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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    HAPPY B'DAY 2 U...


  2. salam and mola madad to all.. where r the participants of this global compaign..where r u peoples.????...plz reply and share your experience of doing something for MOLA PAAK{ajfs} i hope that will b fantastic as mine,,,because every lover feels satisfaction after giving proves of his love..may the shining sun {AL-SHAMAS ajfs} rise upon us as soon as possible........ :yaali: ya MOLA KAREEM alajal
  3. SALAM AND MOLA MADAD TO ALL here is a link of a thread online books about mola imam MAHDI ajfs....in the same forum of mola paak.at 13th number there is a book{QAIM IN QURAN} that is about those ayat which are related to mola paak.. http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=234954347 here is direct link of that book. http://www.shiabooks.ca/mahajjah.htm YA MOLA KAREEM ALAJAL
  4. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  5. yes these r also reasons but except this HE{ajfs} is saviour of mankind,,hujjat e zaman,imam e waqt..and being HIS sevants and lovers we shia love our Imam atfs sooo much that to hear his voice see his face have any kind of nearness is all our hearts desire and all we live for, we are slaves to our Imam atfs and it would give us too much happiness for seeing our Imam..this is not but a blessing from Allah azwj to have a ziyarat of our Imam atfs personally i seek seek no othr reward but one opportunity to be near to Him atfs ..as a lover wants to be near his beloved so we wish to be near our Beloved atfs...i think every lover wants to see his beloved one...is n't it.........??????????
  6. ok brother i will conform it but u hav n't said any thing about conclusion..... don't u think that MOLA PAAK ajfs can cone any time any day......and also that we can make his quick arrival,,,because the point of discussion is thsi.... so plz share ur precious thinking. MOLA MAKREEM ALAJAL
  7. SALAM and MOLA MADAD to all................... nice topic and nice discussion brothers i want to say only one thing that as we all know that if someone says why and where to any MOLA's sayings then he has no eman,,if these lords say it is night then we should not think that whether it is night or not..we should admit and beleive that yes our lords are right....... the friday{jummma} defined as a day of collecting peoples{as ijtimah}.it is the day of our holy hujjat MOLA SAIB UZ ZAMAN{ajfs}..when ever HE will come{may today} HE will collect all peoples so that collecting day is also jummah{not necessarily by these days,but by its meanings} and regarding ashoora{10 moharram},,u all have listened one famous saying of 4th ALI IMAM ALSAJJAD SAWW that ,,,"kull o youm in ashoora,wa kull o arzin karbla",that every day is ashoora and ever land is karbla...............by this saying and our beleives today is also ashora as 6TH MOLA IMAM ALSADIQ SAWW says "that every morning and evening,wait for HIS arrival",,i m not denying any hadees or saying,but just saying one thing that IMAM OR HUJJAT OR THESE HOLY PERSONALITIES can not b bounded in days and times,,,,if our lord arrive at any other day,any one who will deny HIM{ajfs} will be maloon like yazeed{la}...HE is all in all of this time because HE is ulil amar{ajfs},,he can come today{although by the respect of these days and date it is not friday and not ashoora,,but as i mentioned earlier it can b jumma and ashoora also} our work is that every morning and evening{means every time} wait for HIS HOLY ARRIVAL,and try to make his arrival as early as possible by doing more and more dua and every other aspect by which we can achieve our goal}.. quoting two farameens{sayings}...1.{the vail of my invisibilty can be lifted if you pray hard for my early arrival}.........2."{If our shias; may Allah help them in His obedience; would have fulfilled their covenant with united hearts then there would have. been no delay in our meeting, and they would have been blessed with our visitation at the earliest, along with the recognition of truth and confirmation of our rights." (Referance: Al Ihtejaj vol.2 Pg.602).....
  8. SALAM AND MOLA MADAD TO ALL FRIENDS yeh barri ajeeb baat hay k hum apnay dushman,apnay baap k dushman ko to chowk me galian detay hain lekin MOLA k dushmanoo pay tabbara shirarat....? mohabat ki sharat hay k mehboob k dushmanoo se nafrat ki jai,aur tabara nafrat ki daleel hay so KHANDAAN E TATHEER K HAR HAR DUSHMAN PAY LANATTTTTTTTT beshumar..........
  9. SALAM AND MOLA MADAD TO ALL dostoo, MAZLOOM ka ziker_ e_ azaa bhi chaheye lekin iss zikr e azaa main yeh dua bhi chaheye dard o gham kab tak rahay ga KHANA E MAZLOOM ME intaqaam e SHEHNSHAH E KARBLA BHI CHAHEYE ya MUNTAQIM E KHOON E HUSSAIN SAWW ALAJAL ALAJAL
  10. SALAM and MOLA MADAD..................... In dua SANAM A QURESH {NARRATED BY MOLA AMEER E KAINAAT saww}...there is a sentence that..."aaye khuda tu inn par,aur in k sathion par,aur inn k pairokaroon par,aur in k pairokaroon k sath kharray honay waloon par lanat kar,beshumar lanat,lagatar lanat,abdi lanat" ..................................beshak dushman e ahl e bait pay lanat beshumar............................ but aik baat ka khayal rakhna k mola k dushmanoo k sath kharra honay waloon par b lanat hay,aur un k pairokaroon k sath kharra honay waloon par b lanat hay,so keep a distance in ur dealing as well as relations,MASOOMEEN ka dushman nijas ul aiin hota hay......
