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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam o Alakum and Mola madad this circle of 40 day dua pak is about to start again from the 31st of August 2011 (i.e 29th of shaban). people who want to participate are warm welcomed. If you wanna join, reply to this post with your name + time signed under the last persons.. Farah Abbas..................3-4am PST (10pm-11pm GMT)
  2. Hi, I m Ali, get conect wd me at hussainbhojani@yahoo.com

  3. Assalam alaik ...this is 22 years old Muslim secret doctor guy prince of Yemen student of Criminal Justice Science in international islamic university of madinah munawwarah ,,if you want to know me more just search me in facebook or in tagged by this name " boy islami"...jazakallah khair..just add me

  4. salam wana chat with you

  5. Salaam , u've a beautiful name!

  6. Sehr qareeb andheron ko door hona hai Zaleel dushman e deen ko zaroor hona hai Bata rahi hain yeh tabdeleeyan zamanay ke Kisi WALI (ajfs) ka yaqeenan zahoor hona hai
  7. Lafz kya madah ma likhoon. Apnay aamal per sharminda hoon. Ghafil dunia murda log. kab murdoon ma zinda hoon. Tu ajfs sadioon sa rota hai. Pal Pal ma main hansta hoon. Tu ajfs Nusrat ka talib ha. Main jannat dhondta phirta hoon. Tuj sa kiya kab talb Tujaha? Main dunia mangta rehta hoon. Tere khushian naidarkar mujhay. Bus apnay s...akoon ko tarapta hoon. Tera ghar ujrah hai, ujrah rahai. Mera ghar to hansta basta ha. Teray ghattia dushman bhonktay hain. Main aman duain karta hoon. Har gustakh thikaney lag jain. Dil main dua to rakhta hoon. Per dil k chor sa darta hoon. Khabeer o aleem biizaat
  8. I would suggest you to read " MULAQAT E IMAM E ZAMAN"
  9. @ hussain.....it means "a flatus expelled through the anus". ....

    @ watermelon....you appeared as a depressed and rejected person by his own family and society who is trying to get attention by such filthy jokes.......

  10. "If you ask for guidance, you shall have it; and if you pursue something, you shall find it." (Imam Mehdi ajfs) (Reference: Bihar al-Anwar Ch.51, P.339)
  11. thanks for sharing its worth to watch
  12. extremely beautiful dream...keep reciting dua e ahad... have faith on Mola ajfs....insha'Allah you'll be in his army.
  13. I would suggest you don't take the following comment of blahblahblah seriously. that's just ridiculous..

    masaallah brother you have seen an extremely beautiful dream. have faith on MOla ajfs. Imam ajfs showed you as his solider fighting from his side so you will be in future too...


  14. Ahlulbayt Tv + Hidayat Tv R Not Charity ...can you brief me about what you are trying to explain in attachment. I'm fail to understand.


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