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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    chat_buddy got a reaction from Hameedeh in Remedy For Anxiety Attacks, Worries, Uneasiness   
    I am trying to help a brother here.
    I know one way to alleviate unnecessary anxiety and uncertainties is to recite al-Quddus as much as possibe.
    To alleviate worries of all sort is to recite Alhamdulliah as much as possible.
    And stay in state of wudhu would sure help.
    I do not know which particular Quranic chapters and verses would be helpful though.
    Do you know of anything more?
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    chat_buddy got a reaction from Sirius_Bright in Why do we (Shia) curse the Prophets companions?   
    Assalamualaikum Shah, you said you are a young Shia, good for you. I am a convert from Sunni, and if not as a show of love for the Ahlul Bayt and a consequence repulsion of Abu Bakr and Umar al Khattab, and Uthman and the Umayyads esp., I would not have became a Shia, and I thank Allah for showing me the truth in Islam.

    If not for the idols, there would not have been these groups calling themselves Sunnah wal Jamaah and calling us Kaffirs. And the sad thing that many of my own family, relatives, and friends are followers of Sunnism simpley because it was the way of their ancestors. Who's to blame? On these two stupid idols.

    So, since Allah curses them, the Imam curses, being a Shia, I curse some of the companions too, and that is not out of irrrational thinking.

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    chat_buddy got a reaction from Hameedeh in Our Purpose   
    Whatevr yr perspectives might be, it will change as you age.
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    chat_buddy got a reaction from Yasoob Al Deen in Men Superior to Women?   
    Thank you for asking because this is a good one.
    It's too weary for me to quote the many passages from the al-Quran but suffice for me to summarize that (had I prior to being a fetus in the womb and) had Allah SWT asked me which gender I wish to assume, I'd certainly have tossed a coin without further thinking.
    Actually, the al-Quran alone is sufficient to shed light on this issue.
    Besides the fact that every man and woman shall bear his/her own sins, in the sight of Allah SWT, PIETY counts above anything else. Allah SWT neither looks at the appearance of a woman or a man nor does He look at the materials that surround a woman or a man.
    The pain and gain on the road to righteousness and piety are equally challenging and testing for both men and women.
    Satan does not differentiate between the two genders. One woman in hell does not strike two scores on his scoreboard.
    The room for forgiveness, atonement for one's sins, and make tawbah is open for both gender, and this privilege has never been skewed to one gender as against the other. Not a single verse in the al-Quran alludes to such a notion.
    On pure reasoning alone, it throws off the wall the concept of 'adl had Allah SWT been biased and predisposed to favor a gender over the other; and, had Allah SWT been predisposed in such a way, then it would have been a punishment on the lesser gender before it had been born into this world.
    It is equally preposterous if we have to work extra harder to cover up for this handicap having borne with, which is none of our doing in the first place.
    It is a good question because if every Muslims ponders over and appreciate the issue, there will certainly be greater and heighten respect from one gender towards the other. The husband will respect his wife just as he respects himself as a man, and the wife will respect his husband just as he respects herself as a woman. Society will consequently place the right balance, importance, role and contribution that women bring to society, and not lesser expectation that we have previously presumed.
    The revolution and transformation which Prophet Muhammd (SAW) has brought on the elevation of human rights with regard to women during the days of Arab paganism was sheer astounding. Islam was way advanced in her treatment towards women; unfortunately, many people do not see this fact.
    Regrettably too, Muslims are perennially at fault for not implementing the rights due to women in their own societies, in favor of other cultural and tribal norms. This is sheer stupidity on the part of men because such behaviors delimits and does not liberate the true potential that women can bring to society. Definitely a good case to study is the Grameen Bank, for example.
    You need not feel discouraged if you find some men feel they are superior to women. The effort that you can potentially bring to society is actually an equal share. So please don’t hoard it out of fear, intimidation, and silly norms and traditions.
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