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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Does our luggage become impure (I.e. does it need cleansing) if sniffed by an airport dog (TSA/US customs)? I think the breed used is beagle.
  2. I searched shiachat but a specific answer eludes me. 1. Can a bride REFUSE dowry? Note; I don't want anything and there is always a mention of dowry (money or something of monetary value). 2. Instead of money (or equivalent), can I just ask for a dua, or a flower plucked from the forest? 3. Are the dowry rules the same for both Nikah and Mutah? Thank you, and May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) guide us all.
  3. Salamalykum brothers and sisters, Lately, i am coming across individuals who claim they believe in God only (although they were raised as Christians) as they got disenchanted with their church and organized religion. I have no doubt about their belief in God, but it has left me in a bind if i can consider them Ahlul Qitab (re: eating their cooked food etc??). If it helps, they dont actively show allegiance, or follow, the bible. "Am very spiritual and believe in God" is the common phrase.
  4. Previous thread about this dates to 2008. i moved recently to Charleston and would be interested in meeting other Shia brethren.
  5. Thank you all very much for the clarification and thank you ShiaChat!
  6. original poster here thanking you for the responses. the brother (ex husband) wants to know: 1. does the fact that they were separated over a year (no conjugal relations) affect his responsibility to provide her living expenses during the idda period? 2. if she had her own income during separation and after the divorce, does that change anything regarding his responsibility towards her idda period living expenses?
  7. I am advising a divorced brother. His ex-wife is demanding he pay her living expenses for the time she was in Idda (she lived separately from him) She is asking for 3.5 months expenses. Is this time period correct? Isn't 3 menstrual cycles (2 months) the rule? PS. he would pay her more without objection, but his financial situation is not the best. Any help in answering this issue will be greatly appreciated.
  8. Salamalykum Brothers & Sisters. 4 questions: 1. If a man divorces his wife, is he allowed to marry her again (her iddah is long completed)? 2. If a man divorces his wife, is he allowed to perform Muta with her (her iddah is long completed)? 3. If the wife divorces the husband (Khula), can she marry ex husband (her iddah is long completed)? 4. If the wife divorces the husband (khula), can she perform Mutah with ex husband (her iddah is long completed)?
  9. The girl I did mutah with had difficulty saying the Arabic words correctly, so I requested that we re-pronounce the contract, and after a few tries, I am confident she finally got the words correct. just have a nagging question in my mind: if we did the contract (she saying her part, and I responding) multiple times, is it still valid if we got it right finally? thank you.
  10. Ok, i posted this in the "social, family, marriage" section and no replies at all...Hopefully, i will hear from some learned people here... Issue: I met a lady who is in Iddah after getting a Khula divorce which, as you can imagine, took long to happen given the obstacles. So she, in many ways, feels that, although she haa to abide by Iddah, she should be able to "talk" to a guy (me) about marriage, but any proposal will have to wait after Iddah period is over. you guessed it? i feel Iddah has more to it than just certifying no pregnancy/conception happened. I would love to talk to her right now during her Iddah, but i am hesitant. Keep in mind we are both middle aged and would be talking detailed stuff (previous families, kids, finances, etc) i.e. it would have the semblance of a couple discussing their issues.... i guess i am asking if there is more to Iddah than ensuring the girl isn't pregnant? Am i making too much of this? Shoot away ladies and gentlemen....
  11. salamalaikum all, i did search shiachat quite a bit but this question has not been covered, which is: the lady i am talking to for possible marriage is in Iddah from a divorce (Khula). I am not sure if such a situation allows her to talk to me although she says "talking is allowed" but "proposing for marriage is not allowed" Can someone explain if her assertion is valid. Lots has been said about lady required to wait to make sure no conception, but nothing about any other issue that might not be obvious on the surface. Thoughts/clarification will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  12. Visiting detroit; saw Mango's Restaurant with Muslim clients..anyone know if its fully halal? sorry if this sounds naive? any local websites that could help with restaurant picks?..zabihah.com is national but doesnt cover all...
  13. Noone is adressing the question asked earlier: A man is allowed to marry (permanent/temporary) without the wife's permission? There is no argument w/that rule. Now, he does it and then is confronted by the wife about the 3rd woman. What does he do? If he says "yes", she walks out, if he says "no", is he LYING? my opinion says he can say NO and not be a sinner (for lying). Please provide logical input, not emotional. It is an important issue confronting many. And to preempt those who are wondering: there is no pre-condition b4 marriage that he can not marry again, just that the wife would not accept it according to him.
  14. Asalamalaikum, After inquiring with Mujtahid's rep website, have been advised to contact local Imam to recite divorce formula (on Mujtahid's behalf) in presence of "2 just witnesses" > I assume this can only be done by Imam if Husband (we divorced in Civil court) fulfills certain criteria (abdicates his duties, becomes insane etc). Q: who selects these "2 witnesses" and how does it work (i am a woman)? :( . Not sure if my local Imam will even agree to do it, which i realize is separate issue? Has anyone gone through this experience???
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