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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ^ sarcastic statements like that do not suit individuals like you...I forgive you
  2. ^ that is not what i had in plan... thanks for diminishing my spirit!
  3. salam all I have been watching the news and i am very sad that these events are taking place. I feel really useless and guilty staying home simply watching the news. I live in a country where there are not many Muslims \. What is a duty of a Muslim living in a non-Muslim country? What should i do? can i do anything to help??
  4. Thanks for posting this. It really helped! :)
  5. Salam I get really nervous when exams come. How do you guyz deal with exam stress? Any particular thing that helps you?
  6. salam i think i sleep to much. Is there a way to reduce sleep?
  7. dude i'm a girl! AND its just a question...i dont waant any adventure
  8. Salam There are thousands of movies, poems, and books dedicated to love. Yet i find the entire concept fake, nothing but exaggeration. i want to know Islamicly is there such thing as love between man and women before marriage? And How to you know its love not some other feeling?
  9. I just don't understand how you can pray jumma with sunnis...their timing is completely different.Its like always 12:30... i went few times but i just did the niyath of qaza morning prayers...but when the wahabi imam said that in heaven we are going to see God and other strange things...i never went back..
  10. yes but the prize for the first place was not shoes...
  11. Also, has any one written the exam instead of taking the foundation Studies Program in qum? Is it hard?
  12. salam One of the requirements to attend hawza in London is to complete a A level. What is a A level?
  13. Salam I really enjoyed reading this book. This book has really inspired me to read tafseer e quran.:yaali: I was wondering if we could read tafseer for small suras for the next reading? SORG was a great idea, thanks Persian Shah!
  14. I know this website that has many Iranian movies and serials but I don't think the website has the permission to post them. So i'm not sure if i should post the link...
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