  11. This Dua Pak have been started If any one else wanna join, reply to this post with your name signed under the last persons... Name Time ShiaSoldier@2007_______________ 8:00 p.m to 9:00 p.m yazahra313____________________12am-1am (California Time) / depends on US state to determine GMT time. farah_________________________ 3-4am PST(pakistan standard time) / 10pm-11pm GMT Azam Abbas___________________ 4-5am PST(pakistan standard time) / 11pm-12am GMT shabar naqvi{lords313___________4-5pm pst(pak standard time) / 11am-12pm GMT Jaane Ya Ali___________________ 9pm-10pm (UK timing) / 9pm-10pm GMT Teabiz________________________5-6am or 6-7pm (UK Timing) / 05:00-06:00 or 18:00-19:00 GMT Akbar007 _____________________4 am to 5 am (IST) asad abbas____________________15:00GMT (11:00pm China Standard Time) Salman ali ammar______________ 2230-2330 (+500 GMT) Abd e Murshad_________________ 2-3am Pak Standard Time mishal________________________6-7a.m(china standard time) zainab________________________9-10pm(central usa timing) raza hyder____________________ 2-3 a.m (china standard time) yurmuslimfriend________________12 PM to 1pm usa time -6 GMT central shahzadi______________________7-8am(china standard time) simplymoja___________________ 8-9 pm mondays to fridays. Weekends 8-9a.m Kazim Malik___________________3-4 am PST kaash________________________600 - 700 PST, i.e. 100 - 200 GMT any one else who want to join to make his or her effoert for everlasting peace and happiness for MOLA KAREEM and HIS HOLY FAMILY.. ....for intaqaam e mazloomeen.. ....to stop the tears of blood from holy eyes of MOLA SAHIB UZ ZAMAN{ajfs} 19 people................. woww what achievment it is.....out of more than 20,000 users of shiachat only 19 peoples who are ready to give only one hour daily{that is fraction of life} to ever lasting peace and happiness of MOLA IMAM E ZAMAN{ajfs} and HOLY AHL U BAIT SAWW................. only one hour for revenge of karbla and all injustices done to our beloved personalities... only one hour to stop tears of blood from MOLA IMAM E ZAMAN{ajfs}... what a point of sorrow that whole shia nation say that we love AHL U BAIT saww,,we can give our live,we can give each and every thing to them,,and in reality out of these 20 thousands only 19 peoples are agree to give only a fraction of life................what kind of this love is,is it love...???????? any one else who wants to stop tears of blood from holy eyes of mola paak,,,,,,? any one else who wants to take revenge of ahl u bait saww.....?
  12. SALAM AND MOLA MADAD.......... there is need of global compaign as it is mentioned in the start of 1st post that......"Molana Maqbool Ahmed has quoted a hadees from Tafseer e Ayyashi on page 274 of the translated quraan pak. While explaining the 170 years deduction in the duration of a 400 years long azab on Bani Israil, Maula Imam Al-Sadiq salwat ullah e aleh (sua) said, " There will be a prolonged ghaibat for our Qaaim (AJF). If our Shias will also pray united for 40 days, Allah will reduce the duration of ghaibat. Otherwise there is a fixed time by Almighty when Zahoor is definitely to take place." Mola IMAM E ZAMANA{ajfs} says that, ""And pray more for an early reappearance. For certainly, in it, is your success." (Referance: Kamaaluddin vol.2 Pg.485, Ghaibat-e-Toosi pg.292-293) and at another ocassion MOLA PAAK SAYS, ""If our shias; may Allah help them in His obedience; would have fulfilled their covenant with united hearts then there would have. been no delay in our meeting, and they would have been blessed with our visitation at the earliest, along with the recognition of truth and confirmation of our rights." (Referance: Al Ihtejaj vol.2 Pg.602) Now these all farameen shows a collective efforts to make MOLA'S RETURN.I alos hav n't come acros any hadees or saying of masoomen saww that only one momin is enough,,if there is then it mean that this time no one is momin out of approximately 6.5 billion human beings, 1.5 billion muslims, 230 million shias and 50 million Syeds..then what will u say about these ulemaa{so big names} Friends the point of thinking is that If peoples of BANI ISRAEL can make the early return of there HUJJAT,,the why we can't....what they did.they prayed hard for only 40 days in desert,now i m again posting a saying of mola IMAM E ZAMAN ajfs that,,,,""THE VAIL OF MY INVISIBILTY{GHAIBAAT} CAN BE LIFTED IF YOU PRAY HARD FOR MY EARLY REAPPEARENCE{ZAHOOR PAAK}" ................. let every one of us should think that whether we need him to b with us or not......??????????????
  13. i have just read only one volume of Asma ul Hujjat written by this PERSONALITY,so beautiful and unexplainable explanation of HOLY NAMES OF MOLA KAREEM{ajfs},,i have read many writers but HIS convincing style is unbeleivable.. when i was reading the book many times i was shocked and felt that these lines and words are especially written for me,i know some writters have so strong quality that every reader thinks like me but HE is above all no one can meet them, those who r not agree with me should read these books,no one can deny from this truth that really HE WAS MIRACLE OF MOLA SAHIB UZ ZAMAN{ajfs}
  14. SALAM we can recite the english translation of these Dua's as it helps us to better grasp the meaning of what we are asking. Besides this you can pray in your own language what ever it may be, as we are better able to express our selves in our mothertounges. Also languages have no bounds over our MOLA PAK AJF. Dear brother you can find the English translation of Salwat-e-Kamila (to be recited 313 times) Dua-e-Farj (that can be recited 59 times) Dua-e-Ahad and Zyarat-e-Aal-e-Yaseen on this page. I am posting the following link in which you can find many Duas related to Our Beloved Mola PAAK (AJF). you will find these duas in arabic Complete with ENGLISH translation and you can also download them in mp3 audio format. Dua's Realated to Imam-e-Zamana AJF
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