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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. He should not be allowed to hit her, for any reason.
  2. It sounds like your husband is not mentally prepared for a marriage and he is a bad example of a wali. Women should not be hit, regardless if he is the leader because real leaders do not use violence but love to guide others. You should try to be fully open with him and let him know your intentions if he continues with this behaviour abusing you like this, you should consider a divorce. This kind of behaviour should not be acceptable, especially since all you can expect at this point is that it is only going to get worse. A healthy relationship consists of the husband and wife both being leaders and practising open communication, so as to improve themselves and thus the other. The husband should be a leader in one aspect and the wife should be a leader in another, in a harmonious manner.
  3. Seperate, I studied Civil Engineering but taught myself SolidWorks for 2 months straight, for 10 hours a day and then got a job because I wanted to work with products and machines instead of buildings. It was mainly through the help of God though. You can take the SolidWorks certification easily from the SolidWorks website, it costs around 90pounds if I remember correctly. Then you take exams in 4 out of 5 of: drawing tools, welding, plastics, surfaces and sheet metal. Once you did those 4 exams, you then can take the SolidWorks Expert Certification. If you fail the expert certification you have to wait 6 months but if you fail the SolidWorks Professional which consist of 3 segments then you wait 2 weeks. I have a portfolio running at the moment where I have a finite element example, I did finite element as my dissertation. PM me if you're interested to see an example.
  4. I became a certified SolidWorks professional which helped a lot when finding work. Also, putting up a portfolio for your employer to see is really important. SolidWorks rocks man! You can do finite element, sheet metal design, molding, plastics, welding, design automation, technical drawings, composer (for technical documentation) and they have recently bought Bunkspeed and renamed it to Visualize, which is an incredible renderer, very realistic looking.
  5. Do you consider wahhabis Muslims because they claim to be? There is some extreme people out there calling themselves Muslims and truly believing in such extremes, would you still consider them Muslim?
  6. What if someone follows those 5 pillars, is a vegetarian etc. but isn't a Muslim, can then such a definition hold?
  7. I think mistakes should be regarded as learning tools instead of not wanting it, it is through this continuous learning process that we start to grow.
  8. Industrial experience is the best thing to do, I used to immerse myself too much in theory but reality is a different playground. Also, YouTube is full of tutorials nowadays with CAD, check some out. CNC is pretty cool too
  9. Cool! Are you into the designing process? I am using SolidWorks, trying to learn design automation for company products that look the same but are customizable, automation is becoming a good business.
  10. Anyone here into product engineering, or mechanical engineering?
  11. you're right, I am interested in different opinions on this.
  12. Sallam, at what point in a definition do we stop becoming Muslims? If being a Muslim means to be following the wisdom of the Qur'an, point for point, how many actual Muslims do exist? If being a Muslim means helping those that are disabled, and in need, how many actual Muslims do exist?
  13. It did not solve anything and contributed to fueling hatred, therefore I believe it was wrong.
  14. I think it depends what kind of friends you have on your fb, for me it didn't really benefit my mind/heart. It felt like a negative zone rather than something people use to empower other due to all this politics etc.
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