at married ppl and ppl with kids. Furhermore....sorry but marriage is a very repulsive thought. In fact, do you feel like getting into that kind of intimate, share-living-space with-someone kind of relationship is repulsive?
  8. how sweet. youre in love w/ur opposite. One of you will have to compromise....usually the "lesser" person has to compromise. Lesser as in lesser spiritually. Sometimes soulmats are opposites. The one on the light path will never compromise...the one on the darker path has to evolve . Of course, many times opposites are also not soulmates , just difficult lessons life throws at us.
  9. Wow. I dont know what to make of your story bro..I'd tend to believe the Imam can be met but every1 here says it's impossible????? Can you tell me more abt your story?
  10. U have a sharp eye, bro....coz my first reaction to Knights Templar was also what?????? As far as I know they ere the BAD guys who massaccred Muslims during the Crusades, their mission was (is?) to find soem Holy Grail, they're like the Illuminati, and their rituals include obscene homosexual acts.....so like you I also first thougt "why does he even have this name????" FINALLY...WE HAVE SOMEONE W/HALF A BRAIN ON SC! Congrats, Bro! You'll find this site is corrupted as hell sometimes.
  11. Where did that topic go? The one abt some dude named Thomas McElwain meeting Imam Mahdi physically? It was on General discussions just earlier. I'd like to know what the general consensus is. Coz some guy named Ibn e Mahziya met the Imam (it's on Youtube...beautiful video). I am sure you can at least meet the Imam spiritually, in dreams, through letter's etc. I've heard of the Imam meeting ppl physically during Hajj. I think it's very possible...what does everyone else think?
  12. Yo are u still on SC?

  13. I'll bet Dajjal comes out of the closet 2012. Only ppl won't know it's him. They'll be caught up in this new-age spiritual BS and the NWO etc...
  14. Is this really our Ali Imran? The one everyone picks on? Wow! This is beautiful and well done!
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