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  1. salam alaikum brothers sisters the meat which is coming from newzealand available in stores in UK is it HALAL? i heard from few but didnt see a halal label regards
  2. as salam o alaikum what is the ruling for mortgaging house will it come under interest
  3. brother Reza i didn't get your response Kindly elaborate wa salam
  4. Dear Members Any shia community in soouthwest england specially Exeter Plymouth Torquay Any madrasssa activity for kids Thank You
  5. Dear members Is buying from places which sell haram meat and alcoholic products allowed If not what is the option
  6. Ashaab e kuhuf will be in the army of 313 this is know i read a book some time ago which listed the names and location of the 313 unfortunately i don't have the book with me i'll try to get the book if i can and will post the names according to that book wa salaam
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