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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The problem with ShiaChat is that it is infested with too many teenagers who have no foresight and knowledge to put forward intelligent, sensible comments.
  2. Please don't jump on me and cry blasphemy or disrespecting the Imams (as). I have had read almost everything on hand on how the world will be different after the Awaited One arrives. I have no problem accepting change. Change is inevitable. Some authors even paint a Utopian picture of the world in the second coming (which I say this is of course good) but at the same, it left me feeling extremely astounded as well. Yes, this world can attain a Utopian character. Economically, yes, I believe so. That said, in order to be there the whole global economic-financial infrastructure has to be abolished or radically transformed. Can you imagine moving gold trading activities from the City of London or abolishing Central Banks or change things upside down such that "the poor gets richer" and "the rich does not get rich beyond belief"? Will Islam change all this without a drop of blood? I don't think so. If we could, we would have done it ages ago. We do not even have the intellectual arsenal or resources to do this. We are too laid-back. When "quiet revolution" cannot take place, radical change kicks in. Tunisia anyone? Not quite apt in toto, its a micro political change, but you get the idea. Will Imam Mehdi and his 313 agents change the world in a quiet yet acceptable revolution? I don't think so. He has to face the international bankers, the Rothchilds, members of secret societies, you name it. You have to go to war with these people. If China rises up in alarming manner, the US will start a new war. If the Western hemisphere is about to loose power and control over the world, wait for a global war. War starts everything anew. Just like a farmer tilling a field. The field is all free from weed then the seeds can be inserted in. War is bad but it is cleansing for those who want war. It is unfortunate that humanity has to rinse itself thoroughly before it can be reinvigorated. Life and blood has to be paid. Hopefully the truest of all scums go with it. Annihilation. What else? NWO the easy way.
  3. It takes 1000 Earth to fill up Jupiter the 5th planet. That's interesting too.
  4. Well, atheists come in different shades and colors. In my personal interactions, once a person turns atheistic, he will never turn back to whatever he came from. My gut instinct is that, at the end of day, atheists are just a bunch of people who wants to be free from all organized/decreed duties and rituals. I have atheist friends who were once Hindu, Christian, and Taoist. They all show the same trait to me. No point discussing with them.
  5. ^^ Sis, I appreciate your input. Just that I am dead curious how our supplications are managed. Given the basis that God is closer to us than our jugular vein and he "answers" or prayers when we call upon him, two quizzes arise in my mind: (i) tawassul (although permissible the Quran) is really an option, but which mode is better or more virtuous? I don't know, but my feel is that if one has high confidence of one's relationship to God, then one can go solo and supplicate. (ii) (as I read Oddatul Daee and other books) why is that (i) there are certain time of day of week that supplications are privileged a better bandwidth e.g. near Fajr and so forth (ii) in certain nights of certain virtuous months supplications are "guaranteed to be answered" ... I wish I can get some answers from ehow.com.
  6. ^^ TQVM Bro for the kind explanation. It is getting clearer to me now. Since God has sworn by "the reproachful soul" my presumptions are: (i) this soul is a good entity/conscience/consciousness; if not God would not have sworn by it; only if we know to heighten and intensify its role (ii) it must exist in all men, believers and non-believers, sinners and good doers, good citizens and those incarcerated, agnostics and atheists I agree. Given the theme of the Sura, why God swear in the name of the subject matter is quite a mystery, for now .... === Sura Qiamah is one of my fav sura. I never get tired listening to it especially recited by Mishary. My heart shakes every time.
  7. Cursed? Why? Dont they offer this prayer in Iran?
  8. Hi, can any Arabic speaking expert please explain the meaning of the 2nd verse. Who is this reproachful soul God has sworn by? Why is the subject chosen to be sworn on? Why is God swearing in this verse, for what reason, and in what context? TQVM ================== TransliterationWala oqsimu bialnnafsi allawwamati LiteralAnd nor I swear/make oath with the self , the often blaming/reprimanding. Yusuf AliAnd I do call to witness the self-reproaching spirit: (Eschew Evil). PickthalNay, I swear by the accusing soul (that this Scripture is true). Arberry No! I swear by the reproachful soul. ShakirNay! I swear by the self-accusing soul. Sarwarand by the self accusing soul (that you will certainly be resurrected). KhalifaAnd I swear by the blaming soul. Hilali/KhanAnd I swear by the self-reproaching person (a believer). H/K/SaheehAnd I swear by the reproaching soul [to the certainty of resurrection]. Malikand I swear by the self reproaching soul![2] QXPNay, I call to witness the person who shows remorse after wrongdoing. (12:53. Notice the Law taking the first step instantly). Maulana AliNay, I swear by the self-accusing spirit! Free MindsAnd I swear by the soul which is self blaming. Qaribullah No! I swear by the reproachful soul! George Saleand I swear by the soul which accuseth itself: JM RodwellOr that I swear by the self-accusing soul. AsadBut nay! I call to witness the accusing voice of man's own conscience!
