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  1. Masha Allah Momineen Kya kisi ustaad shair ka kalam mil sakta hae, aur behta hae Urdu script mein. Mein yahan Congo mein Manqabat parrhne ki jisarat karta hoon, aur Roman English mein mic per perrhna, kabhi kabhar atak jata hae. Jazak Allah
  2. Salam Momineen Koi asatizae karaam ka kalaam - Qasida/Manqabat hogi Hazrat Abbas A.S. ki shaan mein pls?
  3. Salam The above lyrics have some errors. Can someone send correct lyrics, and if possible in Urdu script? Jazak Allah
  4. Salam brothers Please kuch chhoti baher mein Anees, Josh ki manqabat post farmae. Jazak Allah
  5. Salam Jazak Allah brother. The best would be if you only quote unquote from the website of 'Ayatullah Syed Ali Sistani". www.sistani.org
  6. Salam brother, I need Urdu pdf of Quran e Majeed from any reliable Aalim, like Marhoom Syed Zeeshan Haidar Jawadi. Jazak Allah
  7. Most brutal and horrific. The most important thing, "what have we learned from that incident, looking down the history after 53 years?" 1. Unity is the call of the day. Dividing forces must be silenced or at least distanced, isolated. 2. Develop a strategy to secure our own selves and do not be dependent upon external sources. 3. Properly guard any and every gathering. 4. Pray for the hastening of our beloved Imam, our leader, our hope, our soul, our mentor. We are like orphans in his absence. Allah Almighty please please hasten his reappearance.
  8. Salam all May I quote from Ayatullah Sistani website regarding opting for Istekhara: Question: When is it good or necessary to see an Istikhara? Answer: Istikhara is done when you are confused and perplexed. One must first of all consult experts or wise individuals to see if he can reach a decision. If after consultation he still remains confused, he can then do Istikhara. You must know that when an act is good in itself, there is no need to make Istikhara for it. http://www.sistani.org/english/qa/01216/
  9. I need old Noha writeups recited by Master Ghulam Abbas: 1) Kya khoob majra hae kahani Hussain ki Bewaqt kya miti hae nishani Hussain ki Akbar ka tha shabab jawani Hussain ki Akbar jawan thae jis se guzarne ke din nah thae Ae dashte Karbala abhi marne ke din nah thae. 2) Dastoor hae marta hae pidar agae pisar kae... 3) Dunya walon ko dikhana tha jo maanga paani Chahte Shah to hojati yeh dunya paani 4) Ghame Shabbir peh paban-di lagate kuen ho
  10. Salam brothers I have got a pack of chocolates. In the ingredients it is written "May contain traces of peanuts and GLUTEN". It is not mentioned whether extracted from animal meet or vegetables. Is there any update on the above Fatwa? Can I use this pack of chocolate as Halal?
  11. Momineen, I need some references for Imam e Zamana ATFS Mehdi Hujjat ibnal Hassan (AS) - may our parents be sacrificed; in Gospel. Torah (Bible) please. I have to show them to some christian friends. Jazak Allah
  12. Assalamo alaikum and Eid Mubarak first of all to Mola Imame Zamana (ATFS), all Masoomeen (AS), my family back home and to every momin and mominah around the world. I also had to upload a similar message to Kinshasa Khoja Jamaaat, but couldn't find stuff on the net. I wish some people can contribute here. Jazak Allah
  13. Karachi. 30 November 2009. 1) Muta and polygamy have been permitted in The Holy Quran. Thus the question of their acceptance and rejection doesn't arrive of course. I know someone with a wife for quite some years and a lady with muta for over a year now. Both of them know about each other although haven't met each other. They trust the man and get love more than they can handle. He says that he is pretty good at handling both and keep them calm from jealousy or rivalry by providing justice and being honest with them. Plus the often references from the Quranic verses and quotations of the 14 masoomeen keep them under control. 2) Regarding behavior of ladies accepting polygamy, I think it is due to the media and the environment created against it. Most of us abstain from deeds that are considered tabboo in our society rather than fulfilling the command of the Lord unfortunately. Otherwise the growing ratio of women is to men leads to unholy and indecent relationships. Ma'assalam.
  14. Salam brothers n sisters We had a lunnar eclipse last night 16-Aug-2008 here in Morocco. Can someone pls tell us the tareeqa-e-adaigi Salat Ayaat ? Ali Vazir
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