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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Wa alaykum salaam, We used to have a prayer room but it was often full with brothers. So a few sisters and I would pray in the library - just at the back and between the rows of books. 90% of the time no one would see you but if they did, they'd just glance and keep walking. At one workplace, I used the sick bay as it was never full (small workplace). The last place I worked at had a prayer room alhamdulillah. But make do, sister :) It's better than being late on all of those days.
  2. Wa alaykum salaam, My son is 7.5 months and on some solids, but still breastfed for the most part. InshaAllah I'll be fasting for Ramadhan. I fasted while pregnant which was fine alhamdulillah but haven't fasted while BFing so this is new for me. I am planning to eat 3 meals in the 24 hr period - breaking the fast, a late dinner and suhoor. Plus a lot of dates, oats, lots of water, etc. Pregnant and breastfeeding sisters are excused from fasting if they fear there will be consequences for the child - in my own situation, my son doesn't take a bottle so if my supply dwindles then I will nee
  3. Thank you Zahra! I just checked a few sites from there and they look good. I can't read Chinese but the English versions look great so hopefully the translations are good for her inshaAllah. THank you for your tips everyone!
  4. Can anyone who was posting here help me find Shi'a resources (websites, online books, etc) in Chinese? I'm hoping that someone is still using SC!
  5. Agreed, it's definitely something that I've experienced. I once called a mosque in the area that I had moved to because I wanted to get a certificate saying I had converted. We need it for hajj, umrah, etc. When I called, she refused to discuss it with me because "I could be anyone, I could walk in off the street and say I was Muslim and how did they know I was telling the truth?" I mean seriously :( It doesn't hurt to be a bit more welcoming. After all, it'd be great if someone did walk in to a mosque off the street and want to be Muslim!!
  6. Assalaamu alaykum all, I'm hoping someone would be able to point me in the right direction. A girl I know is interested in becoming Muslim. However initially she didn't want to choose a school of thought and was still in the 'thinking about it' stage. She has since been sort of scared off by the recent protests in our city re the youtube movie as the protests got very violent and ugly on behalf of some 'brothers' (Wahhabi really). I was thinking that to combat this, it seems time to re-introduce her to Islam through our own resources (Shi'a) as the only Muslim friend she has did not do this as
  7. Sorry but that's a terrible thing to say. Do you have any idea of what Shi'as, especially Qatifis, do to try and raise awareness of what is going on? How many more martyrs do there need to be before you are satisfied that Nimr is not alone and Saudi Shi'a are not, as you put it, "ignorant Arabs"? AstaghfirAllah but that is completely uncalled for brother and I would suggest that you take some time to research the past of Qatif, including the previous revolution 20 years ago and its consequences, before you throw such accusations.
  8. Lol Riyadh! Yep there are stacks of Saudi shias, approx. 20 percent of the population & mostly concentrated in the Eastern region of Saudi although there are a few in Medina. I ended up choosing Parramatta, only because we couldn't find anything anywhere else! Arncliffe is still my first choice so hopefully we'll end up there at some point, inshaAllah khair... thank you every for all of the comments, it definitely helped!
  9. Assalamu alaykum :) I am apartment hunting in Sydney at the moment, can anyone recommend any good suburbs? Or even give me a bit of advice on my choices so far lol. I'm looking in Arncliffe, Rockdale & Parramatta at the moment. I'm looking for somewhere that's within 15-20 mins (driving/walking/public transport) to the main Shi'a mosques in Sydney and that's relatively quiet/safe :)
  10. Yep I do at times :) I wore it full time when I first started wearing hijab as I didn't have anything hijabi appropriate to wear to work (I do now), but before I'd wear a plain black abaya with black work pants underneath and flats. If you feel weird about it, you can start slow and wear an abaya with a cardigan over the top. I'm the only (and first!) Muslim in my workplace so I get what you mean but it's easier than you think :)
  11. Sister, as a convert that's really quite offensive. All of my friends are born out of "western parents", as you say, and almost all of them do not do drugs, drink or have sexual relationships - and they're not Muslims, either. It's true that many Western youth do go out and drink, do drugs and have sexual relationships - but I can name a heap of Muslims that do that too. So what do those parents teach their children? The fact is that while many, many parents instil a set of values with their children, youths want to rebel! They want to go against their parents wishes and do things that they we
  12. I might be moving to Sydney in the next 2 - 3 months, if I do is it okay if I email you for Arabic lessons? :) :)
  13. Lol thank you so much for your help everyone! :D
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