  9. ^^ Don't think you know what you are rambling about but thanks anyway.
  10. As a short preamble, once I listened to a lecture more or less touches on the "layers of communications" where Gabriel (as) intermediates for Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and above Gabriel (as) you have Ruh al-Quddus who is like master to all angels (whom I understand Gabriel (as) takes instructions from), and above the Ruh you have many more layers until there there is God. I can't remember it all since I forgot to take notes at that time. My point is, yes, God is closer to us than our jugular vein. It's just I wonder when I supplicate, whether by uttering of the tongue or the heart or passing of intent or whatever, how is and where to are these supplications delivered to, who screens them, who elevates them to the heavens or does it go there, and how is it answered ... do we have direct connection to God when we supplicate or an angel intermediates for us? and to complicate things up, since God claims He is All-Knowing and All-Hearing, supplications made by all human beings (Hindus, Buddhists etc) and all other living creatures on the planet are clamoring for His attention as well ...
  11. It's true in a way; when I was reverting to Shia, I found it hard to find satisfying historical records on the "other Imams (as)". Now I reconcile in such a way that Islam was already complete at the times of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and Imam Ali (as) ....
  12. In secular term, say for example you are a Palestinian and you do not want to submit to the whim and fancy of the Zionist state, then wherever you may be, the Israeli will find ways to harm you. Remember the days of the KGB in Russia? Imam Husain (as) is of the stance that he does want to submit to Yazid (la). His choice. Wherever he went to, Yazid's army will spy and pursue. Karbala is just a place. The closing finale could have been anywhere actually. I do not know if you want to go far to argue that one has already "blatantly committed suicide" when one does not want to submit to something (create whatever scenarios in your head) when the result of doing so could be detrimental to one's life ....
  13. Dear Sajjad, I grew in a society replete with all sorts of supernatural beliefs, practices, from many faiths as well. To cut it all short, if a person has been hexed or charmed by a Buddhist monk, only another Buddhist monk can solve things out. There is a well known episode here where a Muslim teenage boy playfully meddled with Hindu Temple items and subsequently behaved strangely, and at the end of the day, no Muslim medium could help; only another Hindu priest solved the problem. Hope these life "anecdotes" help somewhat.
  14. By the power of the Almighty God, He can change any events by the blink of an eye. Some events He wills it to take an ordinary course i.e. subjected to earthly cause-and-effect. Some events are subjected to some extraordinary forces at work -- call it a miracle if you will -- like the success of Battle of Badr, where the participation of angels changed the outcome of the event, so I read. I have this whirling yearn to understand and reconcile the concept of miracle, one of the central core concepts of world religion, amongst other things such as redemption of the soul and so forth. Miracles have been exhibited by prophets and saints of the past. Some big; some small; some perhaps as significant as parting the Red Sea. Of course we are all cognizant that the Quran is a miracle in itself. The loose knots I wish you could help tie things up is the relationship between miracles and the wisdom that it espouses us to ponder and eschew. Why did a particular miracle happened? For what purpose? What trigger it to happen? When can we expect a miracle to take place and when do we expect just a normal course of event? All these questions in preponderance of what brings greater benefit to mankind. And why is it that when we expect a miracle to happen (in the course of Islamic history and in the particular revolving the Ahlul Bayt (a.s.)), it did not? And the burning question in my head: does the Aimmah (a.s.) do the choosing, whether to add a miracle to a particular event, or let it run the normal course? My gut says they have the choice. What is the wisdom left for us to eschew then?
  15. Personally, at the end of day, just how many sects and how many beliefs are whirling in one's head, just boils down to the action and inaction that one exhibit, whether they run in line with the basic core principles of Islam, how the belief system shapes a man to be a better man and how it shapes the society surrounding it to evolve into a higher state of being. The rest is left to man when he meets God 1-to-1.
  16. Tracking the geo-political scene over the last 5-7 years or so, it is very certain that extensive use of nuclear warheads will be seen in the next big escalade, call it ww3 or mini-ww3, watever. It will also be concurrent will what is happening now - the colonization/weaponization of space. How much it will affect the Muslim world I have no idea. Watever, Dajal is always after our asses, dats what I blv.
