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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Isn't our believe is between us and God... Why do we need to show it? Whats the point in that?
  2. :) Right and Wrong!!!! So do you think we have the right to judge people and say who's right and who's wrong. I thought only God can do that...
  3. I totally agree with you brother. But i see alot of people get emotional over these discussions :) it really hurts me. We are supposed to be united to face and overcome the evils in today's world. but instead we keep on fighting among us.
  4. Salam, I'm neither sunni nor shia... Why? Cause my dad's sunni and my mom's shia... i've been exposed to both sects. i go to sunni mosques to ofer prayer and i also go to imam bargahs for majlish... and i don't consider myself either shia or sunni... i consider myself a MUSLIM. Inshalla i'll be getting married soon to a shia girl. Though she is a bit more religious than i am and she tries to convet me to shiaism. I have no issues with that. i'm always open to learn more. I wanted to tell you my background before asking the following question so that you can understand why i'm asking it. I've been researching on Shia Sunni differences and all stuff related to it on net for past 6 months... And One thing that really confuses me is WHY ONE SECT TRIES TO PROVE THEMSELVES RIGHT BY PROVING THE OTHER SECT WRONG? Why don't the both sects exist peacefully??? WHY?
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