  17. With 2010 ending, Assange now targets the Arabs, but why? Read this and many more: http://www.examiner.com/geopolitics-in-national/wikileaks-assange-threatens-to-name-arab-officials-working-with-cia
  18. As alluded by the OP, it has been the fitra that the soul attested to God before he came to this world and also a fitra that he internally recognizes a Creator whilst he is still alive. I find the concept of "he hates his God" quite strange. Maybe you meant "hates his religion"? 1. Empirically speaking, if a man hates his God he has the alternative to worship another God 2. Most atheists rejects established religions thus worshiping their own "I" = self as God, the "I" decides destiny and God has no part in it 3. In the Quran, Allah SWT states that Satan is an enemy of men. Satan was worshiping Allah SWT for thousands of years before Adam came around, envy & jealousy struck, Satan asked for respite & got it to misled men, nothing was mentioned as "out of hate of God". Nothing that Allah SWT did would have evoked hate out of Satan. The creation of Adam would not have perturbed his well-being but he chose to be envious, jealous, and rebelled against prostrating to Adam. If he has prostrated to Adam he would have maintained his Qibla towards worshiping Allah SWT. Adam chose not prostrate to Adam thus he had chosen the wrong Qibla to worship Allah SWT: worshiping stones, wind, nature, etc as his followers do until today. Satan's yearn for God is still there but he has now worship God the wrong way. In summary Satan, being a strange creature, perhaps had chose to hate himself & dwell in hell, not in hate of God per se. 4. No hadiths have come forward to show that Satan hates God. The many conversations between Iblis and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh&hf) do not hint anything to this that came from the mouth of Iblis. 5. There are many hadiths that say that the wretched of all men who shall dwell in Hell are the enemies of Ahlul Bayt (as). These people hate the families of the Prophet, in full vengeance. For whatever reasons they hate the Ahlul Bayt (as) goes to show that they pay allegiance to their own God(s). p.s. The 2nd Laknatullah confessed who his real God(s) were before he died. Just my 2 cts
  19. Nothing wrong in trading or investing in gold. Personally I would like to advise not to invest in gold on paper, gold-linked savings account or similar. Buy solid gold. Avoid 1kg. Buy gold coins and keep long-term; you have to pay zakat when due, but long term return will compensate the zakat paid. So you get both rewards. Pay zakat by giving it straight to the poor like the Shias in Kashmir.
  20. From my limited knowledge from the Quran, Satan fears God ...
  21. What categories of people past and present that you say hate God?
  22. My input may not satisfy 100%: 1. I read an article about 2 decades ago in english, unfortunately i lost it, about a long discourse between Prophet Muhammad (pbuh&hf) and a Rabbi whereupon the Jew asked about eternal damnation whereupon the Prophet (pbuh&hf) replied that even if Allah SWT takes them out from Hell and bring them back to this world, they would not want to believe or in other words, remain as they were before. There is a kitab touted to be sourced from Imam Jaafar (a.s.) that tells more the mystical and mysteries of the soul etc and is kept by a group of shia in lebanon which i dont like to mention to avoid blasphemy etc. 2. Heaven and hell is not "permanent" as it sound. It is mentioned in the Quran. In fact Allah SWT can at any time remove somebody from Hell. 3. Anyway, my personal belief is that heaven and hell is a process to the soul. I don't quite believe that a God would eternally damn a soul forever. If so, why would God create His creation in the first place, knowing that some would go astray and be damn for it, what satisfaction can be accrued from it? I know I am just prying/guessing how God's mind works which is not my business, I concur.
  23. TKS but I have read it ages ago. I am just trying to find out more and ponder more if life after death till seerat is truly a solitary affair. In this world, even at the moment of utter despair, we have strangers, friends, families to console and comfort us. Allah SWT says our family life and wealth are only adornment in this world for e.g. I believe somewhat there is a process related to the soul after death, and it is journey of solitude, or is it, and for what greater pursuit I am not sure.
  24. ^ This one of the questions everybody asks: purification, life travel in/through stages etc. etc. to bring the soul closer to the Creator. Why does the Creator will us to be in this world knowing that we will be sticky with mud, then we have to labor through forgiveness and purification, when we can be close and clean near the Creator from the beginning, why does the soul have to travel this way, stationed far then must work to get closer ... knowledge and wisdom need not be gained by experience, it can be easily imbued .... what's the purpose of all this?
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